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Summer 2016 Triptych From Michael Boyer

For as long as he can remember Michael Boyer has wanted to illustrate Gamehenge in its entirety.  Who can forget Boyer’s Icculus Print released last summer, it was gorgeous, transcendent even, just as a mythic deity should be. This summer Michael has continued the Gamehendge series with a new Triptych Print ,“The Resistance”. These prints bring Tela, The Sloth, and Col. Forbin to life, drawing you ever deeper into Phish’s Mythc Realm.  Designed with electric transparent blue and light purple ink over foil the new series has to be seen in person to truly be enjoyed. This 3 print set is available for the SPAC 2016 run and as part of the Gamehendge series. Each set measures 24″ by 36″ and is a Limited Edition of 150. AND they are On Sale now for only $60 for the set. Do. Not. Wait. Order yours now!

boyer print
SPAC 2016 Prints
boyer resistance
“The Resistance”

GH Series – Lizards II: Edge of the Lagoon Pins

“So he lead me through the forest, to the edge of a lagoon by which we wandered ’til we reached a bubbly spring”

Colleen Slebzak’s second installment from her Lizards series, “The Edge of the Lagoon”, delves even deeper into the Gamehendge narrative and she takes you with her. Sit with Forbin and Rutherford and let your eyes dive in. Layer upon detailed layer this piece highlights Colleen’s unique ability to visually articulate the narrative, bringing each element of the indelible story to life.

Another must have for any collector. This set of Black and Silver Limited Edition Pins is perfect. Whether you’re completing your set or just starting off, pick up your own Lizards II: The Edge of the Lagoon pins for only $35 each, shipped!

lagoon pair new
Lizards II: The Edge of the Lagoon – Black (LE 50) and Silver (LE 100) Variants
lagoon scroll
Lagoon Scroll
lagoons glow
And Yes, It Glows!


GH Series – Lizards Pins (Four different ones)

The Lizards were a race of people practically extinct from doing things smart people don’t do. Admit it – you’re a Lizard too! We all know “The Lizards”, the anthem of Gamehendge, with Trey’s iconic solo filled with a beauty and longing that stretches out like a sad lament for a paradise lost, but few have dug as deeply into the text of the original thesis as Colleen Slebzack. She brings the Lizards to life as never before in the second Bridge Set of her Gamehendge Pin Series, The Lizards.


Each Lizard represents a character from the original tale. Measuring .5″ by .5″ these Open Edition sets of four are a must have for any real phan.  Only $45 shipped! Order yours now and share them with your Phriends!


GH Series – Helping Friendly Book Pins

Show your love and know your phriends with this new set of Helping Friendly Book Pins from Colleen Slebzak. Part of her magical Gamehendge series, this subtle work speaks volumes. A utopian roadmap and the last vestige of a paradise lost, the HFB breathes life into the whole story. Written by the great and knowledgable Icculus. YEAH! My children are old enough to Read-Icculus.

GH Bridge Pins: HFB Set

Each Pin measures .5″ by .5″, with sets of 5 in Nickel, Antique Silver, Silver, Antique Gold, and Gold, for only $45. Let them know you know, let them know you care. Get a pin for you and your phriends. Order yours HERE!

hfb scrol
HFB Scroll

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

You know the story and may have even read The Book. Now you can capture a piece of Gamehendge’s indelible narrative with this beautifully detailed pin from Colleen Slebzak.  The third in the artist’s series, Colleen’s unique ability to articulate her aesthetic interpretation of the Gamehendge story is as clear as ever. Follow the tale of Colonel Forbin told in the chiseled contours of his face. And then let your eyes be drawn further into the scene to the fabled door to the Land of Lizards.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

Measuring 2″ high by 1.75″ wide –  This Limited Edition of 150, “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” Pin, features Dual Layers  with an Antiqued Silver Frame and Translucent Enamels. Each Pin comes with the accompanying narrative on an antique looking scroll. And for Only $22 shipped this Pin is a must have for anyone who loves the tale of Gamhendge. Order yours Here! 



New Gamehendge Pin

Lizards?!? Show your support for Errand Wolfe and the Allies in their struggle against Wilson and his fowl domain. From the makers of the Gamehendge Compass pin comes a brand new pin even better suited to fit you. In a collaboration between pin-designer Brian Kushner of Phanbadge and Artist Caleb Williamson (remember the map of Gamhendge?) comes the Lizard Pick Pin!
 This Limited Edition of 100 Gamehendge Lizard Pick is 1.33″ high and made of gold metal with a dual layered lizard.  And at only $20 shipped to your door – It’s a must have so order yours now!IMG_1731
You want these Pins!

Hand Painted Gamehendge Magnet Series from Artistic Groove

Check out Artistic Groove’s musically inspired creations – They’re positively magnetic!  There are no limitations to what music can provide; two fans can have two completely different emotions, creative visions or interpretations of the same song! So sit back and enjoy These unique and creative interpretations, straight from the warped mind of Jeff Flanagan. It just might inspire you to listen to music on a whole new level.

These Limited Edition resin magnets are the first series of two. Only ten of each character will be created! Each magnet is hand sculpted, cast,  hand painted individually  and then sealed for durability. There will be 12 character magnets total, all inspired by a group of songs that never fail to deliver the jam! The first series includes: The Colonel,  The Jewel , The Lizards, The King, The Brave Knight  and The Hound.

Ph Magnets 1

Each magnet is approximately 3″ x 2″ – The framed set is 13″ x 13″x 2″

Available individually for $20.00 per piece, or we as a full set that is framed and  includes a limited edition illustration print as the center piece, and one magnet of each character from Series I for $125.00. Shipping is $3.00 for a magnet, $15.00 for the framed set.

Visit the Artistic Groove Etsy page and buy yours today!


Gamehendge Ink & Watercolor Paintings by Josean Rivera

Josean Rivera has recently rested a couple of ink and watercolor paintings that are inspired by Gamehendge. The 4 prints are the AC/DC Bag, the Famous Mockingbird, Rutherford the Brave, and Divided Sky. All of them are $10 a piece or all 4 for $35. Each print is a limited edition of 50. Feel free to visit his website here!



The Famous Mockingbird

Rutherford the Brave

The Divided Sky


Gamehendge all 4 series


Update: An interview with AJ Masthay, releasing ‘Mockingbird’, a Limited Edition poster

Update 3/13: Final details from Phish.net, including images of limited edition variances. The prints will go on sale this Friday, March 15 at 12 noon EDT (9am PDT) on AJ’s website. This limited edition of 150 prints on navy blue paper is a six-color linoleum block print, and costs $40. There is a limit of one print per customer.

Update 3/11:  Check out this beauty of print!


Update 3/9: Read on Phish.net an update on further sales of AJ’s poster.

AJ Masthay was recently commissioned to make a limited edition print (150) to celebrate the quickly approaching release of The Phish Companion, 3rd Edition. This limited edition art print celebrates the book’s forthcoming release. The print will be on navy blue paper with six-colors from this linoleum block print. You can expect to see the Famous Mockingbird clutching the just-liberated book of knowledge, while evil King Wilson’s troops rally on the horizon. Some process pictures from AJ are seen below, the final image due Monday.

This is the original drawing and gives a fair approximation of how the final image will appear.
This is the original drawing and gives a fair approximation of how the final image will appear.

You can pick this poster up in the Phish.net store for $40 starting Friday 3/8 at 3pm EST/Noon PST.

AJ talked with Pete Mason today about the print and a little insight into his recent artistic endeavors.

Pete Mason: How did this poster for Mockingbird come about? What led to making the print?

AJ Masthay: The good people at The Mockingbird Foundation contacted me quite some time ago about the book cover for the next (Phish) Companion. I gave a couple quick concept sketches to them to present to the publisher, who went in a different direction. When the cover didn’t pan out, they asked if I’d do a special print to help commemorate the new book. Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier.


Pete: Have you wanted to do a poster tying together elements of Gamehendge? Was it a natural choice to make a print with a Mockingbird, given that The Mockingbird Foundation is connected with Phish net?

AJ: I can’t recall if the Mockingbird was requested or was just a “given” but we knew it was going to be a Gamehendge theme from the get go. The imagery of Gamehendge is ripe for artistic interpretation. I’ve pretty much avoided it in the past, but this project opened the floodgates and gave a green light to dive into all that Gamehendge goodness. Who knows, perhaps a series in the future? (ed. note – YES!)

Pete: With six colors, how labor intensive was the print, compared to other prints?

AJ: As of writing this I’m only 3 colors into it so I’ll tell ya when it’s done lol. Seriously though, I really feel like I pushed myself on this one, both conceptually and artistically. I’ve really hit a groove blending both traditional carving tools and super fine detail with the Dremel. It allows me to basically draw on the linoleum, creating a draftsman-like quality that you just can’t get with gouges alone.


Pete: You’ve been doing a great deal of official prints lately: Furthur, Umphrey’s McGee, Yonder Mountain, among others. How has the transition been, from making fan prints to official prints? Its been quite a rapid ascent for you.

AJ: I’m honored whenever a band asks me to create a piece for them, the fact that these are the same bands that I love is icing on the cake. The transition itself was pretty painless as my process is the same whether its a gig poster, pop culture piece or an art print.

Pete: What artists have had the greatest influence upon your art, both traditional and non-traditional?

AJ: It’s hard not to be influenced by fellow artists in the field like David Welker and Jeff Wood, but I’ve never been shy about my love of both their styles. I started out collecting posters before I was making them so you’ll see Pollocks, Emeks, and tons of other gig posters on my walls, all influencing my work. When it comes down to it though, I’ve come to realize that nature is my biggest influence. Whenever I find myself in that nasty “creative block” mindset where nothing is working, I’ll grab the dogs and head out to the woods. Nine times out of 10 it’ll get the creative juices flowing and things start to jive.


Land of the Lizards Map by Caleb Williamson

Caleb Williamson has always had his eye out for a map of Gamehendge, but has failed to find one… so he figured he would make one for himself and fans alike! This creative map ties together the classic lyrics of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday with the old time feel of a fantasy map. This print is hand drawn and is a digital print measuring 11″x 17″.
Gamhendge Map lo res 2

This poster is sold out