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Atlantic City, Alpine Valley and Red Rocks PhanArt Show Lineups Revealed

This August, PhanArt will host two shows in Atlantic City during Phish’s weekend run on the Jersey Shore.

Both shows are located right on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, making for easy access for all fans heading the the beach for the shows.

On Saturday, August 6, Caesars hosts PhanArt from 12-5pm. More than 20 artists and vendors have been announced, with more to come. Confirmed artists and vendors include Nick Difabbio, Section 119, Myles Laser Crafts, Scribbles of Dave, Slip Stitch and Glass, Laplaca Pottery Works, Wookles, Snugpups Dog Coats, Stupindous LLC, PixelWooks, Wolfman’s Cousin, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, Yes and Goods, Outcasty Designs, Josean Rivera Fine Art, The Overhead View, Interstellar Dye LLC, Basset Glass, Long Strange Putt, Hello Sunset, Blockhead’s Printing, Crowley’s Corner, Tela Designs, The Phreezer, YouEnjoyMyVegan, GratefuLegos, Perchance to Dream, LLC, Om Grown Art, Non Dualistic Designs, and many more.

Then, on Sunday, August 7, Showboat will host PhanArt, for a show a show 12-5pm. Artists and Vendors in attendance include Section 119, The Overhead View, Tela Designs, Laplaca Pottery Works, Interstellar Dye LLC, Scribbles of Dave, Wookles, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, YouEnjoyMyVegan, Om Grown Art, Perchance to Dream, LLC, Non Dualistic Designs, Makisupa Metal Works, Outcasty Designs, The Phreezer, Long Strange Putt and many more.

Stay tuned for limited edition items and deals available at the show from various artists and vendors.

Both shows will have a variety of artists and vendors, with some taking part both days but many only at one of the shows. Be sure not to miss both shows and support phans, artists and small businesses from around the country!

Admission to both shows is FREE and Tubes will be available for purchase at both shows.

Spinning live during each show is Sweeping Views, as heard on The Ambient Hour on JEMP Radio.

And for the first time ever in Alpine Valley (since the 1980s at least), you’ll be able to buy fan made art and products right next to the venue at Alpine Valley Resort in the Main Lodge. This PhanArt show will run from 1pm-6pm and features free admission, more than two dozen artists, including many Midwestern artists making their first appearance at a PhanArt Show!

Confirmed artists include You Enjoy My Vegan, Wookles, Gilfalo Art Design, Casual Enlightenment LLC, California Ave Artworks, Jay Williams, Babacool LLC, So Stupendous Apparel, Outcasty Designs, Non-Dualistic Designs, Hydrogen Threads, Stylistic Tendencies, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, Phan Gear Prints, Tie Dye by Papes, Girl Tour, Sex, Plants, Rock And Roll, Goddamn Hippies, Icculaces, and many more!

With great joy, PhanArt announced the initial lineup of artists for The Hometown Flodown, the first ever PhanArt Show at Red Rocks!
These artists (with more to come!) will be exhibiting fan-made prints, clothing, accessories, tie-dye, jewelry and other Goose and music-inspired memorabilia on Thursday, August 18, with music curated by Sweeping Views as heard on JEMP Radio’s The Ambient Hour.

The show will be held in The Rock Room, located in the Red Rocks Visitors Center. To access the show, park in the Upper North Parking Lot and go up the steps or ramp towards the entrance. After checking out The Hometown Flodown, be sure to walk through the Visitors Center, enjoy lunch at Red Rocks, and bask in this incredible venue, which is open to the public until 4pm!

Doors open at 11:30am for The Hometown Flodown, with free admission for all. Tubes will be available for purchase, with artists vending until 3:30pm.

Doors for Goose open at 6pm. Vending is not allowed at Red Rocks in the parking lots, making The Hometown Flodown the best and only spot to find Goose fan made creations ahead of this historic show at Red Rocks!

Exclusive Art Available at PhanArt Atlantic City

We are less than one week away from the first PhanArt show of 4.0 at Ceasars in Atlantic City! As always we’ve got some exclusive art and deals from the scene’s top artists taking part in the show on August 14 from 12-5pm. Get in line early for limited edition prints, pins, shirts, accessories and much more. Stay for some live music from Sweeping Views and don’t miss the afternoon’s Phan Film screenings Including “We’ve Got It Simple” and “Cirque du Cambodia”, a Documentary Film by Joel Gershon.

In the interest of public health, we encourage ALL attendees to wear a mask at the PhanArt show, regardless of vaccination status. ALL staff, artists and vendors will be wearing a mask, and there will be complimentary masks available near the entrance to the PhanArt Show. We’re all in this together, and we’ve got to wear a mask!

Take a scroll and check out all the artists and exclusive art waiting for you at the Atlantic City Phanart show!

The Mockingbird Foundation

#Mbird25 posters by Cory Rowe will be available at the PhanArt Show in Limited supplies for only $35. This print commemorates the 25th Anniversary of The Mockingbird Foundation! Get one at the PhanArt table!

Dave Russo

Don’t miss a series of special limited edition prints from the unique and recognizable hand of Dave Russo’s Scribbles of Dave.

2020 Tour Bring 11 x 17 LE https://www.scribblesofdave.com50
DIVIDED SKY song illustration
Original is 11×15 and proceeds will go to the Divided Sky Fund. Prints are available in 3 sizes.

The Overhead View

The Overhead View started in 2014 with a Paul and Silas USPS design and has been growing ever since. Now with over 50 designs, available on etsy and theoverheadviewshop.com, gear is available in men’s, women’s, youth, and toddler tees, onesies, men’s and women’s tank tops, hoodies, hats, stickers, pins, and even mugs. Artist/Owner Bryan Kirk has been seeing shows since 1995. Summer Tour 2021 tees from The Overhead View come in sizes XS to 4XL for $25 (+$5 for 3XL, +$10 for 4XL).

Werner Arts & Designs

Terry Werner has been on scene with his unique concert prints since 2021. Specializing in limited edition lithograph and screen prints. Don’t miss his Limited Edition3 Part Lithograph “Sand Castle Dance” Available at the AC Phanart show. Be one of the first 10 to get the new AC 2021 prints at the show and get the full set of 3 for only $30. Regular price $20/individual, $40 for the set of 3.


GratefuLegos is a Phamily business specializing in custom figures, magnets, ornaments, and stages created using Lego bricks having been on the Dead/Phish bus since the mid-80s. Jeremy makes lots of different figures for bands like the Dead, Phish, Moe., Mule, WSP. Also available for custom creations.

The Wheel Ceramics

Music enthusiast, lover of clay. The Wheel Ceramics came to fruition in 2017 and the rest is history. By now you may have one (or several) of Courtney’s Pieces or know friends that do. Snap up your own in Atlantic City!


She’ll be there, she’ll be there, she’ll be there… Colleen is an artist that draws what she sees (in her brilliant mind) at the shows as our bands play. If you know her Blast-O-Plast work (especially her Gamehendge series), you probably have some of her Pins, Prints and Apparel. Her aesthetic is unique and great get for any collector.

Josean Rivera

Josean is a teacher and illustrator who creates images inspired by Phish songs! He been creating illustrated setlists since 2014, and create show posters using a variety of media including ink and watercolor and linocuts. 

Art Blankets USA LLC

Scotty D. – Transforming Art into Blankets since 2009. Who needs an Amazing Beach Blanket for AC!?!


Augury Press

Faith Sponsler is the artist and owner of an online print shop called Augury Press based in Portland, Oregon. Known for her Alphonse Much inspired aesthetic and series of linocut prints, digital prints, stickers, pins, shirts, and more! Faith has been making art ever since she can remember and in 2013 she combined two things that I love and made my first Phanart print and hasn’t stopped since and there’s no end in sight! 

Taboot Apparel

When Phish reunited in 2009 Meghan, a long time seamstress and fan, started Taboot Apparel to channel her love for sewing into her love for Phish. She would soon expand beyond apparel into accessories and household items, Taboot!



YES AND GOODS is an eclectic mix of all things good – vintage, artist-made, & small brands. 

Founded in 2020 (dreamed up in 2017) by Jackie Metz, YES AND GOODS serves as her reminder to embrace the “Yes, and” spirit (also embraced by Phish!) by saying yes to whatever comes her way. It is her mission and joy to partner with other like-minded artists and dreamers to curate a collection of one of a kind pieces.


Crowleys Corner

Crowley’s Corner has over a decade of experience making handmade bags and hats and more! They’ve got your FUNctional gear for Summer Tour!


I hope you enjoy my vegan food, merch & life!

Blockhead’s Printing 

Dave Thomas has been his unique vision to the phanart scene since 2017 with hand carved and printed linocut prints. He specializes on Micro Sized Printings and has a Great Series ready for Summer Tour 2021.


Wookles LLC

You know him. You know his stuff. You know it’s good. Now come out and support your local Wook!

Slip Stitch and Glass

Unique plan made stained glass art coming from North Carolina!

Non Dualistic Designs

The Phinets in Phish lot Merch since 201 will be dropping a Phish summer tour design for ladies and men, and 1 Summer Tour Poster. Available in AC!

Laplaca Pottery Works

Greg Laplaca has been working in clay for 30 years making a wide variety of functional and whimsical items . A few years ago he decided to combine my love of live music with pottery and launched his line of lyric inspired coffee and beer mugs. Each one is hand made by me and no 2 are exactly alike.

Divided Sky Designs 

Unique Lot Apparel Designs from a 1.0 Vet.

Stay Tuned as more artists and exclusive art and merchandise get added to Phanart’s August 14th Show at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City

PhanArt Shows Announced for Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe and Denver

With the return of live music, once again, Phish is back! This summer, if you’re catching the band in Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe or Dick’s, there will be a PhanArt show to catch.

PhanArt shows feature artists and vendors from the Phish and jam communities, selling posters, clothing, pins, stickers, fine art, kids clothes and much, much more. These small businesses are on display at PhanArt shows, a great way to meet your favorite artist and discover new ones.

This summer, you’ll find PhanArt shows at:

Atlantic City, NJ – August 14
Lake Tahoe, NV – September 1
Denver, CO – September 4

Interested vendors and artists, contact PhanArt@gmail.com for more info. Check out past PhanArt show details here.

Tube, Hampton and Halloween Coins from Adam Davidoff

Adam Davidoff has been making Phish Coins for a decade now, and has two featured coins and one poker chip, including his newest “Tube” coin that he is sharing on PhanArt.

Adam’s descriptions of his coins and poker chip:

Tube Coin:

The inspiration for this coin was obviously the opening verse of the Phish classic “Tube” when Trey sings “An asteroid crashed and nothing burned. It made me wonder, do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder?” To depict this opening verse of the song, I placed a tiger sleeping amongst some tiger lilies alongside a body of water containing a patch of lily pads. An asteroid is crashing into the mountain, yet nothing burns.


On the obverse side of the Tube Coin, a rhinoceros runs across the African savannah. Storm clouds are moving in quickly, and two bolts of lightning are crashing down, causing the rhino to run for its life.

The Tube Coin is 1.75″ in diameter, 3mm in thickness, has a reeded edge like a quarter, and has an antique silver finish. Both sides of the Tube Coin are presented in dramatic 3-D relief.

Hampton Coin:

For the Hampton 2013 Coin, I chose to go with a design that pays homage to the reflecting lake on the south side of the venue. As a nod to the outer space elements in this design, I chose to go with a NASA inspired font, and where better to use that but in Hampton, VA, the home of NASA’s Langley Research Center!


On the flip-side of the Hampton 2013 Coin, I wanted to pay homage to this long-awaited Fall Tour, so I chose to depict the historic “Emancipation Oak” that was an early educational site for Black children in the South, and was also where the first Southern reading of the Emancipation Proclamation was made!

The final element of my design was to pay tribute to the unique architecture of the Hampton Coliseum. Around the outer edge of each side of this coin (as you clearly can see) I created a triangular wedge pattern. This was done to mimic the look of the Mothership from above.

Phish Coins Paypal Button Code:

Prices with Shipping

Halloween Poker Chip:

The thinking behind this design was to recreate Boardwalk Hall in a silhouetted haunted house style. Two vultures flank the venue overhead, and Axilla the witch flies past the Halloween crescent moon. There are 31 stars in the sky, and 31 bay windows along the boardwalk at the bottom of the venue, and the $31 denomination of course!


On the flip-side of the Halloween 2013 Poker Chip, I symbolized a verse from the song Guelah Papyrus: “So maybe I could be a fly… and feed arachnid as I die.” A spider waits, ready to pounce on a fly that has been caught in its web. There is also an orange hourglass (a Sand reference) on the body of this spider.

The Hampton 2013 Fall Tour Coin marks the 2nd coin I have made for a run at Hampton Coliseum. As a nod to the outer space elements in this design, I chose to go with a NASA inspired font, and where better to use that but in Hampton, VA, the home of NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Phish Poker Chips Paypal Button Code:

Prices with Shipping

Best of PhanArt 2013, Part 3

Well, here we are. The Top 6 in the Best of PhanArt 2013. The art has simply continued to get better and better each year, just like the band. The mutual inspiration is pretty awesome to experience. A big thanks to Kelly, Chris, James, Chris and Taylor for their help in running PhanArt with me this past year, as well as their help at the art shows, without them I simply couldn’t keep up with the site. As far as art shows, you can expect at least one this year; more details to come once we get tour dates!

The Best of PhanArt list was compiled based on feedback received through the site, on tour, and through Facebook and Twitter. Fans were asked in the past month what was some of the best Phish related (non-official) art of 2013 and they responded. I took all suggestions into account and looked at the list and came up with the top 13, as well as the honorable mentionsToday we complete the Best of PhanArt 2013 and wrap things up with the top 6 pieces of original fan-made art from 2013. Be sure to check out Part 1  and Part 2 from yesterday.

Remember, the Phanart made in 2013 was amazing and the following is just some of the best. If you think something was overlooked, share what was missed below in the comments section below.

#6 Duke of Lizards by AJ Masthay

It’s tough to pick just one of AJ’s posters from 2013, but fans were pretty unanimous in selecting his SPAC triptych for the Best of PhanArt. Focusing on the Victorian aspect of the springs and baths in Saratoga, AJ brought the Lizards for a stroll through the mansions and halls of the historic town. AJ’s work has been a staple for Phish fans to gaze upon for years now, with many asking when he will do an official print. It’s a fair question, but AJ has been doing some incredible posters for Umphrey’s McGee, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band and multiple festivals around the country. As AJ’s intricate linoleum block printing method grows in popularity, I think we aren’t too far off from an official Phish print.

Click to check out the detail!

#5 Commerce City by Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan’s daily mandala’s are a treat, but this sun-mandala setting behind the Rocky Mountains and shining down on the crowd at Dick’s is a visual spectacle. Very much creating a three-dimensional image, the sunlight over the imposing mountains mimics Kuroda’s lights on the crowd at Dick’s, with fist-pump guy making a return appearance (he was in the bathroom during The Gorge). Full of detail and color, Kerrigan makes the Best of PhanArt once again, with fans calling this one out for the list months in advance.

kerrigan commerce city 2013

#4 Fall Tour Puckheads from Branden Otto and Chatterbox

Designed with Chatterbox, Branden came up with possibly the most unique piece of art this year. Take the owl – clutching Fishman’s vacuum, with each feather on the wings representing one of Phish’s years from 1983-2013. Then, factor in the venues from Fall Tour – every one was, or currently is, home to an AHL or NHL team, making a hockey puck a perfect representation of the venues, as well as the band playing them. At $20, these pucks sold out quickly. Fast forward to MSG and official pucks were selling for $30 a piece, and not nearly as creative as Otto and Chatterbox’s. Pucking great work guys!


#3 “Fly Famous Mockingbird” / “Joy”  by Isadora Bullock

What a year Isadora has had! These two prints were overwhelmingly the most popular that fans recommended for the Best of, so much that it was tough to pick one over the other, so both make the list. Isadora’s fine detail in her linoleum block printing, bursting colors and mesmerizing design are showing an artist not on the rise, but hitting a strong peak in her craft. Atlantic City’s poster has the Famous Mockingbird flying towards the Jersey shore, with the venue the center of the resonating waves of sound, while Hampton returns us to a church-like setting, because that’s exactly the feeling one would gain from visiting The Mothership; the stained-glass practically pops off the paper. With an art show in Asheville that runs through February (if you live anywhere close, make the trip and check out her growing gallery of great posters), things couldn’t be looking brighter for Isadora.

1395869_566407350081110_1568812091_n 1381947_563923050329540_1842723700_n

 #2 Page Side Rage Side Underwear

You have to recognize a great idea when you see one. Page Side on the front (with a dead fish) and Rage side on the back – do these need to explanation? Hot sellers that blew up the site – PhanArt had more hits in the first two days these were on sale than any other item in such a span of time – these boy shorts went fast, as every guy on Phish tour picked them up for his girl, because why not? And Orange and Blue colors? Wise color choices indeed.


And the #1 piece of PhanArt, the Best of 2013 is…….

#1 Heisenberg / It’s Ice shirts/stickers/pins 

Yeah bitch! As if this was a surprise. Clearly the hottest piece of art this year was going to have some pop culture tie-in, as everyone and their brother was fawning over the final season of Breaking Bad. Combine “It’s Ice” and that ‘other’ Ice, throw in some Fishman donuts and the result was a nonstop barrage of “How soon can you print more shirts?”, as one printing sold out after another. The folks at Dogmatagram Designs had a hit and once the sticker became a sought after quick seller, shirts soon followed, and inevitably, a pin. Phish fans love a good pop culture connection to the band and this was one of the best in recent memory. As long as Breaking Bad is a legendary TV show, the Heisenberg/It’s Ice design will live on. Say you want this!

It's Ice Sticker 1-1




Best of PhanArt 2013, Part 2

What a year 2013 was! Not only was it one of the best Phish years on record, but there was some incredible Phish inspired art that set the bar high for future years. This is not just a coincidence – when the band is at the top of their game, it rubs off on the fans and art community. Summer Shakedowns were good (despite the rain) and Dicks and Fall Tour led to some of the most memorable Shakedowns in 3.0, with the highlight of them all being the PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition in Atlantic City on November 2nd.

This list was compiled based on feedback received through the site, on tour, and through Facebook and Twitter. Fans were asked in the past month what was some of the best Phish related (non-official) art of 2013 and they responded. I took all suggestions into account and looked at the list and came up with the top 13, as well as the honorable mentions.Today we continue the Best of PhanArt 2013 with a look at the art coming in at numbers 7-13. Be sure to check out Part 1 from yesterday.

Remember, the Phanart made in 2013 was amazing and the following is just some of the best. If you think something was overlooked, share what was missed below in the comments section below.

#13 Erin Cadigan’s Halloween poster Le P(h)oisson Deguisement d’ Hallowe’en Metropole de Atlantique

Erin’s Halloween print, her third to feature a mermaid, was inspired by vintage French horror film posters. Note the record with the label (translated) “Phish’s musical costume, Atlantic City.” Who knew their costume would be their own music? Another fabulous poster from Erin.


 #12 Julius/Dr J shirts by Brian Zuckerberg, Chris Ehrens, Shawn Dos Santos and Noah Phence

Hugely popular on tour all year, Dr. J is finally connected to “Julius” with proper art and an in your face palmed basketball. Expect to see folks wearing this shirt on tour for years to come.


#11 Jiggs Hampton Poster

Jiggs has been one of the foremost artists to make a name for himself in 3.0, and his posters over the past few years are a strong part of that. His Hampton poster included an intricate representation of the dates and location for the Fall Tour opener. Another sold out poster from Jiggs – job well done!


 #10 Andrew Bryant ‘Band in Lights’ pin

When I talked to pinners about some of the best of the year, this was one that kept coming up, with  resounding support for the design. Mini-silhouettes of the band under Kuroda’s lights, in a limited edition of 100, with a perfect quote from “Scents and Subtle Sounds” to cap it off – brilliant. He’s now up to a fourth version of the pin, with pin collectors clamoring for all editions.


#9 Tripp’s Commerce City Triptych

We all love Tripp’s Prints! Tripp has posters for nearly every show, and with his Commerce City Triptych, he gave fans a trio to drool over. Rising fish in the morning, shining at noon and setting in the evening are represented in his prints, with the scenic mountains drawn colorfully and three-dimensionally – perfect for a three-poster set for a perfect three night run at Dick’s.


#8 Michael Boyer’s Jerseys

At the Summer in Saratoga Art show on July 6th, fans were amazed at the setup of a different poster for each show of the tour, plus, something new – jerseys with characters from Phish songs as the ‘team’ logo. All summer long, Llamas and Mockingbirds were sold on lot, a hugely popular and incredibly unique piece of art. Boyer put great thought into these, and the quality of the product cannot be understated. Look for more jerseys from Boyer this summer, as well as as profile on the artist coming next week on PhanArt.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 7.00.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 3.01.24 PM

 #7 Brian Hill’s Atlantic City Poster

This poster surfaced a few days after Brian’s Hampton poster was seen online, and the lights for Boardwalk Hall were an even greater muse for Hill. Brian was on hand to sell his posters at the PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition in Atlantic City, with a huge response from fans who took to his representation of Boardwalk Hall, improving on the venue’s already impressive facade and late night light show.


 That’s all for Part 2. What made the top 6? Check back tomorrow and find out!

Brian Hill Prints for Hampton & Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Brian Hill created two different prints dedicated to the beautiful venues of the Hampton Coliseum and Boardwalk Hall. Each poster is an edition of 277. The size is 20 x 14 and the paper is 130 lb Cougar Bright Smooth. It is printed on NexGen with inline Matte coating. The media used is Mixed digital (photoshop, Illustrator and traditional drawing scanned). Both posters are $20 plus $5 for shipping.
Buy the Atlantic City Poster here
Buy the Hampton Poster here
Buy both the Atlantic City Poster and Hampton Posters here

Atlantic City Recap – Put Your Wombat On

Q: What’s the scariest thing on Halloween for Phish fans, besides no Halloween show?

A: New Phish.

There have been some great Phish tours in the past, but Fall 2013 takes the cake. Of the 8 shows I attended (all but Hampton and Reading), the scene was thriving, the energy in the air was palpable and it was hard to find a dull moment amid the entire tour. There were some low points (Rochester lots/show, Worcester1 lots) and some high points (Worcester 2, Reading Set 2, AC2) but altogether, the tour was one of the best.


But then there was Halloween, one that will be one of the most discussed shows for years to come. Fans were scared to accept the concept of a new album being performed in its entirety it because expectations were set high, per usual. It’s hard to say ‘lower your expectations for Phish on Halloween’, because the bar has always been high. Take the advice of Kentucky Fried Movie – “If you’re a Gemini, well you can expect the unexpected.” Let’s all be Geminis moving forward and not have an emotional investment in the potential album that Phish might cover.

Glens Falls

We have the benefit, now that Fall Tour is over, that we can listen to the raw Wingsuit and go back and listen to the tour through the lens of the new album. The band had clearly planned this for a few months, perhaps all summer, and when we re-listen to these shows, we might find a hint of the improved playing and improvisation that came from the collective writing that is at the core of Wingsuit. What might be lost on a cursory glance of the night is that the four band members are writing songs together from scratch – this doesn’t happen often enough! With all due respect to the song writing duos of Trey and Tom Marshall and Mike and Scott Murawski – most new material in the past few years has come from these writing pairs, and while there are no complaints there, having Trey, Page, Mike and Jon collaborate together is a way to move forward, together, rather than a fractitious assemblage of songs that only come together after the fact. Fresh, composed Phish is GOOD NEW Phish.


Yet Phish fans complained, perhaps more because of the timing of the album. “Play it all at once on Halloween instead of another band’s album? How dare they!” – I heard this plenty during the Atlantic City run and in days after. What would you rather hear? 12 new covers or 12 new songs? I opt for new Phish at any given time. Phish covers songs, new and old, 4-5 times a show. We survived with just one cover – a Quinn the Eskimo encore – that night and we all lived to tell about it.  Just think of it – Phish will never play a full album on Halloween again! You saw history. Appreciate it, don’t rip it and demean it.


Also, I don’t recall a love fest when it was announced that Waiting for Columbus was revealed as the 2010 Halloween album. Around me, most fans didn’t know the music and were talking a fair amount of the time. Phish played that one for themselves. Ditto Exile on Main Street, but that had a message of restoration and comeback written into the lyrics, plus, it was The Rolling Stones! Few can complain about one of the best albums from possibly the greatest rock band ever being played in its entirety. But I am sure there were haters for that one too. Phish Playing Wingsuit was the band saying “We’ve been doing this for 30 years. Here’s a taste of what we’re working on – a risky, collaborative album that lays groundwork for the next 30 years!”


We all have albums we would LOVE to hear, but odds are, it’s not going to be that one. No one was expecting a new album or Waiting for Columbus, so Icculus-willing in 2014, let’s all hope we get Weird Al’s Even Worse, or, even worse, Under the Table and Dreaming. Reverse your expectations, and we might get that Zappa album we have always wanted, or some more Floyd (The Wall would fit nicely into Boardwalk Hall) or The Band or Allmans or whatever band suits your musical fantasy.

Atlantic City

I’ve waited for fresh Phish for years and this was a welcome way to bring the songs out into the public – all at once, a move that few, if any bands would ever attempt for fear or reprisal from their legion of fans. Halloween 2013 will be a divisive show, no doubt, but it will be seen as a turning point as well in the future.

Atlantic City
Atlantic City

Personally, I hope they don’t play Halloween for a few years because Phish fans may end up bitching about the next album too. That is, unless they give us the chance to vote on an album. But they did that before and bucked the fans anyways. We win by showing up with lowered expectations and taking it as it comes.

As for the new album, I am most excited about Wingsuit (great Bug-esque potential coming out of a DWD jam), Fuego (fire right out of the gate in any placement), Monica (a fun song with energy) Wombat (will Abe Vigoda show up at MSG?), Devotion to the Dream (poppy and has some jam potential) 555 (another great Mike and Scott tune) and You Never Know (the dark horse of the set IMO)Some songs wont show up again, some will find their way into the rotation as soon as the MSG NYE run. Either way, we got to see a rare event. Let’s enjoy it.

photo by Chris De Cotis
photo by Chris De Cotis

Then, there was the PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition on November 2nd at Caesars. This was by far the best attended Phish art show that has been held since 2003, and the 10th of its kind. Artists of all likes were well received, fans kept coming in throughout the 12-5pm window and at no time did it seem like there was a lull in the crowd. New artists and old got to meet fans, Phantiques Roadshow had a fantastic response, and we raised a solid amount of money for The Mockingbird Foundation (final numbers coming later this month – it is really hard to get money out of a water jug!). Expect more of these shows when Phish returns to Atlantic City, which is now inevitable.

Now who’s going to make the Fishman Wingsuit to sell on PhanArt?

TRiPP’s Halloween Prints

TRiPP has released his three print for Halloween in Atlantic City. One design in three different color variations (a different combination for each night) including one glow in the dark! Printed on cotton paper, these four color prints contain seven colors resulting from color overlays. Every color is printed one by one, by hand, then hung to dry.

Single prints are $20 + $8 shipping while matching numbered three-piece sets are $60 w/ free shipping!

Order the matching numbered set here (not available on the website)

Order the Orange Variant here

PH AC 13-2

Order the Red Variant here

PH AC 13

Order the Blue Variant here

PH AC 13-3

Bruce Horan’s Atlantic City Poster/Shirt “AC Skull Frack”

Bruce Horan’s Atlantic City print is here, and is available as a 16″ x 20″ poster (edition of 50) or a two-color silkscreen shirt. You can pick up both of these for $20 each on Bruce’s site or stop by “A PhanArt Poster and Pin Exhibition: Atlantic City” on November 2nd at Caesars from 12-5pm. Bruce will be on hand with much of his portfolio and these new prints!

AC Skullfrack small2

ACSkull tee2