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Donations, Spring and Early Summer 2011

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt in the past four months!

They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Pin Me Down Four different Phish pins

Jeff Crookes Two each of: Lego Chairman, Lego Cactus and Lego Big Red, plus a Big Red pin donation at Bethel Woods

Brian Kushner of PhanBadge3 watkins magnets, 2 guyutica magnets, 3 watkins badges, set of festival badges

Branden Otto$45

Jambandistan Art collective $50

Jiggs (3) $30 donations and a $33 donation

Adam Davidoff coins and balls$9

Buds 2 Lennon posters and 2 Makisupa shirts

Maria DiChiappari – Bethel Poster and SuperBall IX poster

Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions Designing and printing poster for Tahoe Poke Tourny for Mockingbird

Nate Colby: $6.14

Mike O’Donnell – $10

Douglas whitworth and Ben Whitesell Camden, Cincy and Bethel prints

John Corbett$3

Matt Jurcic and 10 Tube DesignsBuffalo bill pin, Sleeping monkey pin, Cavern pin

AJ Masthay – 10 posters to Waterwheel Foundation

Total: $246.14 and 46 pieces of Phanart for sale through auctions and art shows, like Da Mock Show, August 16th, Noon to 5pm, right next to UIC!

Donations to the Blog for Mockingbird, Late Fall 2010 edition

Below is a list of the donations made by artists who have been a part of the PhanArt Blog in the past few months. We thank them greatly for their donations, monetary or otherwise, to help support The Mockingbird Foundation.

If you would like to purchase any of the donated items via a donation to Mockingbird Foundation, please contact PhanArt Pete at phanart [at] gmail.

Curt Holzer – 2 NYC Posters

Eric Sommer – t-shirt

Tripp – Set of 3 Posters – Worcester, NYC and 1/1/11 currently up for bid!

Lizzy Layne – Fuck Your Face poster

Noah Phence – NYE Coffee Table poster

Bruce Horan – Rhythm Guide poster

Peter Washburn and Phil Luong – 3 posters from summer tour

Jeff Crookes – Set of 3 MSG merit badges

Rich Tolentino – $20

Erin Cadigan – NYE Poster

Dan Takacs and Surrender to the Flow keychains – $50

Adam Davidoff – $20.11

Party Time Pins – 4 pins – 8, Deer Creek, Greek and Miami

Steve Rogers – Worcester print

Eric Weber – $10

Jon Blake – Back on the Train Pin

Branden Otto – Worcester Poster

Adam Miscezewski – 2 2-color NYE Posters

Jennifer Kahn – $

Total money raised for Mockingbird: $100.11 and over a dozen posters and so much more to come!

Thank you all for your kindness. Please support these artists who have supported Mockingbird Foundation!

$10 Phish 3D posters to benefit Mockingbird!

PhanArt hosted a fundraiser for Mockingbird at the Revere, MA opening of Phish 3D on 4/20/10. We were given a number of Phish 3D posters and are making the remainder of them available. There are only 7 posters left, each available for $10. $7 of each poster sold will go direct to Mockingbird Foundation (the other $3 goes to shipping costs). PhanArt will match each poster sold. If we sell them all, its a collective donation of $100 to music education!

Donations from Artists, Summer Tour leg 2

Great thanks to the following artists for their donations to PhanArt and our efforts to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation

Mike Wren – 2 Otis Redding shirts and 2 Dogs Stole Things shirts

Rich Tolentino – 4 ‘Starting 5’ shirts: Leo & Red & Cactus & Henrietta & CK5.

Buds – 2 Posters, ‘Icculus is the Answer’ and ‘Makisupa Stop and Search’

Melaniejane Barnum – 2 Bathtub Gin prints and 1 Hampton Fountain print

Bruce Horan – Jones Beach Summer Tour Poster

Richard Pearlman – We want you to be Happy stickers

Whysnow – A few Telluride Wookie Merit Badges

Lizzy Layne – Telluride poster and Fest 8 poster

Lot Lifestyle – 2 Friday the 13th Deer Creek prints (the Jason one) and 2 Alpine Valley prints, as well as a Lot Lifestyle poster, #33/100

These items will be part of the forthcoming auctions from PhanArt to benefit Mockingbird

Thank you to all the artists!

PhanArt, donations made to Mockingbird Foundation, and some disclosure

In the interest of keeping fans up to date on what’s brewing with PhanArt, we have dedicated this blog post to explaining how the donations to The Mockingbird Foundation take place, who donates what, and answer any questions you may have via the comments section below.

PhanArt raised $1314.24 over the course of 2009, starting at the book launch party on 2/7/09, and ending 12/30/09 at Mock Show Miami. That’s a ton of money, but where did it all come from? We have found a way to provide as much clarity as to where this money comes from, en route to its final destination, The Mockingbird Foundation.

Halley and PhanArt Pete doing some intense research c. 2006

First things first, PhanArt does not accept monetary donations of any nature. We have never taken any cash in hand, aside from at Mock Shows and PhanArt held events, and that money is sent off to The Mockingbird Foundation immediately. PhanArt is not a 501 (c)(3), nor do we make an effort to become one.  Instead, we direct fans to donate directly to The Mockingbird Foundation via paypal or mbird.org The only donations PhanArt collects are those made by artists and fans and blog contributors  in the form of shirts, posters, stickers, etc…, as well as from profits from the sale of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish as each printing of books sells out.

Every two months , we will update what we have collected, and what we have donated from the sale of these items through auctions on ebay. We do not keep what is donated. Stickers and other items that were given to us during the collection period for the making of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish were given away with sales of the book. We will continue this practice.

Good advice^^^

How we came up with the list. Well, very simply, we kept track of all donations made to Mockingbird through various methods – direct donations via PhanArtists, ebay auctions, paypal receipts from blog artists, and any form of proof that money went from artist/fan to Mockingbird. Again, no money is donated to PhanArt, or given to us at any point, aside from at poster shows. That amount is relayed to members of The Mockingbird Foundation, and they receive a check in the mail from PhanArt shortly thereafter. Case in point, we raised $40 at Mock Show on 12/30/09 from sales of donated items alone. We mentioned this to George and Elayne who had the Mockingbird booth next to us at Mock Show. They knew to expect it being sent, and we furthermore notified Ellis Godard, executive director of The Mockingbird Foundation, as has been done since earlier this year.

The PhanArt Blog shows the collective impact of Phish fans through the art created in the Phish community. We at PhanArt look forward to 2010 and continuing a great Phish tradition!

Donations from the Artists featured on the PhanArt Blog to The Mockingbird Foundation

The purpose of the PhanArt Blog is not only to showcase the newest lot art and to provide a forum for phans and artists alike to sell their wares free of charge, it is also a venue to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation, which raises funds for music education for children nationwide.

The first few months of the PhanArt Blog have been a great success, and we are happy to share with you the donations artists that have taken part in the site have made to The Mockingbird Foundation and/or PhanArt for future fundraising for The Mockingbird Foundation.

Since this is the first time we are sharing with the Phish public the amount each artist has donated as a result of taking part in the blog, and in the holiday spirit, we at PhanArt have offered to MATCH all monetary donations made by the artists.

The gracious donations from the blog artists, in no specific order….

Mitchell Rednour$10

Christine Lafferty – $10

Drew Suto – Copies of Surrender to the Flow for the Holiday Bundle

Vinny Naro – Five posters plus $5 of every poster sold via PhanArt blog for his NYE print!

Gregory Brenner – A complete set of prints from his Gamehendge series for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Zack Dacuk – 4 Rift shirts for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Neal Flesner – $10

Eric Wyman – $10

Steve Rogers – $25 and 5 prints for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Drew Fioravanti – $10

You Enjoy Me – 2 ‘onesies’ for future auctions

Jiggs – 4 shirts and a dozen stickers

Daniel Kassel – $6

Erin Cadigansummer 2009 poster and sticker set

Kale Worden – an Alaska shirt

PhanArt shirt deal on 12/15 – $10

That’s a grand total of $91 from artists, plus 11 shirts, 17 prints, a bunch of stickers, and much more! Since this is the holiday season and the first time PhanArt has done a Holiday Bundle, we at PhanArt are going to MATCH the $91 donated by the artists, for a total of $182! Add to the that our Holiday Bundle of phanart which went for $72, and thats $254 raised for The Mockingbird Foundation since November 1st!

Extreme gratitude to the artists and participants of the blog the past couple months. We have had a tremendous response, with more than 30,000 hits on the site since we started tracking in late November. Raising money for The Mockingbird Foundation has been amazing this year, and we still have Mock Show in Miami to go to, and the second printing of PhanArt to finish selling before we add more to the blog!

Thank you to one and all!  If you want to be part of the blog, contact Pete at phanart@gmail.com for more info.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Years to all!

– the PhanArt Board of Advisors