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Superball IX Race car pins and 25th, 50th & 100th show pins from Rory Boyan

From Rory Boyan comes his SuperBall IX racecar pin with incredible detail and a set of three ‘milestone’ pins that commemorate an individual fans 25th, 50th and 100th show. All pins below cost $15 each with $3 shipping and handling.

The SuperBall IX Formula 1 car features Hoodyear tires, a Lizard on side of car, Rutherford the brave driving, Prussia on the spoiler, the phrase “Read the Book”, “Hendge-oil”, on a #9 car with 1 and 3 as headlights for the dates of the festival.

This is a 25 scale pin representing having gone to 25 shows plated in brass

This is a 50 scale pin with 50 scales etched onto the pin and plated in silver commemorating having been to 50 shows.

This is a 100 scale pin, plated in gold with 100 scales etched onto pin, commemorating a 100th show