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Halloween 2013 Poster by Erin Cadigan

Erin has some posters leftover from Halloween! This print is inspired by vinatge French horror film posters. This is her third AC mermaid. She’s a vampire about to take a bite of a gold record that says Deguisement d’ Hallowe’en Le Phoisson. Name of the town and dates all in French.
This print is 13″ x 20″, made on Cougar Natural Recycled 100lb cover, and an edition of 100 signed and numbered. It is $30 plus $5 for shipping.
You can visit her website and buy the print and other art by Erin here!

Erin Cadigan Atlantic City Posters

Erin Cadigan has revealed her poster for Atlantic City. In this print, a mermaid plays Trey’s guitar with three different color choices spread across the edition: Black/Red, Ink/Turquoise and Bronze/Gold. The poster measures 12″x20″ in an edition of 100 signed and numbered two-color screenprints. Each is hand pulled by the artist on vanilla 80LB cover vellum finish using waterbased inks on recycled stock.

The cost for each of these posters is $30 and they are available at the First Tube Poster Show Saturday June 16th from 10am-3pm at Trump Plaza, Westminster Room. And of course, Erin will also have these on the lot!


Phanartist Erin Cadigan needs your votes!

A message from Erin Cadigan:

Hi! I’m hoping all my Phish phamily can help me out. Art Battles NYC is hosting an online voting on artists until Jan 22.The top 4 artists will compete live on stage to win a chance to travel to Europe as part of the US art battle team! By compete it means we will each paint a 5’x4 canvas in just an hour and a half! I’m currently in the number 7 position and only need 500 votes to catch up! Take 30 seconds of your time and vote!

Vote for Erin here

Update 1/23/12 4:37 pm: Looks like Erin placed Fourth and is competing this weekend for a trip to Europe! Thanks to all who voted and supported her!

Erin Cadigan’s Gorge Poster

From Erin Cadigan comes her Gorge poster. Based on Haida Traditional art of the Pacific Northwest Native (or First Nations) Tribes. You have the Third eye opening in a ring of four singing faces. Below the coyote (wolfmans brother) is represented on the bass, and the fish is on the guitar. The famous Mockingbird flies to either side. Underneath the Lizard plays the keys and the drums. fish fly overhead!

Text reads The Gorge August 5 & 6, 2011. Due to a printing error, these are two-sided posters with artist proofs of the original art design (with incorrect dates) on one side and the correct dates on the other side. This poster poses an interesting framing conundrum. Below are the original designs. The completed poster has the correct dates of August 6&7 on one side.


Size: 10″ x 20″
Paper: Pegasus Black Vellum Finish 100lb cover
Edition Size: 64 signed and numbered
Process: Screenprint.


This print comes in three different color styles. There are different amounts of each and they are not numbered in any particular order. Please indicate if you want a particular color combo. See below for the other two color combos

COST: $25.00 link to shop

Erin Cadigan SuperBall IX PinBall Wizard Posters

Phanartist Erin Cadigan has some posters left from the EPIC Superball 9 festival. If you couldn’t find her on lot or didn’t get a chance to grab them when you did spot her. There are very few of the pearlized versions left and not too many of the felted left either. Grab one or a set while they last!

Erin Cadigan
‘s SuperBall IX posters are based on 1970’s pinball back glass art with a set of two Super Ballers selling LIVE Phish. PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 1 has Scoreboards say : 7 1 2 3 11 (July 1, 2,3 2011) ; 6 45148 ( the 8 has some faulty lights so upside down it reads PhiSh 9) ; BONUS ; BALL; (because festies are always a bonus!) This cat girl (cats have 9 lives) is holding a rocket for the 4th celebration and selling funky fresh phish. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some deep dark funk

PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 2 has Scoreboards that say: TILT; 7 1 2 3 11; 6 45148; TILT (because we all love to get a little tilted!). This cat girl is wearing a Party Time tee and selling Live Phish 1 for 3, 2 for 5. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some bad ass jams

PINBALL WIZARD #1 and #2 are each in an edition of 65. The first 30 of each poster are printed on PEARLIZED Paper, while the final 35 are printed on Corando Felted 80lb cover. All posters are signed and numbered and measure 12″x18″. Cost for these prints: $25 for 1 or 2 for $40 + $3.50 S+H Go to PAYPAL and send payment to erin@souloak.com

THREE by Erin Cadigan, designs in Camden and Merriweather

PhanArtist Erin Cadigan will be debuting her new line THREE Erin Cadigan at the Camden lot. The line is ten new designs based like much of her work on science, myth, ancient cultures, aliens and spirituality. She has been selling the THREE line on tour since summer 1997 but this will be the first full line.

Erin is normally on tour selling her new work but since she is just getting started as a fully self employed artist, her shows have been sadly limited this summer.

If you don’t catch her at Camden, you may see her at MPP, definitely at Super Ball 9 and some of the West Coast shows. Look for her both on lot and on Shakedown tomorrow!!

Click here to see more on her line and here to see more on her work in general

Look for Erin’s SuperBall IX Poster coming soon!

Four Jones Beach Posters up for Auction for Mockingbird

Continuing with our successful auction for Mockingbird in 2011 that have netted over $150 so far this year, we have four posters from artists featured on the PhanArt Blog who graciously donated their art to support music education. Please take a look at the auction and support The Mockingbird Foundation!

Featured in the auction are four posters from Jones Beach and Summer 2010 tour

Erin Cadigan’s poster for 2nd leg of summer tour. Based on the Virgin of Guadeloupe, the clouds are the venues and dates. The print measures 12″x18″, comes from a signed and numbered edition of 113 and is printed on 1-33 Champagne pearlized 100# cover 34-113 Cougar felted 100#cover (nice white paper). This poster is #80/113

Vinny Naro’s poster is 12×18″ on 100lb. uncoated stock in an edition of 150. Each poster is signed and numbered. This poster is an Artists Proof.

Bruce Horan’s poster is 9.5X15″ and printed on 300 gsm Coventry Rag paper. A 2 color silkscreen
with metallic silver ink, this poster is signed and numbered. This poster number is 23/80.

Jonathan Caplan’s Jones Beach print is a 13” x 19” Giclee print from J Cap Design is a signed and numbered edition of 20. It was printed the day before the Jones Beach shows this August, and features the mock-quote “We don’t want no night sky”. This poster is #7/20

All these prints and more are featured on the PhanArt Blog – www.phanart.net/blog – check it out daily for new art made by Phish fans, with a percent of each donation going to The Mockingbird Foundation

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

2nd Annual Heady Holiday Shopping Guide!


Last year we presented our first annual Heady Holiday Gift Guide. This year we add to this guide with an enormous amount of contributors and artists who have a wide range of gift ideas for you and your friends and family. Enjoy and share this site, you wont find these deals anywhere else, not even on Phish lot!

$1-10 range

cheerios pin

That unique design we all find familiar from a certain drummer is available in button form for only $3.20. You can order these by going to www.zazzle.com/katmama88

From Noah Phence, aka Zenster, a variety of pins from his impressive and incredibly detailed collection. You probably saw him on lot this summer, as he rarely misses a show. Pins are a great collectible, and Noah has some great deals for phans. He has great stuff for Phish fans on his site zenster.net

Merit Badges from WhysnowWith New Years around the corner, the next installment from whysnow features Yoda! SOLD OUT!

From Daisy, you may notice these funky flowers from summer tour ’10 (or maybe you saw them laying next to Mike’s amp on stage). Now you have the chance to purchase them again!

They can be anything from cute hair clips to fun little brooches. The possibilities are endless!



Branden Otto is offering deals on his Fall tour posters, a sample of which is seen below, with more here. you can get them for $10 each by sending money to botto32@gmail.com via paypal.

N02 shirts, 1 for $7, 2 for $10

N20 T-Shirt Deals


Stickers for PhanArt, always 1 for $3, 2 for $5. Specify which sticker you would like!

Select an option


Party Time Pins has some awesome deals on their pins, including Broomfield, Simple and our favorite, READICCULUS! Go here  for more info and to order their pins.

Jiggs makes some of the most recognizable and creative shirt designs on the lot today. He has the following shirts available for $10 plus shipping. (Maze shirt is $15+s/h) Visit Jiggs Lot to pick up the shirts below!

Plus his WhaleCallers 1 for $3, 2 for $5 and Kuroda stickers are $1 each.

$11-20 range

The first cookbook by Phish fans FOR Phish fans is available for purchase! PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot is available at www.phanfood.com for only $19.95

Art Hoffman from Heady Threads has his shirts available for $15, like this Character Zero shirt. You can find more shirts and ordering info here.

YouEnjoyMe.com‘s Baby onesies and Toddler Tee’s. They are $15 each, 2 for $25 (with Free Shipping, if you mention PhanArt in your order, valid through 12/31!)

Max Kauffman’s Mockingbird shirt is available for $15 + s/h via his etsy store


As always, the PhanArt created Twitter/Tweezer and Google/Golgi shirts are available, for a limited time at only $18 with free shipping!



PhanArtist AJ Masthay is having a holiday sale blowout with great deals on the following prints, available exclusively at his website: Masthay StudiosAugusta Maine 2010- $25, Providence Rhode Island 2010 – $25, Umphrey’s/Galactic Red Rocks – $20, Summercamp 2010 – $20, Hershey Park 2010 – $20, Merriweather Post Pavilion 2010 – $20, NOLA Jazz Fest – $20, Fugu Me! – $20, Umphrey’s Aragon Ballroom 2009 – $20, Miami NYE 2009 – $20, McLovins Saratoga – $15, Red Rocks Trex – $20, McLovins Hartford – $15, Hartford Meadows 2009 – $20, Phanart Geisha – $15, Richie Havens – $15, Probing for Notes – $15, Deep Banana Blackout – $10,Strapping Young Lad – $10, Treygas – $10

Adam Davidoff has a great deal of commemorative coins available for sale, including these Poker chips from Halloween 2010. You can find all his coins and paypal info here

$21-30 range

Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz from Like Minded Productions have two posters, each for $20 with $10 shipping.

“Morning Broomfield Breath” measures 17 x 22″, is printed on Giclee on 270 gram textured fine art paper in an edition of 33.

“You Can’t Hide From Yourself” measures 11 x 23″, is a Giclee on embossed @70 gram smooth fine art paper in an edition of 40.


Jennifer Kahn’s commemorative NYC NYE MSG subway token pendant makes for a great standalone commemorative token or can be bought as a necklace. Visit our blog post on her to read more and pick one up

MelanieJane Barnum has 3 posters in 5 complete sets available. All of these prints are printed on card stock. Bathtub gin is done in watercolor, Hampton created in acrylic and Fall Tour 2010 is mixed media (colored paper, paint, ink and marker).
Each poster is $25 each, $45 for two and $60 for 3, which also includes shipping. paypal melanicu@gmail.com
bathtub gin
fall tour 2010

Erin Cadigan has some great deals on her New Years posters from 2009 as seen below. With only a few left, she has each for sale for $25 (50% off the original cost). You can pick those and her other art – Mandala stickers, Halloween 2010 and Phamily Poker Classic posters at her store here

$31-40 range

From Caimen Ruff, her first poster from the Charleston shows. Only $35 and only 6 left!

Touropoly – Deluxe edition

For $35, get the original version of Touropoly in its own box on a high quality 16×20 game board mounted on your choice of colored corrugated plastic.  Includes directions, dice, play money, game pieces, Karma & Luck cards, music venue cards, and 40 Pop Up vending tents and everything you need to play the best new game on lot! (Beer and other accessories not included) Go here to pick one up

Jami Dudenhoeffer Phish Lithograph

About this poster: This piece was done with Watercolors and India Ink. There are 350 of them and they are all signed, numbered and packaged in plastic. The prints were created Lithograph style and printed on archival semi-gloss 100lb paper. Dimensions are 18×24. Jami painted this one for Phish’s return in 2009. They have been sold from Hampton up until now. This Phish print will appear in the second edition of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. To see more of Jami’s work you can visit her etsy store. Cost is $35 for one, $60 for two with $6 priority shipping


Jami Dudenhoeffer Mike Gordon print

About this poster: This piece was done with Pen and India Ink. There are 420 of them and they are all signed, numbered and packaged in plastic. These were printed on archival, 100lb paper. Dimensions are 22×30. Jami has sold the Mike Gordon prints from coast to coast and online. This Gordo print will also appear in the second edition of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. To see other work of Jami’s you can go to her etsy store. Cost is $35 for one, $60 for two with $6 priority shipping


Lizzy Layne’s Telluride poster Description: Original 4 Color Silkscreen for Phish at Telluride Town Park August 2010. Sized 15 x 22 “ Cost: $35 (includes poster, packaging and shipping fees) Send money via Paypal to lizzylayne@gmail.com

Steve Rogers Halloween Poster (info below)

Only in the oddest of dreams are classic horror movie monsters playing roulette…. Four Color screen print – 18 x 24 Limited run of 50 signed and # printed on 100lb French White Speckletone paper. All prints are wrapped in kraft paper and shipped in ULINE poster tubes. Thanks and enjoy! Pick one up here: http://steverogersdesigns.com/Home_Page.html

$41-50 range

Arnaud Azoulay has a sale on his amazing work, seen here. For $49.99, he has 9 portraits, 6 in his Alice in Wonderland series and 3 other works available. Visit his site for more great art like these!


The origin of this website is the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, the 400+ page coffee table book detailing the history of Phish fan-made art, along with essays and articles by many in the Phish community. With over 1600 pieces of art, this is the definitive book on all the art the phans make. We have included some bundle options, including posters and shirts at a discount when you pick up the book! Get the book for a friend, get a shirt for yourself!

Choose a Bundle Option


Cheerios Sneakers – These Converse are handcrafted and are available in all sizes. Please specify male/female and shoe size when ordering from www.zazzle.com/katmama88
High-top sneaker and low-top sneaker are each $68.70
Whatever you do, take care of these shoes


Erin Cadigan’s NYE poster ‘Mars Attacks’

Created in an art deco style, the viewer travels from the woods of Worcester to the big city of NYC chased by the rising planet Mars. Things are getting crazy in NYC, the BBFCFM has kidnapped the Phish and climbed the Empire State Building chased all the while by an envoy of UFOs shooting lazer beams. Printed by The Half and Half of South Carolina, it is a 4 color silkscreened print in Metallic gold, Florescent pink, lime green and Black. Printed on Cougar white 100lb paper in a run of 100 signed and numbered. The print is 16″x21″ in size. In size , style and work put, Erin thinks this may be my best one yet! though She’s also super partial to UFOs and NYC! This poster costs $30 and the first 30 to order get a BBFCFM surprise as well! Shipping will be immediately following the New Years Run unless you arrange a pick up at the shows.

Send $34 for poster and shipping direct through paypal to erin@souloak.com, or just email erin@souloak.com and she will send an invoice for the poster.

Erin Cadigan Halloween and Phamily Poker Classic Posters

Once again Erin Cadigan has created two incredibly detailed and memorable posters of the amazing weekend we all had in Atlantic City. Check them out and pick up the prints in here store here

Halloween 2010 : AC

SIZE: 23.5″x10″

PAPER: Wausua Royal Complements Midnight Blue 100lb cover

Edition Size: 50. signed and numbered.

PROCESS: Screenprint

IMAGE: Day of the Dead mermaid laying in the sand. On her forehead are the images of fish, lizards and the mocking bird. On the sand shes dealing out cards. T/B=Apple, T/W=bull’s eye Q, T/H=ghostly face, V/U=bananna, R/S= main st sign. In her hand she holds the final card for 2010. The lettering for Atlantic City is based on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire but instead of lights it has skulls. The 4 symbols of the deck of cards watch from the corners and the tag at the bottom reads Happy Halloween.


Phamily Poker Classic : Artist Editions

SIZE: 11″x17″

PAPER: Felt finish 100lb cover

Edition Size: 13. signed andArtist Edition indicated

PROCESS: Digital

IMAGE: Mockingbird deals the cards, 4 Aces representing Phish’s instruments. The Phamily watches from the background. Behind swirls a whirl pool of fish bones. All hand drawn and hand done type.