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Rock & Bus service for getting to and from Phish shows nationwide

Rock & Bus is offering service to every concert on the 2011 Phish tour! Using a new social reservation model, Rock & Bus is able to send buses to wherever the Phish fans are. They’ve set up all the major cities around every venue and invite you to reserve for the town nearest you. They will route our buses accordingly and get everyone to the concert,  partying all the way.  It’s a great new option and they hope that you will agree.

Help Rock & Bus spread the word to other Phish fans for the fun, safe, and green new way to get to the shows!

You can drink on the bus and each person can bring a carryon bag and a big bag for under the bus. The overnight (festival) buses have different rules. You can find manufacturers’ pictures of the buses on their site. Each bus has DVD players, TVs and a speaker system. Bring your group and have fun, just respect the bus and the bus will respect you.

For more information regarding Rock & Bus, call 855-725-5928 or email them at info@rockandbus.com