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Antelope: The Inspired Art of Erin Huybrechts Davis

Lifelong painter and trained artist, Erin Huybrechts Davis, captures her inspiration on canvas. Erin’s special love for the flora and fauna of Colorado blends seamlessly with the influence of Eastern Art, Philosophy and Religion, all finding their way into her many paintings. In Erin’s latest work, “Antelope”, her love for Phish can be discerned by the attentive eye. Mockingbirds fly as Antelope run in what could almost be a landscape of Gamehendge itself. Look even closer and you will see a nod to Gordon.

“Antelope” entices you with its dramatic sky and the serenity of a natural paradise of living creatures. Enter its world.

To see more of Erin’s work and to order her paintings visit her website. You will be delighted by all that her art has to offer.

Page Side Onesie & Antelope Tank Top from ThirdEyeUp Designs

Page Side Rage Side Onesie
Everyone knows that Page Side is the place to get down! Check out this ThirdEyeUp design of the Peanuts characters ragin to some Page. Hand silkscreened onesie printed with blue ink on your choice of a light blue or lavender onesie. Cost is $12.50 + $3.00 shipping.



Hand Drawn & Printed Antelope Tank Top
…Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul….you’ve got to run like an antelope, out of control”
Get ready for summer tour with this ThirdEyeUp design hand designed and printed tank top.
Women’s Phish Antelope tank top printed with blue and gold ink on a tri-blend super soft coffee colored American Apparel tank top.
Designed with love and hand silkscreened in our Lake Tahoe Studio.
$22.00 + $3.50 shipping



As long time members of the music scene, we became excited with the art that people were creating so began making some things ourselves. We self taught the trade and began screen printing in the Spring of 2008. We sold our art on the lot scene for bands such as Phish, The Dead and SCI. We created all of our work by hand in our 1 bedroom apartment in SF. After the birth of our son, we relocated to Truckee, CA where we continue to work out of our house (Tahoe Studio) continuing to create unique, hand-done inspiring prints.

New “Run Like an Antelope” pin from Park McGee

Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run….And check out this great new “Run Like and Antelope” Pin from Park McGee. A Limited Edition of 100, each pin has 7 colors on a black metal finish and is double posted, back-stamped, and numbered. Only $13, plus $2 shipping and handling. So set Your gearshift and order one today because these Antelope Pins are going to run out fast!


Marco Esquandolas Running Club T-Shirt

Jonny Cottone is back with another t-shirt to get you excited as we are getting ready for the final stretch of the race towards Summer Tour.

Busting out marathon jams since 1985. Printed on premium Alstyle 90/10 cotton/poly heather blanks and available in Mens & Womens sizes S-XXL. Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul by supporting independent t-shirt designers and The Mockingbird Foundation.

Each shirt is $20.00 with $6.99 for shipping. With each shirt purchased, a donation of $2.00 is going to the Mockingbird Foundation. Pick one up and prepare for summer tour!

Here is the link to purchase a shirt: 

 MarcoEquandolasMockup (1)

TeePublic.com: The Kickstarter for T-Shirts

The folks behind BustedTees just launched TeePublic.com, which allows ANYBODY to create a shirt, and if 30 people agree to buy it, they will print and ship the shirts for you! Think kickstarter for t-shirts. This is a great way for t-shirt designers to get their work out there. This new site has allowed Jonny Cottone to flesh out his t-shirt design and put it out on the internet.

He’s created a shirt inspired by “Run Like An Antelope”. Here is the link to his page on TeePublic.



Antelope necktubes, cause it’s gonna be cold cold cold cold cold!

Presenting a very heady, very sensible piece of Phish clothing we fully endorse over here at PhanArt: The Antelope NeckTube!

First things first – What the heck is a NeckTube? Well, it’s a durable microfiber polyester/lycra pullover that fits loosely around your neck that you can pull up to cover up the lower part of your face and neck (hence the name, necktube). A softshell necktube, it is ideal for when you are biking, hiking, walking, snowmobiling, or pretty much any other activity where you want to keep cold air from rushing down your neck!
An added bonus, Antelope AND Tube; that makes for some tasty cowfunk jams. A strong selling point.

Neck tube
Antelope NeckTube

NeckTubes are machine washable, durable, will not fade and retains their cylindrical shape with no stretching! Created from a ‘technical fabric’, it keep moisture away from skin and is highly breathable, as well as being wind-resistant and water repellent. They were designed and printed digitally in England by Simon Ossitt, a Phish fan from the other side of the pond.

These qualities make it ideal for use in windy and wet conditions where you might need protection for your face or neck but are working hard and also need that extra comfort from the breathability, making it great for biking and trekking, but very adaptable…. these were designed by motorcyclists after all.

Another cool thing about the fabric is that it wont fuzz as fast as some of the competition due to the durability of the weave. They can also be worn as a skullcap or headband.

A portion of each sale will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.

Cost:$23.49 which includes shipping


Heady NeckTube

Let the Wookie Win shirt and Onesies from JDub Allstars

Let the Wookie Win lot shirt

NEW - Let the Wookiee Win lot shirt - Grateful Dead, Phish, Furthur, GDF
Greetings! Here is a brand new lot shirt for those of us that love tour and the people that keep shakedown shaking…the wooks! “Let the Wookiee Win!” is on the front center of the shirt. The back of the shirt has the larger print, a big wooked-out wook rocking a flat brim and wings. You know you love it! 

This design is printed on chocolate brown shirts and currently is available in all sizes S – 2XL. Please specify size when ordering.

This original design is beautifully hand silkscreened on preshrunk 100% cotton Gildan tees. (Yes, the shirts are actually preshrunk, and they run a little on the large size, so if you are between sizes we recommend ordering the smaller size.) Pick one up today and make a great new addition to your wardrobe for summer tour. Thanks for your support!

Order one here for $19.99

Phish baby onesie romper – Camel Walk, Run Like an Antelope, Fly Famous Mockingbird

NEW - Phish baby onesie romper - Camel Walk, Run Like an Antelope, Fly Famous Mockingbird
Greetings! Here’s something for the little heads – beautifully hand-dyed onesies featuring original artwork. There are three different designs, each on their own color – Camel Walk (orange), Run Like an Antelope (blue) and Fly Famous Mockingbird (yellow). Please specify design and size when ordering. 

The designs are applied by heat transfer. Sizing varies because we use two different brands of onesies; the Gerbers run considerably smaller than the Carter’s. Length from shoulder to bottom when laid flat:
XS = 14″ (Gerber size 3-6 months)
S = 15″ (Gerber size 6-12 months)
M = 16″ (Gerber size 18 months, Carter’s size 3-6 months)
L = 17″ (Gerber’s size 24 months, Carter’s size 6-12 months)
XL – 18″ (Gerber’s size 3T, Carter’s size 18 months)
2XL – 19″ (Carter’s size 24 months)

These cute onesies make a great gift for a heady little one in your life. These little numbers go FAST and are already on their third printing this summer, so scoop one up before it’s too late. Thanks for your support!

Each of these cost $19.99 – Order one here