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New pins for 2013 from PhanBadge and KUSHPins

Brian Kushner from PhanBadge has some new pins for 2013, including a new line of pins and his classic ‘Life is Hood’ pin.

The first in a series of Phish Movie pins is the Army of the 12 Sleeping Monkeys pin. The pin measures 1.5″ in height, is double posted and is numbered out of 130. Less then 30 of these remain at a cost of 1 for $14 and 2 for $25.

SLeepin Monkey

First there was the shirt and badge, now PhanBadge bring you the “Life is Hood” Guitar pick Pin! These hard enamel glitter pins come in three color variants: blue, black and red glitter. These are limited to 75 each and numbered on the back. They measure 1.25″ at a cost of 1 for $15, 2 for $25 and 3 pins for $34.


12 Sleeping Monkeys pin

Life is Hood (Guitar)