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Alaska Pins from Jiggs

Introducing Jiggs’ Alaska Pin with removable spinner!

This 9 color Alaska pin is made with black nickel. Measuring at 1.25″ with out the spinner and just under 1.5″ with the spinner attached. The spinner features the words popping above the mountains. The “old piano” features a moose (also in black nickle) stamped right above the keys. The spinner stays in place with the top clutch, and can easily be replaced with one of the locking pin backs. (Mine has stayed with a black rubber clutch, but you may want a locking one just to be sure).

They are LE of only 100, and numbered on the back and stamped with the Jiggs logo. $15 shipped while they last.

Get yours here.

New auction from PhanArt – 3 shirts and much more!

Our latest auction for The Mockingbird Foundation featured three Phish shirts, a copy of the novel ‘The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic’ autographed by author Carl Cole and a ‘Trey, please save me from your followers’ sticker.

Click here to bid on these items and support music education!

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

Makisupa Stop and Search was designed by Buds, a take on the Mr. Brainwash’s original art. The shirt size is Large on a Hanes tagless short sleeve t-shirt

Alaska, I’ll Stay Right Here is designed by Kale Worden featured the Moose image on the upper back of the short sleeve shirt, which is size XXL on a Gildan t-shirt

The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic is a novel written and autographed by Carl Cole. Carl spent many years on Phish and Panic tour and this book is a testament to the bonds developed through the traveling fans that cross the country to see the music each night. For an in depth review, visit https://www.phanart.net/?p=5129

Trey, please save me from your followers sticker is made by Jiggs

Otis Redding shirt is a reference to the Phish song ‘I Didn’t Know’ with a picture of Otis Redding on the front and ‘I didn’t know that I was that far gone’ on the back. The short sleeve shirt is a size XL