Spring Tour in Europe? A look at the latest Phish Rumor

As a fan of any Phish related rumor as far back as the one about Phish playing the moon (as reported on www.gadiel.com/phish years ago), I have followed the evolution of the rumor that Phish will indeed play in Europe in the Spring of 2010.  While the idea is very welcome, and somewhat possible, the speculation of this was limited to ‘yeah, well, when I see dates I’ll believe you and still be skeptical’


Well, that time as come.  A list of rumored dates was posted on phishposters.com recently and simply to add to the idea of Phish touring Europe for the first time since 1998, we have posted them here as well.

05/09/10 Dusseldorf, Germany. Burg-Wachter Castello
05/10/10 Munich, Germany. Zenith
05/12/10 Bern, Switzerland. Post Finance Arena
05/13/10 Milan, Italy. Milan Auditorium
05/15/10 Barcelona, Spain. The Palau de la Musica Catalana
05/17/10 Paris, France. Elysee Montmartre
05/18/10 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark
05/19/10 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark
05/21/10 London, United Kingdom. O2 Arena
05/22/10 London, United Kingdom. O2 Arena

We welcome all efforts to prove these dates incorrect or to solidify the possibility that these are in fact, possible dates for a two week trip through Europe.  Those of us who have been to Europe, or at least know geography well can realize that the dates are reasonable in terms of time for travel and in between these cities is very possible, and European tours are not prolonged events -they are quick and done with before you know it, somewhat like the Fall Tour starting the week of this posting.

Phish fans are much cooler than these kidz
Phish fans are much cooler than these kidz

You do have to consider though, would Phish play Europe after just coming back to touring a year ago this past March? It is entirely possible! Consider where they have played – small venues such as Jones Beach, The Fox, Red Rocks for four nights, as well as Syracuse and Detroit- these are all atypical venues for Phish to play in, places they had no played since the mid 90s. Perhaps the new management is seeking to spread the wings of Phish and revisit another old haunt – Europe!

So we have something to dwell on.  Trey is touring in mid-late February per solid sources, going through the midwest and northeast, so perhaps this is legit.  Either way, a team of PhanArtist has been dispatched to Europe this week, despite family pleas, so that they might incorporate the art and architecture of Europe into the earliest drafts of their designs. Sure, they could use the Internet, but we need the Frequent Flyer miles if this is legit.

Got some info to share on the dates being real or fake? Share in the comments below. Enjoy Fall Tour folks!


18 thoughts on “Spring Tour in Europe? A look at the latest Phish Rumor”

  1. Yeah I hope this is true.
    For the record, those dates are floating for several mounth now (as seen on my website) but nothing new arise since they appeared.
    Crossing fingers…

  2. Those dates come from a euro site called bouncingaroundtheroom.eu or something and they site a bisco thread on pt…..which pt and many other sites inturn post and it is a never ending cycle of rumors. Odds are they will play Europe in the spring, but not in May.

  3. <<This would be a 15 year dream come true if it happens.

    um, you know they played Europe in '96 and '97?

  4. I was just on London’s O2 Arena website, and “Carmen” is the feature show on May 21,22, and 23. It’s not looking good…

  5. I was holding out hope for this but it’s not happening on those dates for sure. TAB is headlining a festival from the 14th to the 16th of May. Damn! Why the hell didn’t I see them in Europe in ’97?!

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