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Buds’ “All We Are Saying”

From Buds comes his latest print “All We Are Saying”. This print comes in two distinct styles and sizes: a 26″ by 19″ hand pulled four color screen print on white French paper in an edition of 111 ($25 each) or 14.5″ by 12″ digital indigo print on felt paper in an edition of 300 ($10 each) with $10 shipping for each print. These posters will be available at Bethel, PNC, Darien, and Camden and Merriweather as well as here on PhanArt.  Buds has contributed a great deal to both The Mockingbird Foundation and Waterwheel and has created many great prints already. Paypal is pompeiiprints@yahoo.com.

New auction from PhanArt – 3 shirts and much more!

Our latest auction for The Mockingbird Foundation featured three Phish shirts, a copy of the novel ‘The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic’ autographed by author Carl Cole and a ‘Trey, please save me from your followers’ sticker.

Click here to bid on these items and support music education!

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

Makisupa Stop and Search was designed by Buds, a take on the Mr. Brainwash’s original art. The shirt size is Large on a Hanes tagless short sleeve t-shirt

Alaska, I’ll Stay Right Here is designed by Kale Worden featured the Moose image on the upper back of the short sleeve shirt, which is size XXL on a Gildan t-shirt

The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic is a novel written and autographed by Carl Cole. Carl spent many years on Phish and Panic tour and this book is a testament to the bonds developed through the traveling fans that cross the country to see the music each night. For an in depth review, visit https://www.phanart.net/?p=5129

Trey, please save me from your followers sticker is made by Jiggs

Otis Redding shirt is a reference to the Phish song ‘I Didn’t Know’ with a picture of Otis Redding on the front and ‘I didn’t know that I was that far gone’ on the back. The short sleeve shirt is a size XL

Makisupa Stop and Search and Icculus is the Answer Prints (large version)

Created by the artist Buds, these prints are the larger 22 x 27 prints of the originals seen here and here. They are printed on archival rag paper. The prints are $50 a piece with a limited run of 121 each.

all payments must be sent through paypal as a gift, please include what you ordered & address with order.

print size & editions

Donations from Artists, Summer Tour leg 2

Great thanks to the following artists for their donations to PhanArt and our efforts to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation

Mike Wren – 2 Otis Redding shirts and 2 Dogs Stole Things shirts

Rich Tolentino – 4 ‘Starting 5’ shirts: Leo & Red & Cactus & Henrietta & CK5.

Buds – 2 Posters, ‘Icculus is the Answer’ and ‘Makisupa Stop and Search’

Melaniejane Barnum – 2 Bathtub Gin prints and 1 Hampton Fountain print

Bruce Horan – Jones Beach Summer Tour Poster

Richard Pearlman – We want you to be Happy stickers

Whysnow – A few Telluride Wookie Merit Badges

Lizzy Layne – Telluride poster and Fest 8 poster

Lot Lifestyle – 2 Friday the 13th Deer Creek prints (the Jason one) and 2 Alpine Valley prints, as well as a Lot Lifestyle poster, #33/100

These items will be part of the forthcoming auctions from PhanArt to benefit Mockingbird

Thank you to all the artists!

Icculus is the Answer

Update 9/2/10

The remaining amount of the, both the Einstein & the Makisupa will be sold as matching # sets for 20.00 with $10 shipping on every order

About the print:

Looking for an answer? The artist Buds has it. This Mr. Brainwash spoof costs $20- including shipping. Include an additional $10 for each additional print ordered. You can also order the ‘Makisupa Stop and Search‘ seen here.

Make a paypal payment to pompeiiprints@yahoo.com.

Note-  all payments must be sent as a gift payment.

Makisupa Stop and Search by Buds

Update 9/2/10:

The remaining amount of the, both the Einstein & the Makisupa will be sold as matching # sets for 20.00, with $ 10 shipping on every order

About the print:

The badge says makisupa. And there are. Treats in the basket and she’s rockin the phishman socks

This first of its kind Banksy phanart print is titled ‘Makisupa Stop and Search’. Made by artist Buds, they will be on sale at Jones Beach for $10. The print is signed and numbered in an edition of 300. They measure 11 X 17 and there are about 200 left.  It is printed on archival rag paper.

To buy one, go here: https://www.phanart.net/blog/?p=3203

not a banksy