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Phish Dicks Print 2014 by Michael Hunt

Michael Hunt made his first ever poster for Dick’s 2014 and has this to say about his art:

This is my first time diving into the design of a print for any music event. I have been an avid collector of concert posters for many years and creating one of my own has always been something I’ve been interested in. I finally decided to take a go at designing my own print for the Phish shows in Colorado and watching this concept go from an idea, to evolve in design and then see printed to a quality that I am satisfied with has been quite the journey. I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I do.

These posters are 12×18, digital prints, printed on #100 Cover paper with a Matte Finish. A limited edition of 150, Signed & Numbered, these prints cost $20 + $8 Shipping. Click here to buy


Jon Rose’s Colorado Woodblock Print

Jon Rose is here with a 7 color hand carved reduction style woodblock print. These prints are done on Bristol Strathmore 2 ply Vellum Paper, and printed with Gamblin Oil Based ink.

These prints are a special edition and numbered out of 100, with 10 of them being donated to WaterWheel. Those prints will be available inside the show. Find Jon on lot at Dick’s to pick up the rest before they sell out!

fulldetail mtndetail ink

Commerce City Print by Maria DiChiappari

Presenting the original concert lot poster for Phish at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado by Maria DiChiappari. A 11×17 digital print on card stock, these prints are in a limited edition of only 200 and are signed and numbered by artist Maria DiChiappari, and made with love!! These posters will be sold on lot all three nights or buy now for only $15 plus shipping!

Phish CO 2014 Poster Final6

Ryan Kerrigan 2014 Summer Tour Posters, Stickers and more

Ryan Kerrigan has released his Summer Tour 2014 and he has 7 posters, 5 pins and 1 sticker available. See below for all the great art and options to pick up his art, including tour subscriptions!

4″ X 4″ all weather sticker, $3 each, three for $5, or ten for $10

2014 summer tour sticker

2014 summer tour KERRIGAN

Each in editions of 100, these pins are $15 shipped, or any two for $25, or get a set of five matching-numbered pins for $55. The 2014 series consists of pins for SPAC, Philly, Randalls, Chicago, and Commerce City.

2014 SPAC happy fish KERRIGAN

spac pin

2014 PHILLY happy fish KERRIGAN

philly pin

2014 RANDALLS happy fish KERRIGAN

randall’s island pin

2014 CHICAGO happy fish KERRIGAN

chicago pin

2014 COMMERCE happy fish KERRIGAN

commerce city pin

SPAC, Philly, Randall’s Island, Chicago and Alabama (Alpharetta and Commerce City coming soon)
18.25″ x 12.5″, editions of 100, $20 each shipped
Pick up any three for $50 shipped. Mix or match with the other three 2014 tour prints already completed.
Grab a TOUR SUBSCRIPTION! For $100 you get the five prints released already, plus the next two prints and all 7 of your prints will have matching numbers (feel free to request your favorite number) Your first three prints ship immediately.

web SPAC_2014


kerrigan 2014 philly


2014.07.11 randalls KERRIGAN


a href=”https://www.phanart.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/2014-chicago-KERRIGAN.jpg”>2014 chicago  KERRIGAN


alabama 2014 KERRIGAN


Isadora Bullock’s ‘Buzz in the Honeycomb’ for Dick’s 2013

“Buzz In The Honeycomb” is Isadora Bullock’s 3 color linocut print (one of the layers is a hand rolled 3 color fade), measures 15″ x 21.5″ in a limited edition of 150 for the Phish shows in Commerce City, CO at Dicks. The lights in his eyes are the new light rig for 2013. Buy now for $35 plus shipping.


Watch a process video of Isadora making her poster

TRiPP’s Dick’s Triptych!

This four color triptych features an original design by TRiPP. The sky is filled with a three color fade signifying the change from summer into fall and day into night. Available only as a three piece, you will receive a matching numbered set. This is an edition of 200, signed and numbered by the artist.

If you order before Noon MST on Friday, August 30th, will receive FREE SHIPPING! Order here

PH Dicks 13 set-500px

Curt Wayne’s Colorado Print, ‘Chief Dick’

Curt Wayne, new to PhanArt, grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Burlington and received a degree in 3D art and Animation in 2010. After graduating, he moved to New York where he is now the owner of a Sign Shop and Design Studio, focusing on hand crafted signs for homes and businesses.

Curt created this poster for the upcoming Phish Dick’s shows digitally using Adobe Illustrator. The size is 11 x 17 printed on cardstock. They are signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Curt is part Native American and knows the history of Colorado and its native tribes, making for a proper inspiration for this piece. Even though they are not screen printed, Curt still tries to create all his artwork with limited colors so each poster has a screen printed feel.

Posters are 1 for $10, 3 for $20, plus shipping. They will be on sale on lot at Dick’s as well.


Number of Prints

Tim Ripley’s “East Meets West – Phish Commerce City 13”

Tim Ripley has released his Phish Commerce City 2013 poster, “East Meets West”. This five color screenprint measures 22″ x 16″ and is printed on 150 lb acid free 30% p/c recycled paper. If you disregard the ring of fish, there are 30 fish scattered throughout the design, a nod to Phish’s 30th year.

Each poster, including shipping, handling, insurance and confirmation costs $33. If you won’t be at Dick’s, you can reserve one by emailing Tim: timothyripley /@/ hotmail. Tim will be at Dick’s on lot with these posters, so keep an eye out for him there!

Tim has offered to donate a poster to benefit Mockingbird Foundation. Thanks Tim!


Commerce City Posters and Canvas from Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan has unveiled his 2013 commerce city poster and wow this is a great one! The sun, the Rocky Mountains, Dick’s, CK5’s lights, the crowd – everything about the Commerce City venue is captured in this print.

In an edition of 150 posters, this print measures 18.5″ x 12″ and cost $25 shipped or two for $40. There are also 13 canvas prints available, 23″ x 15″ in size and cost $100 shipped. All orders come with a bunch of stickers. To order, paypal your order to ryan (at) ryankerrigan.com.

kerrigan commerce city 2013