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Phish beats George Michael/WHAM on EW.com Guilty Pleasure Poll. In other news, two armed man beats up no armed man.

Entertainment Weekly/Weakly’s Whitney Pastorek created a cool idea that folks in the 30-50 demographic would have been all over. Vote on the greatest guilty pleasure of all time! bands like Poison, Ace of Base, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Meatloaf, and of course, the greatest ‘guilty pleasure’ ever, Phish.

Wait, Phish? It’s a guilty pleasure? By definition, a guilty pleasure is something you enjoy, but feel bad about doing. A few of these bands don’t follow that mindset: Barry Manilow, Journey, Stone Temple Pilots, Garth Brooks (if you like country music) Phil Collins/Genesis (you have to seperate these, phil is a guilty pleasure, but not when he was with genesis!), and of course, Neil Diamond.

So the poll had a few non-guilty pleasures. When Phish is up against (in round by round order) Nickelback, Mariah Carey, Ace of Base, Barry Manilow, and now George Michael/Wham in the finals, exactly who do you think is going to win this?

Phish fans are organized enough to vote en masse for a poll as flawed and time-wasting as this one. Had Phish not been there, the site traffic would have been considerably lower, because no Phish fan will let the 16-seed Phish fall to any of those bands.

I have been informed by Whitney that Phish has won, and the final poll will be out shortly, with a considerable victory for Phish.

We did it! Phish is back, and the fans are back based on the support Phish got in the face of being told not to ‘rig’ voting (i guess thats what Whitney thinks of a landslide vote for one side).

Next Poll, lets do who’s the better jamband: make sure to include Buster Poindexter, Creed, Rihanna, The Moody Blues, Slayer, Insane Clown Posse, and The Cars. No doubt there fans will rise up and make themselves a sandwich and ignore yet another pointless and flawed poll.

But we won! YAY!!!!!!?

Note: Not all bands are actually Guilty Pleasures
Note: Not all bands are actually Guilty Pleasures