Surrender to the Flow is planning a Phish Fan Business & Service Directory

Surrender to the Flow, the Phish fan magazine that is available free on lot at every show on every tour, is setting up a ‘Phish Fan Business & Service Directory’ and is seeking participants to be included in this one of a kind publication. This new directory aims to encourage fans to patronize fan-owned/staffed businesses, both locally and nationally, thereby further strengthening the Phish community. The directory will be available free to the public, online, in electronic form in a few months, and will be updated yearly. The business listings are also free to businesses and individuals.

Because Phish fans can be found in every walk of life and in every corner of this country, fans from all fields and areas are encouraged to participate. The directory will be organized both by state and by category.

Categories will likely be quite diverse: financial services, event planning, legal services, health and fitness services, crafts, and entertainers are just a few of the anticipated groupings.

Fans who would like to participate should visit this form to submit their information via short online form.

Surrender to the Flow hopes that this directory will encourage fans to do business with other fans and perhaps inspire new connections and build professional networks. Additionally, it will help fans to shop locally while helping others in the Phish community succeed in their chosen fields, wherever they may reside.

If you have any questions, contact Christy at sttflow (at)

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