Stanley Mouse & TRiPP Pins

The Stanley Mouse Series two pins are now available from TRiPP for purchase

The matching sets of 5 pins designed by Stanley Mouse and produced by TRiPP and Kingpin, includes a total of five matching # pins: “Not Fade Away”, “Long Strange Trip”, “Flying Eye”, “Cat Under the Stars” and “Star Skull’

Each pin comes with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity displaying the series #, pin # within the series (1-5), and the pin # within the edition and includes free first class shipping with tracking and insurance.

The cost for an entire set of 5 pins is $150, while each individual pin is $30, although some pins are sold out as individuals.

Cat Under the Stars

Flying Eye

Star Skull

Long Strange Trip (SOLD OUT as single, only available in matching # set)

Not Fade Away (SOLD OUT as single, only available in matching # set)


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