Stealing Time and Meatstick shirts (the Herbert one)

These shirts, first seen on Phishook, are already garnering a great deal of buzz from fans. We found the creator through the wonders of the Internet and here they are.

We’re also going to slap the PhanArt Recommended , PhanArt Approved (PRPA) seal on them.

Grant’s first show was in 1996 at Penn St. He’s an environmental engineer and these shirts help him to pay for his continuing education. Look for his Carini and Weekapaug shirts this fall!

Shirts are $15 including shipping.

Please specify size: M,L,XL

5 thoughts on “Stealing Time and Meatstick shirts (the Herbert one)”

  1. Thanks Pete. Not quite an environmental engineer yet. On my way though. Shirt sales will definitely help! The meatstick shirt is also available in Navy Blue. ( looks just like the black).

  2. I bought one of these off of you at Deer Creek. Asked for a gray one, which you didn’t have on you at the time. Would love to trade my blue (hasn’t been worn or washed) for the gray one if possible.

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