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Eddie Vector’s Curveball poster

Artist Eddie Vector has released an impressive Curveball poster, bringing wiffle balls and the last 10 Phish festivals together. From Eddie: “This is a print I designed based on mine and my friends adventure to The Clifford Ball. It is a huge screen print 24 x 36 inches (HUUUUGGE!) on 100-pound cover stock french paper. It is really Dope! They are all going to be signed and numbered.”

“I am a designer transplant from South Troy, Ny (shout out to my homies!), to Denver Co. I am a 1.0 guy from back in the day. So with Curveball around the corner I created a print that kinda tells the story of My friends and I, as we flowed to The Clifford Ball. That’s the back story of this design. Four guys traveling to The Clifford ball. On the way there we stopped at rest stops on the highway and played Wiffle ball lol. Throwing Curveballs.”

“Shipping is $10 this includes shipping tube and insured to your door with USPS tracking number. Every print is shipped individually. (if you order more then one there will be two seperate shipping charges , sorry about that.) If you are local to the Denver stop by and pick one up. Meet the artist and save on the shipping.”

Order Here