Steve Rogers Miami Print

Steve Rogers continues to create great Phish posters, this time for the upcoming Miami New Years Eve run of shows. These posters are printed digitally on 80 lb stock and measure 11 x 17. A smaller run of 50 prints, each signed and numbered means this poster will go fast and sell out quickly. The concept behind the vulture idea is that the Vulture from Albany is now in Miami waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

Steve Rogers' Miami Print

Pick it up for $20 (including shipping) at Steve’s online shop shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM

Steve gives credit to Marc Averette, a photographer who inspired his rendition of the American Airlines Arena. Steve created a mask over his image of the venue and ‘posterized‘ his image with a dry cut effect, then removed his image and the final design is what you see in the background of the poster.

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