Summer 2013 Print “Blast Off” by Kev Farrington

Kevin Farrington has created a print to celebrate 30 years of Phish that incorporates a rocket-ship blasting off over the mountain to where you see the Famous Mockingbird carrying the helping friendly book to Colonel Forbin. Kevin will be selling this print in the lots at Merriweather this coming weekend or you can purchase it here.

From the bottom left we start reading the dates then looking slightly to the right we see the smiling faces of the phans getting ready to blast off. The smallest rocket ship leads us up and to the left, just over Mount Icculus, where we see the famous mockingbird carrying the helping phriendly book to Col Forbin in his 30 year hot air balloon. Just to the left of Forbin we spot Prince Caspian riding the waves and going with the flow. Over top of the whole scene the trusty single engine REBA carries a banner representing the four members instruments. Then our eyes flow to the right catching a glimpse of the flying hotdog floating in. Finally we settle on those comforting words flying over the whole page…telling us it’s almost here…Summer Tour 2013.
This print began as a pencil sketch and was transferred to digital media for coloring and printing. The prints are 16″x21′ inches on 100 lb text weight paper with a poster gloss finish. Prints will be hand numbered and signed by the artist.
Print is $20 and $6 for shipping.

Be sure to check out more of his art on his Facebook Page.

Kev Farrington is an artist who has been sketching and designing for over 10 years. Using pen/pencil and paper as a jumping off point for designs; his work mostly remains in black and white. Occasionally he will work on some more colorful pieces through pencil, ink, paint, and digital media. Kev continues to create new and interesting pieces through the inspiration of nature, music, and a love of entertaining the eyeballs of his fans.

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