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Esther Print from Augury Press

Alone on the fairgrounds, a sinister Armenian man lurking in the background, Esther looks at us with haunted eyes, standing in the water that would swallow her life while clutching the puppet on her right. The story of Esther comes to life in this new 11″ by 17″ masterpiece from Augury Press. Never before has Phish’s tragic little heroine been immortalized so beautifully. Inspired by Art Nouveau and the works of Alphonse Mucha this piece is the next great installment in a series that includes Tela, and the perfect pairing of the Winter Queen and Fuego. This hand drawn digitally painted print is a must have for fans of one of Phish’s oldest tales as well as phanart collectors. Available now on Etsy for only $15. Order yours today!

Augery Press Esther Print

Gonzo Gordo and Esther Pins

Inspired by the GONZO logo of the late Hunter S. Thompson comes 6th pin from stuPINdous creations. This 1.5 inch antique style pin, is all raised and recessed silver metal. Limited edition out of 100. Numbered and stamped on back with stuPINdous

This lyrically inspired pin from stuPINdous creations is all hand drawn. This pin makes the lyrics of Esther come to LIFE! Measuring 1.25′, this soft enamel pin features 13 colors with glitter. It is limited edition of 100 and is number and stamped on back with stuPINdous. All pins are double posted. If you look hard you can see ESTHER spelled out down the Armenian mans sleeve too.