Steve Beebie SuperBall IX Poster “Flight of the Mockingbird”

Steve Beebie’s first Phish poster “Flight of the Mockingbird” from SuperBall IX depicts the scene of the Famous Mockingbird flying with the Helping Friendly Book in its grasp. Steve printed two editions, both signed and numbered: one run of 60 on 12pt white matte finish paper and another run of 15 on satin silver semi-reflective paper, dimensions are 8 5/8″ x 17 3/8′. White prints are $20 while silver prints are $25.

Look for more illustration from Steve this summer!

photo (1)

Paper colors

One thought on “Steve Beebie SuperBall IX Poster “Flight of the Mockingbird””

  1. Beautiful print which I purchased off of this site however I have yet to have confirmation from the artist 6 days later. Is there any contact info available?

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