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Original Big Cypress and Vegas ’03 Prints by Eric Hanson

You read that right. Artist Eric Hanson, one of the first artists profiled on PhanArt.net in 2009 has unearthed original prints he made for Big Cypress in 1999. These are Big Cypress originals – not reprints, all unsigned and unnumbered (the green variant sold out at BC), these are the last remaining prints among the 2000 prints that were made for the Big Cypress show. All these posters were screen printed on hemp paper. With only a dozen black and three purple, you have a prime chance to pick up some original Phanart from Big Cypress, all for $25.

Big Cypress, 1999
Big Cypress blue, 1999
Blue, Black and Purple variants
Blue, Black and Purple variants

Viva Las Vegas Posters from the February 2003 shows at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. These 20 are part of an original series of 250 signed and numbered prints, color reproductions of original artwork. These posters are also $25. Eric is sharing some great, rare art from 1999 and 2003 at one of the great events of the summer.

eric hanson VivaLasVegas

Order either of these prints at PhanArt.Weebly.com/

Atlantic City Recap – Put Your Wombat On

Q: What’s the scariest thing on Halloween for Phish fans, besides no Halloween show?

A: New Phish.

There have been some great Phish tours in the past, but Fall 2013 takes the cake. Of the 8 shows I attended (all but Hampton and Reading), the scene was thriving, the energy in the air was palpable and it was hard to find a dull moment amid the entire tour. There were some low points (Rochester lots/show, Worcester1 lots) and some high points (Worcester 2, Reading Set 2, AC2) but altogether, the tour was one of the best.


But then there was Halloween, one that will be one of the most discussed shows for years to come. Fans were scared to accept the concept of a new album being performed in its entirety it because expectations were set high, per usual. It’s hard to say ‘lower your expectations for Phish on Halloween’, because the bar has always been high. Take the advice of Kentucky Fried Movie – “If you’re a Gemini, well you can expect the unexpected.” Let’s all be Geminis moving forward and not have an emotional investment in the potential album that Phish might cover.

Glens Falls

We have the benefit, now that Fall Tour is over, that we can listen to the raw Wingsuit and go back and listen to the tour through the lens of the new album. The band had clearly planned this for a few months, perhaps all summer, and when we re-listen to these shows, we might find a hint of the improved playing and improvisation that came from the collective writing that is at the core of Wingsuit. What might be lost on a cursory glance of the night is that the four band members are writing songs together from scratch – this doesn’t happen often enough! With all due respect to the song writing duos of Trey and Tom Marshall and Mike and Scott Murawski – most new material in the past few years has come from these writing pairs, and while there are no complaints there, having Trey, Page, Mike and Jon collaborate together is a way to move forward, together, rather than a fractitious assemblage of songs that only come together after the fact. Fresh, composed Phish is GOOD NEW Phish.


Yet Phish fans complained, perhaps more because of the timing of the album. “Play it all at once on Halloween instead of another band’s album? How dare they!” – I heard this plenty during the Atlantic City run and in days after. What would you rather hear? 12 new covers or 12 new songs? I opt for new Phish at any given time. Phish covers songs, new and old, 4-5 times a show. We survived with just one cover – a Quinn the Eskimo encore – that night and we all lived to tell about it.  Just think of it – Phish will never play a full album on Halloween again! You saw history. Appreciate it, don’t rip it and demean it.


Also, I don’t recall a love fest when it was announced that Waiting for Columbus was revealed as the 2010 Halloween album. Around me, most fans didn’t know the music and were talking a fair amount of the time. Phish played that one for themselves. Ditto Exile on Main Street, but that had a message of restoration and comeback written into the lyrics, plus, it was The Rolling Stones! Few can complain about one of the best albums from possibly the greatest rock band ever being played in its entirety. But I am sure there were haters for that one too. Phish Playing Wingsuit was the band saying “We’ve been doing this for 30 years. Here’s a taste of what we’re working on – a risky, collaborative album that lays groundwork for the next 30 years!”


We all have albums we would LOVE to hear, but odds are, it’s not going to be that one. No one was expecting a new album or Waiting for Columbus, so Icculus-willing in 2014, let’s all hope we get Weird Al’s Even Worse, or, even worse, Under the Table and Dreaming. Reverse your expectations, and we might get that Zappa album we have always wanted, or some more Floyd (The Wall would fit nicely into Boardwalk Hall) or The Band or Allmans or whatever band suits your musical fantasy.

Atlantic City

I’ve waited for fresh Phish for years and this was a welcome way to bring the songs out into the public – all at once, a move that few, if any bands would ever attempt for fear or reprisal from their legion of fans. Halloween 2013 will be a divisive show, no doubt, but it will be seen as a turning point as well in the future.

Atlantic City
Atlantic City

Personally, I hope they don’t play Halloween for a few years because Phish fans may end up bitching about the next album too. That is, unless they give us the chance to vote on an album. But they did that before and bucked the fans anyways. We win by showing up with lowered expectations and taking it as it comes.

As for the new album, I am most excited about Wingsuit (great Bug-esque potential coming out of a DWD jam), Fuego (fire right out of the gate in any placement), Monica (a fun song with energy) Wombat (will Abe Vigoda show up at MSG?), Devotion to the Dream (poppy and has some jam potential) 555 (another great Mike and Scott tune) and You Never Know (the dark horse of the set IMO)Some songs wont show up again, some will find their way into the rotation as soon as the MSG NYE run. Either way, we got to see a rare event. Let’s enjoy it.

photo by Chris De Cotis
photo by Chris De Cotis

Then, there was the PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition on November 2nd at Caesars. This was by far the best attended Phish art show that has been held since 2003, and the 10th of its kind. Artists of all likes were well received, fans kept coming in throughout the 12-5pm window and at no time did it seem like there was a lull in the crowd. New artists and old got to meet fans, Phantiques Roadshow had a fantastic response, and we raised a solid amount of money for The Mockingbird Foundation (final numbers coming later this month – it is really hard to get money out of a water jug!). Expect more of these shows when Phish returns to Atlantic City, which is now inevitable.

Now who’s going to make the Fishman Wingsuit to sell on PhanArt?

Screens ‘n’ Suds 5th Anniversary Celebration Planned for October 28-November 2

On Saturday, November 2, Gallery5 will once again host the annual Screens ‘n’ Suds Big Event celebrating craft beer and screen printed art to benefit the National MS Society. In addition to the yearly celebration featuring Virginia and America’s finest craft beers, as well as screen print poster artists and Screens ‘n’ Suds’ annual series of beer-inspired screen prints, Richmond’s favorite beer and art geeks will celebrate their 5th Anniversary with five small batch beers from Virginia breweries paired with label art from some of their favorite collaborators.


These five unique brews will be available at select Screens ‘n’ Suds events during the week. At the Big Event at Gallery5, all five will be on tap and available for purchase in very rare, limited bottles. All proceeds from the sale of the 5th Anniversary Small Batch Series and 2013 Print Series will benefit the Central Virginia Chapter of the National MS Society. Below is the current full schedule of 2013 events, with more to be announced:

Mon 10/28 – The Camel | 1621 W Broad St, 804 353 4901 | www.thecamel.org Blue Mountain Tap Takeover & Steal the Glass featuring the first tapping of Foxy Mama Red Tripel. Full tap list TBD.

Tue 10/29 – Strangeways Brewing | 2277A Dabney Rd, 804 303 4336 |www.strangewaysbrewing.com Get Wyrd with Screens ‘n’ Suds and Strangeways! Get your first taste of Strangeways’ Screens ‘n’ Suds Small Batch Beers. The Wyrd Sisters are three different versions of a Belgian Tripel, each fermented on three different yeast strains: Celis, La Chouffe, and a Trappist yeast, then aged in oak barrels

Wed 10/30 – Midnight Brewery | 2410 Granite Ridge Road, 804 356 9379 Great beers from Midnight Brewery, plus the debut of Granite Oatmeal Stout. Beer art for sale from you-know-who.

Thu 10/31 – Hardywood Park Craft Brewery | 2408 Ownby Ln, 804 420 2420 |www.hardywood.com Celebrate Halloween at Hardywood and preview the 2013 print series. Enjoy the first tastes of their follow-up to last year’s Quadrawine collaboration. Further details TBA.

Fri 11/1 – First Fridays at Gallery5 | 200 W Marshall St, 804 644 0005 |www.gallery5arts.org https://www.facebook.com/events/298286410309869/ Screens ‘n’ Suds Five Year Retrospective Premier – A month-long installation of every piece of Screens ‘n’ Suds art produced since its 2009 inception, featuring artwork from AJ Masthay, David Welker, Marq Spusta, Itty Bitty Press, Plastic Flame Press, Christian Leaf, Tripp, Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Grzeca, Matt Leunig, Team 8 and many, many more! Also featuring performances by RVA Dance Collective, vegan victuals by RVA Vegan and music by Zac Hryciak & The Jungle Beat, The Late Virginia Summers, Hoax Hunters, and Glass Twin.

Sat 11/2 – Screens ‘n’ Suds Big Event | Gallery5 | 200 W Marshall St, 804 644 0005 | gallery5arts.org 5th Anniversary Celebration of Beer and Art to Benefit MS Society and Other Charities https://www.facebook.com/events/175449662638528/ • Enjoy outstanding, hand-picked craft beers from Virginia and around the world, including The Bruery, Center of the Universe, Devil’s Backbone, Dogfish Head, Extra Billy’s, Firestone Walker, Green Flash, Heavy Seas, Legend, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Smartmouth, Starr Hill, Terrapin and more! • Browse and purchase artwork, t-shirts and other items from vendors including Itty Bitty Press, Stronge Designs, Plastic Flame Press, Shawn Hileman, Crazy Redbeard and more TBA • Taste and purchase Screens ‘n’ Suds 5th Anniversary Small Batch Beers from Blue Mountain, Hardywood Park, O’Connor, Strangeways, and Three Brothers – available only at Screens ‘n’ Suds events! • First chance to purchase prints from the 2013 Screens ‘n’ Suds Series of beer-inspired screen prints, featuring art from Seansberg, Ashley Phipps, Christian Leaf, Brian Mandeville, Bomb Proof and more TBA! • Music by local DJ Reinhold, The Dave Marshall Experience and more • No cover charge. $5 suggested donation. All ages. 21+ to drink.

Screens ‘n’ Suds 5th Anniversary Small Batch Series Blue Mountain Brewery – Foxy Mama Red Tripel 8.2% ABV | 34 IBUs | 15bbl batch | 120 @ 750mL bottles Madly aroma hopped with French Strisselspalt, this one’s a real beaut. She’s brilliant reddish — very unique and tasty. Hardywood Park – Menagerie 11.8% ABV | 35gal batch | 100 @ 750mL bottles Three different stouts—aged in Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrels—all blended together with a Belgian Strong Ale, then aged in a rum barrel for 2 months. O’Connor Brewing – Mermaid’s Milk Imperial Milk Stout 9.5% ABV | 55 IBU | 25gal batch | 120 @ 22oz bottles Strangeways – Wyrd Sisters 9% ABV | 20bbl batch | 33 @ 750mL bottles each The Wyrd Sisters are three different versions of a Belgian Tripel, each fermented on a different yeast strain — Cordelia (Celis), Ophelia (La Chouffe), Desdemona (Trappist) — then aged in oak barrels Three Brothers – Meet Brett IPA 6.7% ABV | 21gal batch | 100 @ 750mL bottles 100% Brettanomyces-fermented IPA

Screens ‘n’ Suds began in 2009 as a way for Brian Gearing and Ric Hersh to finally get the poster show they wanted in Richmond, VA.  When Capital Ale House was chosen as the venue for the event, it made sense to invite a few breweries to join in and slake the thirst of the art lovers in attendance.  Since that inaugural event, Screens ‘n’ Suds has raised over $100,000 for MS Society and local charities, and its list of partnering breweries and artists has grown from 15 to over 50, coming from all over the country, from Berkeley, CA to Omaha, NE, to just across the river on Manchester Island.

Last year, Screens ‘n’ Suds collaborated with Richmond’s Hardywood Park and Itty Bitty Press to create Quadrawine, its inaugural small batch beer. This year’s list of collaborators has expanded to five, and plans are in the works for bigger and better projects as Screens ‘n’ Suds pushes forward into the second half of its first decade of celebrating beer and art for charity.

The Screens ‘n’ Suds 2013 Series continues Sam Verrill‘s mission to marry beautiful art to great causes.  Five years ago, he launched Screens ‘N’ Spokes, an art show and bike team, to benefit the Greater Delaware Valley chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  To-date, over 130 prints have been produced between the Spokes and Suds series, and including events, the team has raised over $160,000 for the MS Society.  In 2008 and 2009, he worked with the Independents Coffee Cooperative of Philadelphia to curate the Beans ‘N’ Screens show to benefit the fair-trade Cooperativa San Fernando.

Art show in Hampton at Conch & Bucket, October 18-20

Beginning October 18 and ending October 20, Conch & Bucket will present an art show and poster sale to celebrate the Hampton Coliseum and Phish’s return to the historic venue.

Michael Hamad of Setlist Schematics fame will take part as well as Joseph Griffith, winner of the Hampton Bay Days poster contest. Artists will feature the Coliseum and incorporate one song, and Hamad has mapped out some classic shows and jams from the Mothership. A contest among the artists featured will be held over the course of the Hampton run, with the winner receiving a metal trophy of the Coliseum designed and constructed by Hampton artist Cha Cha Mubinga. The announcement will be made during Tall Tall Trees set, which will begin shortly after the Surrender to the Boat trip on Sunday.

Voting is open to the public and will cost one dollar. All revenue from the votes will be donated to Saint John’s Church in an effort to feed the homeless in Hampton.

Conch & Bucket is the brainchild of Peter Pittman (owner of the Taphouse) and was recently visited by Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods. Conch proffers local seafood, steak, fine wine, and draft beer. It has a cozy back patio and is located in downtown Hampton just three miles from the Coliseum.

by Branden Otto

by Brandy Fertitta Stanley

by Joseph Griffith

Dinner & A Movie Art Show in Glens Falls, October 23rd

Dinner & A Movie Art Show, presented by Manifest Glassworks, will be held on October 23rd at Aimiee’s Dinner & A Movie, located at 190 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY. Running from 2pm-until 630pm, the art show will feature many artists including Tripps Prints, Isadora Bullock, Pin Me Down Designs, Bill Pompeii of Pompeii Prints, Ant Pharms Pins, StuPINdous Creations, Brian McGowan of GowyGear, PhanArt, Noah Clein and local glass from Manifest Glassworks, Liffiton Fine Arts and others.

Admission to the art show is free and will feature Live Music from High Peaks Band at the adjoining bar, Wallabee’s. This is a rare chance for Glens Falls residents to view and purchase art from vendors that travel the nation, to meet up with friends new and old and to celebrate Vermont’s greatest band visiting Glens Falls!


Come to “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” on November 2nd at Caesars!

The final announcement of artists for “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” has been released, featuring Phish artists from around the country. The event will be held on Saturday, November 2nd from 12pm-5pm at Caesar’s Atlantic City. This unique art show, developed and produced by Pete Mason, will be held on the final day of Phish’s Fall Tour, ending that night at Boardwalk Hall.

2013 phanart AC show KERRIGAN LOGO_1

The art show will be held Saturday, November 2nd, from 12pm-5pm at Caesar’s Atlantic City in the Tiberius/Spartacus/Romulus rooms, featuring the best Phish inspired art, including limited edition art made specifically for the show. You can access the art show location by going to the third floor of the Centurion Tower.

Admission to this event is FREE. The initial artists announced for “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” represents a wide array of artists from among the Phish art community. Longtime Phish artists Ryan Kerrigan, Isadora Bullock, Michael Boyer, Jiggs,  Bruce HoranJeff Nesbit, and Pompeii Prints are all familiar names with fans from past poster art shows. Each will have a large portfolio of current and past concert poster art to exhibit from a wide range of musical acts. Erin Cadigan, an artist from Woodstock, NY, will be featuring her art, posters and clothing line THREE. Joining the show for the first time is Setlist Tees, a line of shirts created by Ryan Stanley that feature fan-requested setlists with unique designs for each show. Art from Like Minded Productions, live music photography from Mike Geller and Art by Ian Millard will be available at the show as well.

Pin makers and artists Matthew Jurcic of 10 Minute Tube Designs, Adam Davidoff of Phishcoins, Jack Firestone of Party Time Pins, Noah Phence, Adrian Sharpe of stuPINdous Creations, Ant Pharms Tour Pins and Designs, Cactus Bomb Designs, Pin me Down, PhanBadge, MYFE. Designs, Gowy Gear, Terra-PinsBrian Zuckerberg and Stuphph & Things will all feature their ever-popular pin series and designs, as well as other items made specifically for the Atlantic City shows. Throughout the event, Show of Life will be streaming live the first ever Phantiques Road Show! Fans are encouraged to bring their collectible art to be reviewed by a panel of expert curators who will be on site for appraisal. Fans are encouraged to participate in a silent auction in person at the show or live from couch tour, making for an interactive feature to “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City.”


Non-profits include The Mockingbird Foundation, which has given grants for music education totaling more than $700,000 over the past 15 years, and PhanArt, a book and website created as a way to showcase the art made by Phish fans, raising money for The Mockingbird Foundation through donations from artists and fans, totaling over $11,000 since 2009. Phish Art shows have been held since 2003 with great success. Unique posters, pins, shirts, stickers and much more are made for Phish shows, making “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” a must-attend event during Phish tour. Produced by Pete Mason, founder of PhanArt and author of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, the art exhibition represents a continued effort to promote and exhibit original and unique concert art from a wide variety of artists. The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. Phish’s creative fan base makes amazing art inspired by the band, their music and the locales they play.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past poster shows, “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” will offer free entry to all patrons and tubes available for purchase. Charitable donations from the event will be made to The Mockingbird Foundation, as well as a wide array of artists featuring posters to fit any budget. More artists will be announced in mid-October, as well as special edition works only available at the show, which will be available for viewing shortly thereafter at www.phanart.net. “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” is sponsored by This Week on Lot, Grateful Music, Philly Philms, Show of Life and The Helping Friendly Podcast. This Week on Lot is a semi-weekly audio podcast about the live music scene that provides reviews of venues, festivals, and on rare occasions, the music. ‘TWoL’ also discusses rumors from the lot, tips and tricks for being on tour, and anything else they find amusing. Follow on Twitter @ThisWeekonLot.

2new logo

Grateful Music Publications has covered live music news as it happens for the past seven years. On site, on tour, and in the flesh, Grateful Music shares the pleasures of good family, great music and positive energy, all the while staying on top of the stories as they unfold.

grateful music logo

Philly Philms, creators of the upcoming feature length documentary We’ve Got It Simple, celebrates the world of Phish fans by weaving the film from footage and photos that fans have submitted, as well as touring and shooting with the band during the summer and upcoming fall tour. The culmination of this will be a film that not only shows the cultured world Phish has created for their fans but also will serve as a 30th anniversary gift from the fans to the band.

Weve got simple3

The Helping Friendly Podcast is a weekly Phish podcast created by two longtime fans who wanted to share one Phish show per week, with discussion and analysis. The approach is simple: showcase great Phish shows and talk about what makes them great. Bringing in guests from across the Phish community, HF Podcast tries to bring on diverse perspectives to discuss show reviews, upcoming events, and other topics of interest to all of us.

Helping Friendly Podcast-01

With a focus on capturing the spontaneous moments before and after the concerts and streaming them live to those at home on “couch tour”, Show of Life focuses on live music reality news with candid interviews and special events. Join host Jason Wigmann and director Taper420, along with a revolving cast of characters and experience the next best thing to being there.”


“EMEK: The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist” Art Show in Portland, Oregon this Saturday, September 21st

Featuring hundreds of new and past works, ranging from electric and glow-in-the-dark poster installations, to hand-crafted originals by this internationally acclaimed print and design artist, EMEK: The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist will take place on Saturday, September 21st from 5-9pm at Peoples Art of Portland. The exhibit will run from September 21 – October 13 (open Thursday-Sunday, 12-6pm) at the gallery, located at 700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) in Suite 4005.


EMEK has made his home in Portland (from L.A.) for nearly 10 years now. But he lives in many worlds and his art shows it. Born a decade after the 60’s, he was nevertheless influenced by 60’s culture and counter-culture. He was raised in an environment that supported his crazy artistic aspirations.

His first poster commission was done immediately after the L.A. riots/uprising of 1992, for a unity rally and concert held on Martin Luther King Day. EMEK writes of the creation, “On scratchboard, I depicted an image of MLK, Jr., rising above a concert crowd. No copies of this poster remain, but it does hold special meaning for me as the seed of my career.”


EMEK is considered one of the most famous American poster artists alive today, part responsible for the lasting revitalization of the art form from the 1960’s tradition of music posters. His unique vision and insight to these creations spawned a new medium and collector base in the genre, and forever coined EMEK – “The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist”.


So far, his unique visual style has graced music posters on a diverse musical spectrum, from Blues legend B.B. King to the Beastie Boys. He has painted album covers for Neil Young and Pearl Jam as well as for many punk and alternative bands. He was invited to exhibit at the opening for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “History of Rock Posters” exhibition and has been in national and international magazines. As you read this, his work is permanently displayed in Hard Rock Cafes. Over the last decade, EMEK’s work has been shown in galleries across the United States, in Berlin, London and Tokyo. In December, 2007, Billboard named the top 25 rock posters of all time. EMEK garnered 3 spots on the list, the most of any single artist.

EMEK with Wayne Coyne

In Emek’s posters, psychedelic 60’s imagery collides with 90s post-industrial iconography. To this collision of the organic vs. the mechanical worlds he adds humor, social commentary and fantasy. Even in the smallest details there are messages. All of EMEK’s artwork is originally hand-drawn and then hand-silkscreened for each actual concert or event, usually in limited editions of around 300.


This is EMEK’s 3rd annual show with the gallery, an always celebrated and magical time as hundreds of art works grace the space. We will be featuring highly sought original works; installation areas of electric poster boxes and glow in the dark/black light works, as well as a selection of rare past works and concert handbills. Our gallery slogan, “For Artists, By Artists” is represented as a whole by this generous and talented Portland transplant and we are proud to present this enormous collection of his works.

Facebook event page 

PhanArt’s Summer Tour Recap, Part 1

Better late than never, and just in time as I head west to Dick’s, here’s my recap of the 14 shows I did this summer, from Bangor>Toronto, warts and all. Plus a brief recap on Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition, which you can see more photos of here.

Phish tour in July meant that I could plan to see a bunch of shows without fear of missing school or having to rush home after a show to be up in time for students. This summer was filled with incredible music, great times, good traveling from show to show and meeting new friends and experiences along the way. Here’s my recap of Phish tour from Bangor through Toronto.

Myself, Sue and Bryan – all planned to leave on the 2nd from Albany, so we weren’t driving six hours the day of the show. About a week before, Jake hit me up looking for a ride. When a girl like Holly is your reference, say no more. Jake was in with us and we headed up to Bangor after a whirlwind day of getting things in order before starting tour with a clean slate. I had just finished writing a children’s book two days prior that I had put off for entirely too long, and the lack of time to get it finished was a nice propellant to get it done. With the book done and my first Phish show in Maine since IT on tap, the drive was an easy one. Albany>Bangor took just about six hours, but the longest part – Maine, was made extra creepy with a rolling fog on the 95 the entire time. We joked that the home state of Stephen King would be like this.


Arriving at a Motel 6 around midnight, we checked into a fine 2-star motel and ordered Dominos, because that’s what Maine has to eat at midnight on a Tuesday. We missed the Trey interview on PBS’ NewsHour at 11pm, but we were lucky enough to get a replay at 1am and stayed awake to watch it. Aside from Trey and the interviewers voice, we were so silent we may as well have been in space. I’ve seen this before – when Phish is on TV, or a member of Phish, you stop what you are doing and remain SILENT until it is over. Trey’s interview was the equivalent of putting up three fingers in Boy Scouts or a teacher counting 1….2….3…., but it was all instinct. And an awesome interview taboot. If there’s one aspect of Trey I am fascinated with, its his playing with orchestras these past few years. I actually wrote my first post on PhanArt about the Carnegie Hall show in September 2009. 


We all woke up the next day excited as anyone could be for the first show of the tour, and for Sue, Bryan and Jake, the first show they’d see in Maine, which is cool if you’re into traveling for Phish. By awesome coincidence, Stu, who I went to Syracuse University with, happened to be vacationing in Bangor. We planned to meet for lunch as a group and visited Sea Dog Brewery, which was located just down the street from Darling’s Waterfront and right on the Penobscot River. The beers were far better at the brewery than in any bottle I had ever had – while this is true for most beers, it is especially true for Sea Dog – and tasty Fish Tacos with the local catch. For only seeing Stu a couple times since he graduated, and our chats and interactions on Facebook, it was a welcome treat to go to a new town and find a friend there, even more so because that friend wasn’t in town for Phish. After lunch and a couple of pictures together, the four of us, now sans Stu, took a short walk up the road to find Stephen King’s house. You couldn’t have found a more awesome/creepy house, complete with dragons, spiderweb gates, a Benz in the driveway, and a gate that was wide open. A few photos and it was back down the hill to the lots, but not before some random as hell dude drove by and tried to sell us pot; apparently Phish being in town means that locals who grow their own use this method of marketing. Naturally, we balked and found an open spot in the lots next to Sea Dog and set up the EZ-Up among a few old friends, and got some more to join us in a packed lot (carwise) for a good 3 hours on lot vending some and catching up with friends we hadn’t seen since NYE in most cases.

We could hear soundcheck from where we were, not too bad and how many people can say their favorite band gives them a treat like that pre-show? We wrapped things up on lot, walked to the show and ran into Parker Harrington who was shooting the show for Livemusicblog, just as Possum was about to get started, because naturally. Overall, I thought the show was fun, with first set a series of standard with some jams, but the Golden Age and Antelope from the Second Set boded well for what lay in store the rest of the tour. (I’m not getting into details on music with these recaps, unless something was pretty awesome).


The ride back… I had been up since 9am (still on teacher sleep schedule) and it was nearly midnight when we got on the road. I’ve driven farther on less sleep, and with the help of (no joke) the new Donna the Buffalo album and assorted Disco Biscuits and Daft Punk, I was able to make it within 2 hours of Albany before handing the reigns over to Bryan, just as the sun was breaking through. Endurance driving is fun, but after a while, it gets old. Alpharetta to Chicago was easier than this drive and nearly twice as long.

We dropped off Sue and Bryan, Jake and I went back to my place, getting whatever sleep we could. The 4th of July was looming and with a party at my folks place, this was going to be the one night I would sleep halfway-decent until Sunday. After unpacking and squaring things up, I was in bed by 9 AM and able to enjoy the 4th of July, so so much for that plan. Food, pool, drinks, new friends, old friends, everyone filtered in and out during the day over at my folks place, a perfect spot for those days off before SPAC, now in its 4th year! Some folks from School of Phish stopped by, Satoshi flew in to start tour the next day, plus Jules, Scott, Laura, Erika, Adam, many others as the night progressed, because there’s only so much to do in Albany on the 4th besides wait in traffic leaving the EmpireStatePlaza fireworks display.

I woke up on the 5th needing to get to last minute advertising for the art show in Saratoga the next day. Phish was the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I shot up to Saratoga, got some flyers printed, laminates made, checked in at the hotel and helped assemble some of the cardboard displays before rushing back out to get to Albany Airport to pick up Sam (90 minutes late) and Dr. John (30 minutes late), grab food for myself, Sam, Dr. John, Jules, Laura, Jake and probably Toombs, shower and get ready to drive up to the show.

This all unfolded in the short span of 4 hours and got the adrenaline going nicely. To top it off, I had to be on the road by 4pm so that we were in the ‘good lot’, the one across the road from the venue on Route 50. There’s limited vending while you’re up there, and this was the safer of the options. Plus, I had to get out as soon as possible after the show, with the art show and all the next day.

Picking up the media pass for the day and catching up with Andy Hill, photographer for UpstateLIVE.com where I’m the Online Editor, we snuck in just under the wire before they wouldn’t let anyone else in due to a strong thunderstorm cell that was passing over. This is the kind of caution that I can respect, unlike say, NortherlyIsland, but I’ll get to that later on. Watching the crowd pour from the lawn into the balcony, then back out in an orderly manner was actually a thing of beauty – how many other bands have fans that would have done that, without making a scene, pushing, shoving, or being general dicks?

With seats in the third row Page Side, I got some pre-show time to chat with ScottyB from Jambase, talked to some local press and saw familiar faces around the venue (Scott Marks, taper Lenny Stubbe) before resting my legs for a bit prior to the show. I thought the first set was a solid one, especially the Bathtub Gin and Yarmouth Road, but second set had that incredible jam leaving 46 Days that stuck out more than anything. I was happy to be down close and get a good view of the band, something I’ve been more cognizant of in recent tours. Naturally, the rain came down as we left and I wasn’t home until 12:30 AM.


I love being a part of The Mothership Art Collective and help to put on these great art shows that feature amazing artists and a little something for everyone. I hope to continue being a part of this as long as the band is around and longer. Here’s an idea of what its like to put on these art shows the day of the event:

I woke up on Saturday the 6th around 730am, when some were still awake from the night before, and rushed to shower, put my final art and boxes in the car, filling the entire thing up (plus cooler – these events are dehydrating). These events are great because they are in the middle of a three-day run, so its just one night of sleep, but it’s also a REALLY long day. I’m used to them by now as I’ve been part of a half-dozen or so art shows with PhanArt and Mockingbird, so it’s a marathon like no other. Leaving by 8am and arriving around 830/845am, we unpacked the car and quickly watched the largest room we have ever had (!) come together. There were last minute additions (Michael Boyer, Mark Serlo) and many regulars (AJ Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Noah Phence, Branden Otto) and first timers (Nate Duval, Drew Suto) among the two dozen artists in attendance. Some see each other on Shakedown at shows throughout tour, some are meeting for the first time, or some degree of familiarity with each other. I set up my tables with PhanArt goods and a wide spread of art donated to Mockingbird Foundation – shirts, posters, ties, stickers, and finally assembled the PhanArt pin board with all the pins donated, and for sale, to benefit Mockingbird Foundation. THAT was a task and a half, and done mid-show taboot. There were great volunteers helping out this time, which made things a bit easier and I was able to chat with fans to a greater degree than past shows. Great thanks to Chris, Kelley, Jesse, Windy, the always helpful Dr. John, Satoshi and other I am forgetting, but wow, what a show! We raised nearly $500 for The Mockingbird Foundation, brought in other donations from artists at the show and had the largest crowd yet – 1200-1500 Phish fans, friends and locals coming to check out some awesome art. I was pleasantly surprised when Marc, who I went to SU with, happened to stop by – he was in town and saw about the show, so we caught up and got to introduce him to the Phish art scene, as well as a little Phish. The entire day was just that great.


My good friend Shawn, who I saw TAB shows with in 2001 as I drove across the country, stopped by and joined the party for the next two days. We packed up the cars, drove over to the lots, barely got into the West 50 lot and had time to breathe for a little, amid the Tweetup of all the Phish #twibe folks. That was awesome too. The show, not so much. The first set was a dragging affairs, until that Melt came around. Second set Tweezer>Sand>Carini was a highlight of the night, and the tour for me, although I didn’t like Architect since it feels like a TAB song at best. For my one night on the lawn, it was a nice party with everyone.

Post show, Shawn and I decided to hit off Twiddle at Putnam Den, because if I awake after this long of a day, I’m certainly going for the trifecta – three shows in one day (and yes an art show counts). We only stayed for a drink over an hour, but it was a great night. Twiddle are quite incredible and are on the rise in just the right way, not rushing it or pacing it. Bed finally came at 4am, when a few of the other 8 staying upstairs and downstairs at my place, were just getting to sleep. Ah, youth.


Waking the next day, my friend Erika caught up with us as we had lunch at Dinosaur BBQ, a must for anyone who likes food. It’s a regional delicacy for us and damn if it isn’t some of the best BBQ out there. We were on the road in time enough to meet up with Tim and Shaun and Steve and Katie, to set up TWoLArt again on lot. Perfect timing too, as we were one of the last 50 cars to get in that day. One day, I’ll get there early. One day.

With rain looming, as it did for most east coast shows this summer, we headed in a bit early, picking up the 3rd poster to cap off the three prints for the run – great work Drew Millward! – got our seats in the balcony, somehow, the second time for me, and this is a ‘hometown’ summer venue. First set was a rocker, second set a jammer. DWD>Ghost>Piper and Antelope>Meatstick>YEM are the things fantasy setlists are made of. We rocked out with security stopping by to make sure we didn’t breathe on the walkway (but still did anyways) and ended the night with a Loving Cup encore, with full release. Here’s my review for UpstateLIVE. 


Post show, the fucking Rains of Castamere came down on us, that is, the handful who were dicking around leaving the venue. I was soaked when I got back to my car, but no complaints – Erika was driving us back to my place, a relief after so much driving already for me. Jake and Laura had decided to skip a Sunday show, a lesson quickly learned. Toombs did too, and left me a cooler full of warm PBRs. We mostly stayed up late, knowing there was little to be done on Monday, aside from travel for some and sleep for me. Monday was a take-it-as-it-goes day, with no rushing for any reason. Satoshi, Erika, Sue and I went to see the Lone Ranger (Jerry Bruckheimer old-west action film porn) and had an early night by comparison. I had Tuesday left to me for editing and final preparations for the next 9 shows I would see, taking me all the way to Chicago. It sucked to hear about Toronto being cancelled, especially for affected friends, and was able to attend the rescheduled date, making it 10 shows for the summer.

4 down, 10 to go.

Drew Suto’s Hand Drawn Art on Exhibit on Summer in Saratoga

Drew Suto has designed the cover for all 35 of the 37 issues of Surrender to the Flow, as well as many illustrations contained within the magazine’s pages. While his cover art is well known to Phish fans, his art over the past 15 years has included a wide array of drawings in pen and ink, all original, unique pieces, will be available for the FIRST TIME at Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition.

The gallery below shows samples of what you can find at Drew’s table at Summer in Saratoga on July 6th. There are small drawings for venues, never before published Phish-inspired art, posters of Drew’s cover art for Surrender to the Flow, original cover designs and random pieces of art that can fit all budgets.

Drew is more than just the Senior Artist and Cover Designer for Surrender to the Flow – he is a unique artist with rare art, all one of a kind designs, available for the first time exclusively at Summer in Saratoga! Check out Drew’s posters from 2009 that will be available at the show and click through the gallery below for the various drawings of his from over the years at Surrender to the Flow.

Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition Announces Final Lineup

Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition Announces Final Lineup for the Saturday July 6th show at the Saratoga Hilton, featuring the best Phish inspired art, including limited edition art made specifically for the show. Developed and produced by a group of artists and fans known as the Mothership Art Collective, the art show will be held in the middle of a weekend of Phish, who play just down the road at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, July 5th-7th. Admission is Free. 


Previously announced artists include AJ Masthay, Erin Cadigan, Isadora Bullock, Nate Duval, John Warner, Ryan Kerrigan, Branden Otto, Bruce Horan, Ed Wilson, TRiPP, Bill Pompeii, Drew Suto, 10 Minute Tube Designs, Party Time Pins and stuPINdous Creations. Additions to the lineup include Lauren Domsky, Noah Phence, Dave Calarco, MYFE. Designs, Ant Pharm Pins and PerPINdicular Pins  

The lineup of artists slated to exhibit at “Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition,” represent some of the best artists in the community. Longtime artists AJ Masthay, TRiPP, John Warner, Ryan Kerrigan, Branden Otto, Edward Wilson, Bruce Horan, Lauren Domsky and Isadora Bullock have been a part of Mothership Art Collective Art shows in the past and each have a large portfolio of concert art across a wide range of musical acts. Erin Cadigan, an artist from Woodstock, NY will be featuring her art, posters as well as her clothing line THREE. Joining the show for the first time is Nate Duval, an official poster artist who has an extensive history of creating unique posters for a number of musical acts. David Calarco, author of Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts: An Anthology by a Fan for the Fans will have copies of his book for sale at the show.

First timers include Bill Pompeii of Pompeii Prints, maker of posters, shirts and various pins that have gained acclaim among Phish fans, and Troy, NY artist Drew Suto, who as Senior Artist for Surrender to the Flow, designs the cover art for the Phish fan magazine handed out for free on lot at every show.

Pin makers and artists of the ever growing pin collector/trader community include Matthew Jurcic of 10 Minute Tube Designs, Jack Firestone of Party Time Pins and Adrian Sharpe of stuPINdous Creations. In addition to these pin makers will be Noah Phence of Zenster, Anthony Leetz of Ant Pharms Pins, Monk Cav and Tanner Council of MYFE. Designs, and Sam Sutton of PerPINdicular Pins who will feature their ever popular pin series and designs.

Non-profits included in “Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition”, are The Mockingbird Foundation, which has given grants for music education totaling more than $700,000 over the past 15 years; Screens ‘n’ Suds, which combines craft beers and art to benefit the National MS Society and charities in Richmond, VA and Chicago, IL, raising over $75,000 since 2009; and PhanArt, a book and website created as a way to showcase the art made by Phish fans, raising money for The Mockingbird Foundation through donations from artists and fans, totaling over $10,000 since 2009.

Rock Art exhibitions have been held since 2003 with great success, as unique posters are made for Phish shows during the poster show weekend, making for a must-attend event during Phish tour, featuring some of the most unique concert art being produced today. ‘Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition” is the first event for 2013 produced by the Mothership Art Collective, a group within the Phish community comprised of artists and organizations who promote the art inspired by the band Phish.

The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. The creative fan base of Phish makes for amazing art inspired by the band, their music and the locales they play. The Collective will work hard to bring a show to the Phish touring public each year.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past poster shows, “Summer in Saratoga: A Rock Art Exhibition” will offer free entry to all patrons and tubes available for purchase. Charitable donations from the event will be made to The Mockingbird Foundation, as well as a wide array of artists featuring posters to fit any budget. More artists will be announced in mid-June, as well as special edition works only available at the show, which will be available for viewing shortly thereafter at www.mothershipartcollective.org