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Pins, Patches and Posters from Nate Russell

Nate Russell has been making art and music since he was a kid in school, but once he made his way to a few more Phish shows (and Shakedowns) it wasn’t long until he started making his own Phish art. Nate started making a large watercolor poster for each show he attended, rather than buying a poster. Pretty soon, his friends started asking for their own. Thus, Nate’s art has grown thanks to Phish.

This past tour Nate was on Shakedown and at shows with a tent/table for his brand, Roots Rock Rage. He started a business with a goal in mind to bring artists together to create music themed art and clothing to be sold on tour and at festivals.  There are only a handful of working on the project currently, doing  local shows in Humboldt, California, selling t-shirts, hats, handkerchiefs and backpacks. Moving forward, Nate wants each piece, whether it be a t-shirt, backpack, pin or poster, to be well designed, have physical beauty, evoke an emotional response (even if it is “Dude, Sweet!), and have meaning beyond the utilitarian or commercial. You can see more designs at www.RootsRockRage.com

The Sloth Pin with Moldavite Gemstone

“…They call me the sloth!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment and museum grade moldavite (with a 100% replacement guarantee if gem is lost). Cost is $20

The Fluff Flips Pin

“The banker said, ‘I ain’t got that, but I sure got some powerful pills!'” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $ 15

The Roots Pin

“Page Side, Rage Side!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $15

Nathan Russell’s Summer Tour Prints – Set of 6 for $30 plus shipping

5 watercolor prints and Nate’s first digital print. Each print measures 11″ x 17″ and is printed on 100lb cardstock. Artist originals available as well.

Air Phorce 2012 Summer Tour of Duty Merit Badges

A badge for every stop on leg 2! (Leg one currently sold out!) Each bar measures 3/4 x 1.5″, 3″ or 4″ made of quality ebroidered twill. Non-adhesive backing, available with optional pin backs (as shown). Full Set for $20 with individual prices in the Paypal button below.

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Merit Badges from Wazoo

Wazoo from Minnesota has come up with six Merit Badges for Summer 2012 – Sample in a Jar, Sleeping Monkey, Cities, Tube, Emotional Rescue and ‘Shh! They’re Playing!’ In an edition of 50, each badge measure 2″ across and costs $5 each with $1 shipping, or you can order the full set for $20 with $1 shipping.

These badges are available ONLY on lot, find Wazoo at Riverbend (Cincy) through Alpine Valley!

PhanArt Holiday Gift Guide

For the third year in a row, we are happy to announce the PhanArt Holiday Gift Guide! Once again this year, we have an great deal of artists and creative fans who have made a wide range of gift ideas for you, your friends and your family. Stay tuned for great deals as this page will be updated throughout the holiday season

Various deals

Show the phan you love how much you care with a Holiday Bundle from El Del Inc. The Holiday Bundle includes: 1 Black, long sleeve Mikes Song shirt and a Periodic Table of Ph[ish] for only $22. Order HERE.



Artist Vinny Naro has some great deals on his Etsy page for his company Studio3D Visual Arts. Much of Vinny’s non-Phish art can best be described as  ‘nice house art’. He has lowered his prices on many OG’s and has added some new items for the holiday season

Curling up with a good book is an experience we ALL love….even if that book IS filled with three-eyed, hair-lipped, horned freaks. Those lumpy weirdos shouldn’t be alone during the Holidays either, so give PhanArtist Cody Schibi’s first book Oddities/Deformities a loving home today! For only $10 you can give (or have) pages & pages of illustrated friends for the rest of your life!  Head to Cody’s site now & start making memories!…

Arnaud Azoulay is putting up the ORIGINAL ARTWORK from two of his pen and ink prints up for sale, one Jerry & one Trey on eBay and donating 20% of the final sale price to Mockingbird. Check them out, get a nice print for someone (or yourself) and support music education! Check out the rest of Arnaud’s art at YouEnjoyMyArt.com

Tripps Prints has a deal – Go to Trippsprints.com and enter code: SnowFall to get 25% off your total order now through Dec. 21st!

Pin Me Down Designs has three of their well crafted pins for sale, ranging from $15-$25: Couch Tour PinCavern Lace LocksFunky Bitch Pin Up Girl are all collectible and limited edition pins

At Screens ‘n’ Suds prints you can save 11% when you use code BF11

AJ Masthay is holiday sale, with some items up to 50% off and as low as $5! Visit his store to see the art he has up for sale

Jiggs has just released his first ever NYE posterPlus all his shirts, stickers and other art can be found on his new site

Ryan Kerrigan’s Holiday Gift Extravaganza runs through December 10th. Check out the deals at ryankerrigan.com

CrazyRedBeard Jonathan Blake is offering up his Superball Posters for $20 (small) and $55 (large) including s+h (pins are sold out)

Surrender to the Flow is a fan run, fan published Phish magazine that has been around since 1998. Our NYE Run 2011-2012 issue will be our thirty-third, and since the very beginning, Surrender has been produced entirely by volunteers. We provide news, travel information, essays, articles, and interviews that appeal to the Phish community as a whole. While new issues of Surrender will always be free on lot, we do sell subscriptions and back issues as well. All proceeds go right back into Surrender – we don’t make a dime. STTF is a great gift for any hardcore or even brand new fan, and we think any recipient would be excited to find Surrender under the tree!

Surrender to the Flow fan magazine has two great deals for fans:

STTF four issue subscription – Subscribers receive the next four issues we produce, starting with the NYE issue which will arrive around Christmas. The first subscription purchased is $20; each additional gift subscription is $15. For gift subscriptions, we’ll include a gift card with the first issue so the recipient knows it’s from you.

The Surrender to the Flow “Almost Complete Set” is $70 including 2-3 day shipping. This set includes 26 of the 32 issues we’ve produced so far and starts with our very first issue, Fall 1998. Sets are only missing issues #2, 6, 8, 12, 15, & 17 (we ran out!), and all 3.0 issues are included. This adds up to over 10,000 pages of Phish-related content! If you’re interested in buying multiple sets, contact us at we’ll give you a deal.

Both options can be ordered by sending us loot via PayPal to Sttflow@gmail.com or by mailing us a check, money order, cash. The address to buy either of these deals isis STTF, PO Box 8961, Albany, NY 12208. Email us at sttflow@gmail with any questions. Happy holidays

$1-$10 range

Read Icculus stickers
This discreet sticker measures 3” x 5” and is printed on glossy UV coated vinyl with soy based inks. Prices are 1 for $3, 2 for $5, or 5 for $10, with shipping included. They make a great gift for phans, teachers, lizards, etc…”

PhanArt has very few merit badges left from Providence 2010 and Superball IX, pick them up here for only $5 each!

PhanArt’s stickers are also a low cost gift idea/stocking stuffer. Pick up ‘Page Likes Sandwiches’ , NYEMSG 2010-2011 or the classic YEMSG sticker 

Steve Forsthoefel’s Harry Hood Hollywood Bowl Posters are $10 a piece, with each additional poster only $5

$11-$20 range

Denver artist Michael Ortiz created the ‘Trey Bear’ for the UIC shows and has prints available. This giclee print measures 9″ x 12″, is printed on 220 gram fine art paper in an open edition. The cost for this print is $15.00 including s+h. Send money via paypal to ortiz@likemindedporductions.net and visit his site www.michaelortizart.com for more great art!

10 Minute Tube Designs has a great deal of pins available, with all pins costing between $12-25 including s+h

You Enjoy Me onesies and shirts for babies and toddlers has unique and humorous Phish (and Umphrey’s McGee) related designs at with the deal of 1 for $15 or 2 for $25

PhanFood cookbooks make a great gift for fans, whether they have a second home in the kitchen or just make simple meals. The net profits from sales of PhanFood benefit the Chittenden Food Bank in Burlington, Vermont and food banks in the towns in which Phish plays in each tour.

The New Crazyredbeard/J. Garland  Dead/Phish/Ween combo pin ushers in 2012: It Must Have Been The Roses Are Phree…with stars in his eyes (of the world), a golden hourglass beneath his chin, rainbow feathers terminating in a violet butterfly in the 3rd eye and 9 golden roses or vortices…oh the places we will go…
$18 total payable to crazyredbeard@crazyredbeard.com via Paypal. Wholesale available.

Steve Rogers MSG NYE 2011 PHISH print is available, measuring 12” x 18”, it is a 5-color screen print with glow in the dark inks. This limited run of 50 signed and numbered prints only has 16 remaining as of this posting. The paper is printed on Wausau Pastel Gray 80 lb paper and costs $20 including s+h

PhanArt Summer Tour and Bethel Shirts are still available from only $13 including s+h. Pick up Bethel and Summer Tour goes to 11

$21-$30 range

Jennifer Kahn has created a beautiful brass pendant to commemorate the NYE shows at MSG

Bo Muller-Moore has been in the news lately thanks to some corporate overreach from an otherwise subpar chicken company. He makes hand-screenprinted shirts on his site eatmorekale.com, with designs that are 100% pure Vermont at heart. Order by 12/15 for xmas delivery!

A digital version of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish for iPads and tablets will be available in early December. The cost will be $24.99, with all net profits continuing to benefit Mockingbird Foundation. A link will be posted soon.

$30-$40 range

Ant Pharm Phish Pins is running a great deal for pin collectors – 4 pins for $40 shipped, the set includes: 1 Golgi Cinema Ticket Stub v2, 1 Light, 1 Phab four RAGE, 1 Dharma Koi Fish

Michael Ortiz’s ‘Da Blueline’, which sold out within an hour at Da Mock Show at UIC on 8/16/11. This giclee print is printed on 220 gram fine art paper. These are Artist Proof prints and cost $40 including s+h. Send payment to ortiz@likemindedporductions.net via paypal and check out other great art by Ortiz on his site www.michaelortizart.com


Jami Dudenhoeffer’s Phish Lithographs Cost $35 each or 2 for $60 with $6 s+h via 2-3 Priority Mail.

Description– “This piece was done with Watercolors and India Ink. There are 350 of them and they are all signed, numbered and packaged in plastic. The prints were created Lithograph style and printed on archival semi-gloss 100lb paper. Dimensions are 18×24. Jami painted this one for Phish’s return in 2009… they have been sold from Hampton up until now. This Phish print will appear in the second printing of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. To see more of Jami’s work, visit her Etsy Store

Jami’s Mike Gordon Prints cost $30 each or 2 for $50 with $6 shipping via 2-3 Priority Mail

Description– “This piece was done with Pen and India Ink. There are 420 of them and they are all signed, numbered and packaged in plastic. These were printed on archival, 100lb paper. Dimensions are 22×30. Jami has sold the Mike Gordon prints from coast to coast and online. This Gordo print will also appear in the second printing of Phan Art: The Art of the Fans of Phish. To see other work of Jami’s you can go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sharininthagroove?ref=top_trail”

There are only 5 of Steve Rogers’ Atlantic City Halloween 2010 poster is a 5 Color screen print. It measures 18” x 24” in a limited run of 50 signed and numbered posters, printed on 100lb French White Speckletone and has a 1/2″ border. The cost is $35 which includes s+h


$40 and up

The final copies of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish are available for sale. Due to printing costs, the book will not appear in print once the final copies are sold out. Pick one up today and own a small piece of Phish history. Free shipping on all orders placed before 12/11!

What are people saying about PhanArt? Check it out here

There’s more to come in the gift guide, stay tuned!

Watkins Glen Superball Pin And Badge from PhanBadge

The Watkins Pin is Made from black metal Nickel and Double Posted to Keep the pin in place. Measuring 1.5 inches Wide and 1.25 inches high, this is PhanBadge’s first pin design with a Guyute Pin in the works for a 2nd design. This pin is in a limited edition of 300, numbered on the back. The pin costs $12 each.


Watkins “PIT CREW” Superball Badge completed PhanBadge’s run of Phish festival badges, ending with something a little bigger, since this is SUPERBALL and  it needs a SUPERSIZED badge. This one is 3 inches in diameter and can be Iron on as well as stiched. This is also a limited edition badge of 200 and costs $6 for each badge.


Bethel and SuperBall IX Merit Badges from Jiggs and PhanArt

New from Jiggs and PhanArt come their latest installment of Merit Badges for Summer 2011. Focusing on the bookends of the first half of the summer, Bethel Woods and Superball IX are featured in this summers collection. Badges will be on sale at Bethel Woods, Darien Lake, Camden and Merriweather Post (Saturday). You can order them through PhanArt below. Each badge costs $5, free shipping. Add to your collection today!

These badges are limited to 50 each and will not be remade. Get them while they last!

Update – Bethel Badges are SOLD OUT. Only a few Superball IX merit badges remain!

bethel - SOLD OUT


superball IX


Final 2 Festival badges from Brian Kushner

From Brian Kushner at Phanbadge.com, come the final two badges in his installment of Festival Badges. The final two are The Big Cypress “Cheesecake” 2000 and The Great Went “Went” 1997. These badges are on-sale for $4 each for the month of May. Brian also has a festival set of 8 badges for sale at a cost of $28.00. Shipping is free for all badges.

New Festival Badges from PhanBadge

New from PhanBadge are additions to the Festival Badges that were released a short time ago. Featured in this release are  Coventry “Sinking” and Plattsburgh “Phyler” 1996. Info on each badge from Brian is below. Each badge costs $5.00 which includes shipping.

Plattsburgh – It was all about taking flight that weekened on stage and off !! Our first phish festival will always be remembered as one of the best!!

Coventry – I remember going through the gates into Coventry and to the left of me was this tractor caught in a very large mud pile. Very telling for the weekend ahead !! Who can forget Mud City!!