Franky Scaglione SPAC print – The Antelope Stakes

Franky Scaglione is happy to release his work for the two-night run this past month at the legendary Saratoga Performing Art Center. Saratoga Springs is home to the oldest organized sporting venue in the United States (Saratoga Race Course), so he decided to play with the concept of the Travers Stakes… transposing the horse race into an antelope race coming out of SPAC… naturally.

The Antelope Stakes Saratoga Springs 2010 Edition of 150 100lb Cougar 18″ x 24″ 3 colors $25

Antelope Stakes by Franky Scaglione

Phish so graciously validated Franky’s print by playing a killer Antelope on night two!

A message from Franky: “Thanks to all of you, both new supporters and loyal collectors of my art that I ran into these past few weeks; it was great seeing many of you in Glens Falls at the poster art show at the 42 Degrees Gallery too. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to score a print in the lots or the poster show, I saved some here in Denver and I am ready to fill orders now.”

How to order: send Franky an email at with the amount of prints you wish to order (each costs $25 plus S+H) and a shipping address.

For any fans that have purchased all four of Franky’s Phish prints, you will receive free shipping and the same number print that you’ve gotten in the past. Please let Franky know what number you want when you email him.

Phans that would like to become a subscriber to Franky’s prints, email him and let him know. He will continue to reserve the same print numbers for you in future editions, as long as they are still available, as well as free shipping.

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