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Thank You (for the Phirst Thirty Years) – Shirts from Ryan Kerrigan

As Phish’s 30th Anniversary approaches, fans will be commemorating the event alongside the band with their artistic take on the occasion. Ryan Kerrigan has made a batch of limited edition T-shirts with “Thank You, for the Phirst Thirty Years” amid a school of 30 happy fish. 
2013 THANK YOU kerrigan150_1

In a limited edition of 100 shirts, each signed and numbered, these shirts cost $25 each shipped and comes with a 4″x6″ bumper sticker of the same image. When ordering, you can include what number shirt you’d like (and a backup # request in case your first is already taken). Please specify size (men’s S through 3XL, women’s S through XL) when ordering. Paypal to ryankerrigan (at) hotmail.com

Stickers will be available on their own for $2 each or three for $5 on Ryan’s website.



30th Anniversary pin from StuPINdous Creations and Otto Art

In a collaboration between the mind at StuPINdous Creations and the artistic talents of Otto Art, comes a 30th anniversary Phish pin. XXX is the Roman numeral for the number 30 and the 4 lizards represent each band member. This pin is done in a 3D mold with green glittery lizards in a limited edition of 200 pins. Each one is $15 shipped. Check out their sites for even more Phishy goods!