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Pac-Maze shirts from Jiggs

From Jiggs……

This year is the 30th anniversary of a game we all spent way too much time playing when I was a kid. (We = children of the 80s) There have been other Pac Man themed shirts (a Ghost one if I remember) but I have never seen a Maze one. I have been wanting to do this one since the spring, but kept putting it off. Then at Deer Creek this year I saw that someone made an attempt at this with a sticker. I figured it was time to go ahead and do a run since I have had several mock-ups of this sitting around since May. After a few tweaks, I finally decided on this design.

The shirt color will be Navy Blue. The front is a three color, yellow, white, and orange print on a Gildan 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt. The back text is printed in white and reads “You’ve Lost It”. The design is available now for pre-order only in a short sleeve (mens or ladies), long sleeve, and hoody. You won’t find me on lot this fall, so this is the only place to get ’em.

Keep in mind this a pre-order. It may take a few weeks to get the shirt to you.  The pre-order will close Wednesday 11-3-10, and they should be mailed out a couple of weeks after that. I will do my best to get them to you as soon as possible.