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Plinko Funk Shirts from Jiggs

The nickname Plinko Funk was taken from the famous game on The Price is Right. Most likely from the sound the chips would make plinking their way down to the bottom of the board. Most will agree the sound originated sometime in 97, but the Plinko name has stuck around the longest.

Introducing the Plinko Funk shirts. Modeled after the famous plinko board, the signature yellow bumpers guide little languedoc chips plinking down a tilted board. Three colors on the front: orange, yellow and white on a Fruit of the Loom “Lake” 100% cotton tee. Ladies and longsleeve shirts will substitute “Navy”. Navy also substituted on non-traditional sizes when needed. As a nod to the origin of the term, the back features the end of the famous Bob barker sign-off “Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered!”
The order period will be open until June 19th. I plan on getting the shirts out to you by the 1st of July. You should have these in time for Leg 2 of the summer tour. Short sleeves start at $16, long sleeves $20, and ladies at $16. Ad the usual $2 for 2XL and larger sizes. Go here to order this shirt