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Atlantic City Ghost Poker Chip by Jay Anastasio

Jay Anastasio has the first Atlantic City art of the year on PhanArt, and it’s a unique and well-priced creation. Jay shares: “I wanted to do these chips in 2010, the first time Phish visited Atlantic City for Halloween, but a lack of funds kept my idea from happening. This time, I was better prepared and I am very happy with how these came out! I am proud to introduce to you, my inaugural piece of show merchandise! These are casino quality chips, no cheap plastic chip with stickers here. Each chip is 10 grams of edge to edge color, unified ceramic, built to last forever.”


“This Ghost is Bustin’ out and ready to get his groove on for 3 nights in Atlantic City, NJ! To commemorate one of the bands favorite holidays, I present to you this Limited Edition poker chip. Phish + Fall + Halloween = PHALLOWEEN! The denomination is 30, to honor the number of years our favorite band has been around. Venue, city, and dates are all featured over both sides. These will be authentic casino style chips, 39mm wide(about 1.5 inches), 3mm thick, made of ceramic and weigh 10 grams each. They are printed on the front and the back, with edge band detail. You can order below, but I will of course be in Atlantic City to sell these in person. Only 300 made! Cost is $10 each, plus shipping.”


Sold Out!

Jiggs is bringing back his GHOST shirts – pre-order ends Monday 1/21

Jiggs’ classic Ghost/Ghostbusters shirts are open for pre-order once again! For those new to how this works, orders are open until Monday, January 21st.  Only what is ordered will be printed.

Long Sleeve
Shirts are Gildan Ultra Sport Grey (90/10 blend, 50/50 blend for hoodies and sweatshirts). Style 2000 for short sleeve and 2400 for long. 16400L for ladies. Sweatshirts are style 18000 and hoodies are 18500. These numbers are provided if you are interested in Googling size charts. Sport grey tends to fit about right to size.

You can order these shirts here.


Designs by The Landlady

Since Summer Tour 2011 The Landlady has been selling some of the most unique and recognizable designs, available on t-shirts for men, women, and children. Also available are hats, bags, hoodies, bandanas, iPhone cases, and more! To keep up with the newest designs and promo codes, follow The Landlady (@the_landlady) on Twitter here.

Click the images below to check out each design. Orders can be placed at The Landlady’s online store.

Meat and Slave to the Traffic Light pins from StuPINdous Creations

“See the city, see the zoo…” This lyrically inspired hard enamel pin by stuPINdous creations measures 1.5 inches and features 5 colors with 4 cutouts. It is in a limited edition out of 100 and numbered and stamped on back with stuPINdous. Pins are $17 including shipping.

“…offer him some meat” Another lyrically inspired pin by the good pholks over at stuPINdous creations. This hard enamel pin measures 1.25 inches and features 3 colors and is on black nickel metal. It is in a limited edition of 100 and numbered and stamped on the back with stuPINdous. Meat Pin is $15 including shipping

Check out the more phine pins at www.stuPINdouscreations.com

Pin Me Down Designs

Pin Me Down Designs is the creation of Josh & Christy from North Carolina. Having been on tour since 1996, you may have seen them flip quesadillas on lot. They have been designing pins since summer 2009. Most of the pins are produced in small quantities or limited editions and designed based on their love of music.  Josh and Christy try to keep their designs modern and make their pins suitable for clothing, bags, hats or collecting. Each pin incorporates the limits of what can be done with a pin (i.e. the book pin and their spinner pins). Although most of their pins can be found on their website, they doe make a few ‘lot only’ pins that can only be found at shows.

The pins seen here include the Ghost Book Pin which is an actual tiny book that opens to read “Summer Tour 2011” on the left page. The tour dates and cities are listed on the right page. This pin is a limited edition of 300 for the first leg of Summer 2011. It measures 1.25” and has a double posted back. Cost for the pin is $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

The Ghost Pin is a super cute Mini-Pac-Man style ghost wearing the Cheerio dress. This pin is .5” and has 1 post and is perfect to rock low key style. Cost for this pin is $10 with $3 shipping and handling.

Trey/Jedi Pin: This brand new design says Trey and flips to read Jedi. It features Trey’s Languedoc and a glow in the dark light saber! This pin measures 2” from guitar to tip of light saber and is double backed. This pin costs $18 with $3 shipping and handling.

Ghost Pin

Ghost Book Pin

Trey/Jedi Pin

Ghost shirts are back from Jiggs!

From Jiggs:

This was voted the most popular shirt to bring back by Jiggs Lot Blog readers. Please remember this is a pre-order. All garments ship approximately 2 weeks after the pre-order ends. For updates, please keep checking the blog, the Facebook page, or the twitter account. This pre-order will end on January 16th.

Short sleeves will be Sport Grey , 90/10 pre-shrunk Ultra Cotton . Long Sleeves will be Sport Grey 90/10. Hoodies will be a Sport Grey 50/50 blend, and the ladies will be Sport Grey 90/10. Please see this page for sizing info on my standard T shirts.The back reads “I’d Call Him Instead”.

Go to Jiggs Lot to pre-order one of these shirts