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Update: read Smart Art in the Goose Community to learn the do’s and do not’s of making art inspired by the band Goose!

With the surge in fan-made Phish art continually rising, many fans ask “Can I make this with the Phish logo?”, “Can I use the word Phish?” and “Is this drawing of Trey OK?” Fans will always have great ideas for artistic creations, but some of them move from the wide-range of safe options for art into a gray area that may infringe on Phish’s Copyrights and Trademarks.

In order to prevent any headaches that come from violating Phish’s copyrights, please read the links below. More importantly, fans should realize that the more creative you get, the better your art is and the fans will respond more positively to your creation. These links will keep you from having headaches in the future.

What not to do when making art: The usage of the word Phish and images of Band Members

Smart Art in the Phish Community

What not to do when making art: Why you shouldn’t use the Phish Logo

When Phanart gets Confiscated: Antelope Shirts at SuperBall IX

What is and isn’t legit to sell on Phish lot

From the Archives – Phish Fan Wins Restoration of Business

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