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AJ Masthay Fall Prints Collection

From AJ Masthay: Hello and happy fall from Masthay Studios! With fall tour right around the corner, it’s time to start releasing some individual prints! I’ve been working hard to put together what I feel is one of my strongest sets of editions yet, I hope you’ll agree. Here’s the plan, The Augusta, Providence and Amherst prints will be available on my website Wednesday, October 6th (week from today) at 12 noon EST. The Halloween Triptychs will be available the next day, Thursday October 7th at 12 noon EST. Editions for each run are small with only 66 sets of the Halloween prints and 75 for each of the others. Prints are my standard size, approx. 14″ x 23″, and all are on Canson Edition Bright White paper stock. Larger images along with details on each print are available on my website, www.masthaystudios.com. All posters cost $35 while the Triptych costs $100 As always feel free to email me at info@masthaystudios.com with any questions, concerns, comments, etc. I hope to see you at some of the north east shows, and I hope you all have a safe tour. Thank you. AJ



Atlantic City, NJ
October 29-31, 2010
7 color linoleum block print
Signed/Numbered limited edition of 66 sets
Canson Edition bright white paper stock
$100.00 plus shipping
Onsale Thursday, Oct0ber 7, 2010 at 12 noon EST

AJ Masthay Fall Poster Subscriptions

From AJ Masthay: www.masthaystudios.com

Update: Poster for 10/29 revealed!

Who’s up for an old school Northeast run? I am.. I am…!!! Providence, Mullins Center, Atlantic City!?! yeah, count me in. I know, everyone says we’re spoiled in the northeast, well… I agree. Think of it this way, it’s a wonderful excuse to come see the beautiful foliage.

I digress, so I’ve been getting alot of questions about whether or not Ill be doing another mini-subscription for this tour. The answer my friends is YES. I think the 2nd leg summer sub worked out very for all those involved. Once images were released I got many emails from happy sub holders who were thankful they didnt have to worry about onsale dates and times.

So this time around the subscriptions will include a minimum of 6 prints. Currently slated are Amherst, Providence, Augusta and a special triptych for the Halloween shows, but these are up for debate and may change (okay Halloweens are already completed so they wont change… a little tease of the 29th is pictured above). If you are a fan of my work, especially past Halloween editions, I guarantee you will not want to miss out on these. All subscriptions will have matching numbers and specific number requests will be honored if available. I will be offering only 20 subscriptions for this leg with a limit of 2 subs per person.

Cost for each subscription is $200 which equates to a $5 discount on the cost of the prints themselves and I’ll cover insured priority mail shipping. All prints will be shipped together once the final edition is completed.

Subscriptions will be available this Friday, September 17th at 12 noon EST. A paypal button will appear on www.masthaystudios.com/subscription

As always feel free to email me at info@masthaystudios.com with any questions, concerns, comments, etc.