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Katstashioz Clothing and Bags from Kat Griffin

Combining the infamous ‘Cheerioz’ design of one of our favorite band members and unique applications of the design, Kat Griffin has an array of excellent pieces of handmade art that are great for guys and girls alike. Katstashioz combine the skill of Kat, a secret stash pouch in each piece and the cheerioz design.

Kat’s Small and Large Katstashioz bags feature a blue background populated by crazy irregular orange circles with a secret stash pouch inside! Each comes with an adjustable strap, 2 inner pockets, with the small bag measuring approx. 9″ x 5″ and the larger 13″ x 12″. Cost for small is $28 with $4 for shipping or $39 for the large with $8 shipping. (small bag is now sold out)


Large Bag

The Katstashioz Men’s Vest is blue with the familiar orange circles featured on the front and back. The vest is reversible and lined with sparkly blue fabric. With a secret stash pouch inside, this is perfect for weddings, shows or just wearing around the central part of town. Cost is $59 with $8 shipping.


Men’s Vest

Katstashioz Dress is made of  lightweight organic blue cotton with really REALLY REALLY big orange circles and a secret hidden pouch inside! Each one is made to order and can be made in the ‘V’ neck ‘ U’ neck design. Info and measurements need to be shared with Kat and she will match your measurements to pattern sizes. These dresses tend to be a bit larger on average so you have wiggle room. Each custom made dress is $125 with an addition cost for XXL. Shipping is $10



Katstashioz Hoody is dark blue and has irregular orange circle across the jacket. With the secret pouch added into the hoody, this jacket costs $89 with $10 shipping. Specify if you want the circles all over the arms and hood as well!