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Donations to Mockingbird while on tour…..

Update: After a hot and sweaty day in the lots of Merriweather Post, we raised $110 on Saturday alone through the generous efforts of phans who stopped by our setup on Shakedown to pick up pins, badges and much more, all to benefit Mockingbird! Thank you one and all!

Thanks to the genorosity of fans in Bethel, PhanArt was able to sell a great deal of donated books, hats, pins, shirts and stickers over the weekend. We raised a total of $105 in these three shows alone!

Look for PhanArt setup on lot at Merriweather Post Night 1 and help support music education through the Mockingbird Foundation!

The PhanArt setup in Bethel

Casual Plex Bethel Shirts – 3 Days of Peace and Phunk

Casual Plex is made up of 3 friends from Philadelphia/South Jersey. John P, John W and Partick. They are three phans who decided to put more back into the scene they’ve been a part of for a while now. The idea for this Bethel shirt came about when the tour dates were announced, John P came up with the concept,, Patrick who draws caricatures at Phillies games in addition to drawing promotional flyers for local bands and playing in his own. All three will have more designs for the summer with a new shirt every week of tour in addition to stickers and some more interesting accessories and collectibles. 

These shirts are Gildan 100% Ultra Cotton and cost $20 online with free shipping. The shirts are available in serene green (which is pictured) and Paprika. Sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large and there is the potential for Small and XXL to be printed based on requested orders.

You can get these shirts on lot at Bethel, PNC, Mansfield, Darien, Camden, MPP, Alpharetta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Portsmouth, SuperballIX, Gorge, Hollywood, Tahoe, Outside Lands, and Colorado.




Colors and Sizes


Wookstock Poster by Jambandistan People’s Creative Cooperative

From the Jambandistan People’s Creative Cooperative #420 comes their first poster featured on PhanArt.  The group includes many of the same people behind the original meatstick.org website, the Phish-phriendly political Internet radio station ‘Progressive Blend Radio’, and the DC-based jam band Liquid Lobster. The JPCC420 has been creating phan shirts and posters for its own internal consumption for almost two decades, but the Woodstock/Bethel poster is the first time they’ve offered one of their creations to the public and they are delighted to be able to do so via Phanart.

The posters are 11″x17″ full color offset printing and commemorates the classic original Woodstock poster updated for our favorite band’s run at the Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center. The main goal for Levin in designing this poster was to try to stay as true to the original image as possible. While there were a few tweaks to the text, overall layout was kept the same as the original Woodstock poster.

The left column that listed the acts at the original Woodstock under the title “With” has the same list, only now under the heading “Without” since it is unlikely any of them will be showing up unannounced (but who knows?). The middle column, which on the original poster listed information about the event now contains the text of the now-infamous “Message from Trey“. The poster also includes the dates of Phish’s shows at Bethel and some fine-print surprises that Michael thinks phans will enjoy!

Each poster costs $10 with $5 shipping and handling.


Bethel tryptych from AJ Masthay

The long-awaited release from AJ Masthay of his Bethel tryptych is finally here, and as AJ puts it, there is no “hippy dippy bullcrap, just straight up alien abductions. Lets face it, crazy stuff happens in old cow pastures at night, they proved it in 1969 and we’ll prove it again in 2011.”

This print is a 7 color linoleum block print set Signed and Numbered in a limited edition of 125 printed on Canson Edition antique white paper stock. Prints will be available for purchase this Thursday, May 5, 2011 at precisely 12 Noon EST at masthaystudios.com

If you want to grab them now, I have an extremely limited number of subscriptions available which include this set along with upcoming prints for PNC, Alpharetta and Portsmouth. More info is on AJ’s subscription page.

Ryan Kerrigan Summer 2011 posters

From PhanArtist Extraordinaire Ryan Kerrigan comes his set of 12 posters for each of the tour stops Phish makes this summer on the first leg of Summer Tour.

Each poster is 10″x16″ and printed on hemp paper, signed and numbered with an edition of only 25 prints for each venue. The posters are $20 each shipped and any 3 can be ordered for $50. The entire set of 12 posters plus the  entire set of 14 for $150 shipped.

New this summer are stickers of each poster. Printed on high quality all weather vinyl, stickers measure 4″x6″ and cost only $3 each shipped. You can also mix and match any 2 for $5 or order the whole set of 14 for $20 shipped. 25 sets of stickers were signed and are available at the same price of $20, but to get one of these sets, you need to specify a signed set when you order. Otherwise there are 100 stickers for each venue.

To order, use Paypal and send money with details of your order to ryan at ryankerrigan.com

Watkins Glen


Darien Lake
Cuyahoga Falls


Bethel Woods Print by Ben Whitesell

From Ben Whitesell, new to PhanArt!

Welcome to what I hope is the first of many Phish Fan Art Concert Posters that I will be creating for Phish’s Summer Tour. I am working closely with friend and collaborator Doug Whitworth, a true Phan, on several different concepts that will both stretch my creativity and hopefully put a lot of interesting work out there for the Phish community. Hope you enjoy!

Bethel, NY will be a LIMITED run poster — only 100 prints will be available. It’s first come, first serve and once the 100th print is sold we will close for purchasing. Posters can be printed in various sizes (16″ x 10.7″, 24″ x 16″, 32″ x 21.3″, etc…) and printed on various paper qualities with framing options.

Posters can be purchased at imagekind

For more of Ben Whitesell’s work visit: www.benwhitesellblog.com