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‘Reba’s Sweet Jam’ Shirts, with Jars of Jam!

Reba’s Sweet Jam shirts from Brian Boj are part of his Phifty-Two Weeks series of art, where he creates one piece of Phish-inspired art each week for all of 2014. This is Part 10 of the series.

“This week’s art project is inspired by the Reba solo/jam.  “Reba’s Sweet Jam” is actual jam/jelly!  You can crack these open and make a mean PB&J.  Phish.net points out that the word “ryba” in the Hebrew language means “jam” (specifically jam for toast).  I have to admit, I did not know this when I was creating this project, it was a happy coincidence.  The jar’s label has a picture of Reba and says “Reba’s Sweet Jam – the phinest in the nation since 1989″.  The song lyrics talk about how once Reba finishes her creation and has a taste – “she knew that what she made would be the finest in the nation”.  The back of the jar has nutrition information, and ingredients.  The true ingredients are not listed – I’ve switched them with the ingredients of Reba’s concoction from the song.”

unnamed (1)

Reba’s Sweet Jam is 100% real grape jam/jelly, a mini print on a jar. Each print is signed and numbered.

Limited edition of 25 shirts, with sizes Large and XLarge available. Shirts are printed on sapphire with navy ink on Gildan 50/50. The price is $25 for a shirt/jam combo, with free shipping and 10% of the profits from this sale will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.


Shirt Size

Brian Boj and Phifty-Two Weeks of Phanart

Brian Boj is starting off 2014 with a fresh and intensive art marathon – Phifty-Two Weeks – A Year of Art Inspired by Phish. An art teacher at “Noah’s Art”, Brian teaches art classes to children ages 2-10 yrs, having taught art for roughly 13 years overall, creating art on a daily basis as part of his job.

Brian’s goal/New Years resolution is to create 52 pieces of art, one per week, based upon his love for and inspiration from Phish. To help keep him accountable, he is utilizing a Website, Facebook and Twitter to record the experience of the art he creates and shares each week. 

As with nearly all art on PhanArt, there is a charitable component to Brian’s concept. “I have a wonderful family, business, and friends. Something that is important to me throughout this year long project is to give back.” To start, Brian has printed 30 block prints of his Mockingbird art (see below) and will have them for sale on his site. From the cost of these prints, 70% of the sale will go directly to The Mockingbird Foundation, while the other 30% will cover shipping/handling, art materials, fees, etc…, a purely charitable endeavor.  Brian notes, “When I can, I want to sell my art and have the profits go to charity.”

Here’s a look at his work so far in 2014:

Week One  “Hot Doggin'” – It’s all layered and cut pieces of wood – the hot dog is actually five layers thick and has a battery powered headlight on it (like the real one). The hotdog and crew are hanging by wires and can freely move, if pushed.


Week Two – “The Famous Mockingbird” This print was made from a hand carved piece of linoleum. A series of 30 prints were made on thick watercolor paper (30 to represent Phish’s 30 year history). The signed and numbered editions are available for purchase in the Online Store. The prints measure 6.5″x 8″. 


Week Three  “Lucy Had A Lumpy Head” – Page and Lucy. Acrylic paint on glass. The shadow behind Lucy and Page are real – since it is painted on the glass there is space between the image and the background.