SuperBall IX Balls from Adam Davidoff

Yes, he’s got balls that Adam Davidoff. Shiny Hard Superballs. For Sale. Adam designed the Super Ball IX “Superball” to commemorate this summer’s festival in Watkins Glen, NY over Fourth of July Weekend.

The Super Ball IX “Superball’ (999) which debuted in May 2011

The Super Ball IX ‘Superball’ is a jumbo sized superball conceived to commemorate the Super Ball IX Festival in Watkins Glen, NY.  The Super Ball IX “Superball” was designed with two things in mind:  to mimic the color scheme incorporated into the logo advertising the festival, while capturing the patriotic vibe of Independence Day Weekend.
Adam’s favorite Phish memorabilia are quirky items like the 1994 NYE Ping Pong Ball, the 1994 & 1995 Phish
Halloween Chocolate Coins and the 2010 NYE Hot Dog.  His hope was to create a unique item in this vein. The beauty of the Super Ball IX ‘Superball’ lies in its simplicity; the picture tells the story.
The Superball IX ‘Superball’ measures approx 2″  in diameter.  They were produced in a limited run of 999 and are $9.99 each plus $3.01 shipping and handling.  Get one for everyone in your crew gearing up for what will prove to be the highlight of the Summer of 2011! Adams balls are ready to ship now and he will have them on the lots of Bethel Woods, Pine Knob, Blossom & Riverbend.

Prices with Shipping


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