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Summer 2012 compilation CD Art Contest

A cool idea for artists to take part in courtesy of Dylan from Boston:

“Hey Phans! My names Dylan from Boston Mass. I had this idea to make a Summer 2012 Compilation and in the end make physical CD’s to hand out on tour FOR FREE!  For this project, I need artists to help me design a completely original, Phishy piece of art that can be used as an Album cover for this compilation (more detail on this can be found in this thread on Phish.Net)

The rules are: NO use of any official Phish logo. NO use of the word Phish or any likeness of band members. Just make it completely your own original piece that includes “Summer Tour 2012″ on it somewhere. For the love of Phish, and FREE MUSIC! Help us make this possible, thanks a lot everyone!”

The deadline for submissions is May 31st. Send submissions or questions to Lethal.i (at) live.com