Shirts for summer 2010 from PhanArtist Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, PhanArtist and Poster maker has two new T-shirts for summer 2010.  Both shirts are available in sizes medium, large, and x-large. The Cavern Tee is heather gray while the NO2 Tee is royal blue. Shirts are screen printed on Gildan 100% Cotton

Each shirt is $15, including shipping and handling. Steve has agreed to donate $1.00 of each shirt to benefit the Mockingbird Foundation.

As an added bonus, everyone that purchases a shirt will be entered in to a drawing* to win a poster bundle. Bundle consists of: (1) Festival 8 poster (1) Albany poster (1) Syracuse poster (1) Miami poster (1) SPAC poster (pic coming soon). Each limited poster is signed and # by Phanartist Steve Rogers.

*Drawing will take place on July 30th and winner will be notified by email. Customers will need to register in order to be accepted for free drawing. Drawing is %100 free, there are no fees beyond purchase of a shirt.

To order T-Shirts and register for drawing please click the link below. Once you are at the store, to register for drawing just click Register on the menu.

Steve Rogers shop

You can find Steve with these shirts and posters and more at Hershey, Hartford, SPAC, Great Woods, Camden, Merriweather, Canandaigua, Alpine Valley and Deer Creek

25 thoughts on “Shirts for summer 2010 from PhanArtist Steve Rogers”

  1. Umm….Phish Mod (Noob) you don’t know your shit…cool tees, good price. Anything over $15 is too much for a tee….

  2. NO2??? LOL….nitrogen dioxide? silly kidz. N2O is the chemical formula for nitrous oxide.

    hope you didn’t print too many of those shirts

  3. Go way back to the White tapes and check it out…NO2 Is a Gordo song and he has always refferenced it as “N02″….So yes I would say do it as Phish does….since it is a Phish inspired Tee.

  4. well aware, but they’ve been wrong allllll along. unless they’re singing the song about nitrogen dioxide………but since they make reference to the dentist all the time while playing it, i highly doubt it.

    to be honest, i don’t care, just making a scientific point. 😉

  5. it was a JOKE. funny pertaining to the N2O/NO2 discussion too. wow, some sensitive people on here…

  6. well i’m a scientist, and it’s not funny to me when people mess up chemical compounds by not knowing the periodic table of elements and the way they interact.

  7. its not dyslexia, its a common mistake then. mocking someone by saying they have dyslexia is inappropriate in any setting. no one mixed it up, its been written as both n20 and n02 for decades

  8. you can go back and forth all you want on this, but the shirt and the song name are correct. got an issue with the chemical compound, tell phish. phans have been writing it this way for decades and wont change because wikipedia says so

  9. Thing is the creator of the shirt is making a Phish inspired tee not a chemical compound tee…’s a song refference nota periodic table reference…

  10. Should fans start spelling phish with an “F” instead of “PH” just because its the correct way or should they do as “phish” does?

  11. lol….Tozzi. Phish came before the periodic table! all good….and yes the Cavern Tee is dope, just bought one!

    Thanks Pete!

  12. Tozzi is a fucking moron. In the creation of a Phish t-shirt, it’s obviously more important to spell the name of the song as Phish spells it. The “error” is one that Phish have embraced for years, in that all of their official setlists refer to the song as “NO₂”, not “N₂O”.

    The proper name of the chemical compound administered at dentists’ offices is totally irrelevant!

    I hope Tozzy takes a good whiff of toxic NO₂ and dies.

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