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Isadora Bullock’s Chicago, Colorado and Vermont posters

Isadora’s print for the three amazing nights we had at UIC is titled “Ramalope“. The print is a linocut and measures 15 X 21 inches and printed on stonehenge paper in a limited edition of 100. The cost is $30 shipped. Only 10 of these prints remain for sale!

Isadora’s poster for the three shows at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is titled ‘I’m building you a pyramid…” The print is a linocut measuring 15 x 21 inches and printed on stonehenge paper in a limited edition of 150. Cost is $30 shipped. Only 10 of these prints remain for sale!

A print made just in time for the Vermont Benefit Show in Essex on 9/14/11 is titled “Revive“. This print is a linocut printed on stonehenge paper measuring 15 x 16 inches in a limited edition of 75. The cost for this print is $30 shipped. Only 10 of these prints remain for sale!

Phish Coins for Leg 2 – Lake Tahoe and Denver

Adam Davidoff (the coin guy) has two new coins to debut for Leg 2 of the Phish Summer Tour.

The Lake Tahoe $46 Poker Chip was printed in a limited run of 300 chips, but a production error has delayed them. Hopefully I will have them before the Colorado Run next week, but you can see the final proof on the link provided. They are $10 each, just like the Halloween Poker Chips, plush shipping and handling fees.

The Buffalo Bill Wooden Nickel just landed today and is ready to ship. They were printed in a limited run of 1000 and are sequentially numbered. If there is/are number(s) you would like, Adam will do his best to accommodate your request. They are only $5 each plus shipping and handling fees.

Good Visuals Phish Preshow at Quixote’s in Denver 9/1

On Thursday, September 1 from 4pm-2am at Quixote’s True Blue (2151 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO) Jay Bianchi, Sutton Shealy and Tripp Shealy are having a Music and Poster Art Phish Pre-show the Thursday night before Phish plays Dick’s in Denver!

For only $10 you get Live Music from:

Magic Gravy
Shakedown Street
Jet Edison
Magic Beans
Dawgs at Large

This is an all day event that will showcase some of the best upcoming poster artists who will have for sale many vintage posters for Disco Biscuits, Grateful Dead, Phish, Soundtribe Sector 9, Widespread Panic, and many more.

Artists on hand:
Jack Shure
Ryan Kerrigan
Sweet Melis
and more to be announced soon!

Tickets are only $10 and available online now

Further and Phish Summer Tour Badges from PhanBadge

Here are the newest Phan badge releases from Phanbadge.com: The official Un-Official badge. They have three new badges for Phish leg 2 and their first three Furthur Badges.

All of these badges came be picked up as singles as well as in packages of 3 and 6. All badges are in and ready to ship and include shipping. Each badge costs $4 with the deals for sets of badges seen below.

Commemorating the Phish show at Lake Tahoe, “CanoePhish” 2011. The canoe phish is an endangered species in the tahoe area. One of the reason pholks there tie up there canoes when not in use is this particular phish hates to swim but loves Canoeing. Its been an issue with the locals for years!


Commemorating the Phish show at The Hollywood Bowl “StarPhish” 2011. This phish is just chilling in the pool wearing some star shades.


Commemorating the Phish show in Colorado “The Mystical Ball” Its not your neighborhood soccer ball in fishman colors. Can you un-lock the mystery within the ball !

COLORADO “Mystery Ball”



Commemorating the Furthur shows of 2011 We have a pair of Bolted badges and a Terrapin badged! These are some of our best badges yet! The quality and stitching continues to get better and better!

FURTHUR Bolted Orange

FURTHUR Bolted Blue



Maria DiChiappari’s Trey Ogden Poster

It is rare to see a phan poster for Trey Anastasio Band but Maria DiChiappari made a unique one for TAB at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado March 1st & 2nd 2011. Printed on 11×17 card stock this poster is in a limited edition of only 100. Each poster is signed and numbered by artist Maria DiChiappari and made with love.

Each poster costs $10 with $5 for shipping

Ian Millard’s ‘Pronghorn Antelope’ and Colorado Animal Triptych


The Pronghorn Antelope print is the final of three native Colorado animal prints in a triptych set. The first print is the Saw Whet Owl and the second is the Cutthroat Trout. Each print is the same size (20″x20″) and can be displayed individually or as a triptych set. A limited amount of matching number sets of all three prints in the triptych are available now at IansPrints.com/available-art.php for $125 shipped. If you purchase a set of prints Ian can offer to make them a custom color scheme that you choose.

The Pronghorn Antelope print was created using 7 hand cut stencils and spraypaint. Prints come signed, numbered, embossed and with a hand made Certificate of Authenticity. The Pronghorn Antelope print will be available for $50 shipped on Monday January 7th at 10am Mountain Time USA at IansPrints.com

Ian K. Millard is an artist from Denver, Colorado (USA) specializing in original stencil and spraypaint art. My prints and originals are created using multiple intricate hand cut stencils and spraypaint layered on top of each other to create an image. All of Ian’s prints are hand sprayed and I strive to make all my print editions unique. Never one the same. Prints come signed, numbered, embossed with the IansPrints.com seal and come with a hand made Certificate of Authenticity (COA).You can watch a little video Fuel TV / Mtn Dew Green Label put together on Ian’s art by clicking here

Follow Ian on Twitter at www.twitter.com/iansprints