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Trey Guitar Belt Buckle by Gestalt

Gestalt is a small business that makes custom belt buckles out of stainless steel. They have created a belt buckle that is Trey’s guitar head, The Mar Mar Buckle. This was made by the image was recreated based on several pictures they were able to find that showed us the original detail. This image was hand drawn by the artist, scanned digitally and a program was written to convert the image from photoshop to our industrial laser. They have other images that are related to music, people, places, things, transportation, plants and animals. They even make customs belts! Check out all of their belts at their website!

This is a limited edition of 100, numbered on the back. Each buckle costs $40.

Each buckle starts as a piece of stainless steel that is 3″ wide by 2″ tall. The steel is worked, tumbled and shaped before welding the fastener on. We grind each buckle individually so that they are all different…the marks and textures are unique to each buckle, no two can possibly be identical! The image is etched in, permanently, with a laser…so it’s in there forever. The buckles are then coated with a lacquer finish after a final hand sanding to make the steel soft. They can be purchased with or without a belt…or if you have a snap belt already, these should fit on nicely the fastener is a universal size.

To purchase these belts and buckles, visit their Etsy Page