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PhanArt’s Fourth Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the Fourth Annual PhanArt Holiday Gift Guide! Since we don’t have Shakedown to hit off to do our Holiday shopping (remember Fall Tour?), PhanArt brings you the best of the lot here, compiling great art and deals for Phish fans. Get everything you need for family and friends, as well as phamily and phriends. Stay tuned for great deals as this page will be updated throughout the holiday season.

This year the Gift Guide is broken down into Seven Categories: Special Deals, Posters, Books, Shirts, Pins, Jewelery and Stickers. There are also select items that benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, including limited edition posters.


Cody Schibi has free shipping on all orders and free prints when you spend $15 or more

Nate Duval’s holiday sale includes free shipping through 12/14 and deals for different days of the week

TRiPP is offering 25% off and free shipping on all orders Tuesday 11/27 through Wednesday Night and 25% off orders until Wednesday night with code “wassail”. From 11/29 through 12/31, code rudolPH will work to give you 20% off, plus if you spend $100 or more you get free shipping through 12/31. Don’t forget to check out holiday cards and limited edition archived prints.

TRiPP also has Mystery Tubes with 5 random prints for $50 (GD Family, Phish, WSP or Colorado)

Doctor Fluff Tees is offering holiday specials store-wide. Use one of their two coupons to get even greater discounts! 20% off on Cyber Monday with code GIVETHANKS and 10% off with code PHANART through 12/31 (but you can only use one code on Cyber Monday, so go with GIVETHANKS)

Among other deals, Tube, Tweezer and Doctor Fluff posters are all 25% off!

Plus all Tie-dye Grateful Dead shirts are 25% off and you can pre-order these onesies pictured below.

You only get one set of ears and if you see live music, your hearing can be damaged quite easily. Read a little about how earplugs are beneficial when seeing live music and pick up Pete’s recommendation – Hearos Xtreme Protection.


Four posters for $40 – With a great deal of posters donated to PhanArt to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, there’s a ton of great posters to get and for $40, you get FOUR prints, with the $40 going to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation for music education. If you want to request a tour or a specific artist (who has been featured on PhanArt.net in the past few years), we will try to honor your request as best as we can.

Ryan Kerrigan has his NYE Canvas for sale, as well as handdrawn mandalas and butterflies

Jiggs has two of his prints from this summer available. 

Bader Field Posters: $15 shipped

Deer Creek posters: $20 shipped

Branden Otto has four prints just added to the site, and if you Buy 2, you get 1 FREE. Click over to see Branden’s latest and pick up some incredible art. He’s had an incredible year! All orders will also receive a promo code for 25% off Otto’s NYE poster that will be released in early December.

Marq Spusta has created “Morris” to help raise money for the MS Society via Screens ‘n’ Suds.  Morris is a 5″x7″ screenprint on textured paper and available in one of two variants, gold or vanilla for only $17. All proceeds go to MS Society! Plus, there are a ton of other great prints available as well! 


The PhanArt ‘Read the F#$%ing Book Club has reviews and links to buy all 14 books written on Phish, as well as reviews by members of the Phish community. Prices vary.

PhanFood cookbooks, the first cookbook by Phish fans for Phish fans is available for only $20, with net profits benefiting the Chittenden Food Bank in Burlington, Vermont. PhanFood features appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees, desserts, drinks (with and without alcohol) and a variety of other concoctions that Phish fans enjoy while they are in the lots, at the site, or just sitting at home waiting for the next tour to be announced.

The PhanArt ebook, published online in 2011, is available for iPad, Kindle, Nook and Tablets. You can pick them up for your ereader for $14-$25 dollars, with nearly 100% of profits benefiting The Mockingbird Foundation


The original Eat More Kale shirt (and hoodie) is available for $25

You Enjoy Me  –has onesies and tees for the little ones, with great prices – 2 for only $25!. Check out a gallery of designs from our writeup on them.

The Woods Tees in three colors are now discounted to $18!


Count 8 Festivals shirts are only $10 each, with just TWO remaining! These shirts from Festival 8 features Count von Count in sizes Medium and Large only. Free shipping on orders.

Of course, there are Golgi/Google, Tweezer/Twitter shirts, plus “Me No are no Nice Girl” shirts for ladies (only sizes left are: 1 small, 1 large, 1 XL and 1 XXL – shirts run a little small). All shirts come with a free sticker and free shipping. Order in the PhanArt Store.

Plus there are Summer 2011 shirts for only $6 with free shipping

Also, the pre-order for YEMSG shirts and hoodies has been extended until 11/30! Pick them up in the PhanArt Store because they are only available on pre-order. Free YEMSG sticker and NYEMSG 2011-2012 sticker with each order! Shirts ship in mid-December (free shipping too!)


Phanbadge MSG Subway Tokens and Manhole covers are $15-16 each or in a three pack with a free bonus pin included!

Golgi/Google and the Mound/Joy pair of  pins are $15 each.


Ryan Kerrigan’s Happy Fish are only $15

Jiggs has his Kuroda pins for $10 each

Pin Me Down has your the freshest new pin designs on the market, offering Phish, GD and many more designs. Pins cost $8-35, with a few pins costing only $5 during their holiday sale. As always free shipping on orders over $30.

Crazyredbeard has a number of pins for sale, notably his new Birds of a Feather Omnidirectional Love pin. This pin is an original design by Jonathan Blake, a raven and an eagle interlocked in the center by a heart with the four directions of the compass symbolizing love radiating outward in all directions. This pin is only $15 plus $3 shipping.

Zenster has Phish, Grateful Dead, Nug and Lebowski pins for sale. With each purchase, get a free pin!


Jennifer Kahn’s 2012 Commemorative NYE NYC MSG Token pendant is available in Sterling Silver or Brass. Her 3rd token, this design features an upward spiral emanating from the big apple. Take the New Year’s run energy and grow, expand, move forward and reach out in the coming year. There’s nowhere to go but UP!


Glowstickwars.com is having a Red, Green and Blue sale. From now until Boxing Day (thats December 26th to you and me, tubes of Red Show Sticks, Green Show Sticks, and Blue Show Sticks can be ordered from the GSW online store for as low as $6.49 per tube of 100 8″ glowsticks, with 100 bracelet/necklace connectors included. That’s a 35% discount! And remember, 10% of all Show Sticks sales are donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.  Take advantage of this great limited time offer and MAKE IT RAIN this Holiday season!


Stickers are a great stocking stuffer!

Jiggs stickers  include Kuroda / Laser Pointer and Stop Analyzing

Also, conceived by Andy Cary and designed by Jiggs is the runaway sticker design of the summer, “My Other Car is a Second Set Tweezer”, available in the PhanArt Store

YEMSG stickers, inspired by PhanArt Pete on 12/4/09 and designed by Jiggs are a classic and 1 for $3, 2 for $5. 

Read Icculus stickers from Christine Liotti are only 1 for $3, 2 for $5 and can be picked up here.

YEM WE CAN, celebrating both Phish and the President’s re-election are also 1 for $3, 2 for $5

YEM Family Decal stickers – A spoof of those stickers we see on the back of cars detailing who is in the family. Well, this one is for phamily, via Glowstickwars.com – less than Three Dollars!

Win a FREE 3-day pass to Phish in Atlantic City via Glowstickwars.com

From the good folks at glowstickwars.com….. You could win a FREE 3-Day ticket (General Admission) to the Phish shows on June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2012 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ!

There are 3 ways to Enter to Win:

1. GEAR UP! Visit our online store and use promo code AC4FREE at checkout to receive a 20% discount on your order (on top of the store-wide 5% off). For every $10 you spend, you will receive one entry into the ticket giveaway drawing. The more gear you grab, the more chances you have to win!

PLUS, if your order includes any one of our reusable products (LED Gloves and/or LED Shoe Laces), you will receive twice as many entries into the ticket giveaway drawing from that order. Go green or stay home!

2. DO YOU HAIKU? Stop by our page on Facebook, “Like” us, and then post your most creative and vote-worthy Haiku (what is a Haiku?) to the Sweepstakes section (here:). Only one post per entrant, please and thanks. You will receive one entry into the ticket giveaway drawing for posting a valid Haiku. PLUS, for every 10 votes your post receives, you will receive one extra entry into the ticket giveaway drawing. So be sure to share your post with your friends!

3. TWEET THAT $#!+. “Follow” @GlowStickWars on Twitter and tweet: “I want to win a 3-day ticket to see @Phish in Atlantic City from @GlowStickWars! #phish #AC4FREE #sweepstakes #glowstickwars”. You will receive one entry into the ticket giveaway drawing for doing so.

Good luck, and make it rain!

Glowstick Wars NYE ticket contest, pre-show GSW and sale deals

Glowstick Wars is having a New Years Eve ticket giveaway contest, additional details can be found at the event page . The ticket is a mail order with a seat in section 105 for 12/31/11. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY and only one Facebook entry per person and one Twitter entry per person. Contestants can increase their chances of winning by buying a tube of glowsticks – one “name in the hat” for every tube purchased – or by submitting a video entry to Glowstickwars.com – one “name in the hat” for the submission, plus one extra name in the hat for every 5 Likes the video gets. The video with the most likes by the end of the contest on November 30th gets an extra 5 entries.

A new idea to kick off the New Years Run is a Pre-Show Glowstick War  When the lights go down on 12/28/11, the glowsticks start flying! A first of its kind addition to the awesome run of shows ahead of us.

For fans looking to pick up some glowsticks to bring the MSG, Glowstickward.com has made a few discounts available to fans through their store

Going with a few friends for the show and want to have a little fun on this run? Get a 10% discount AND free shipping on 5+ tubes. Use promo code: 5PHISHNY

Wanna get CRAZY and split some tubes with a bunch of friends? $150 cases of Show Sticks included shipping. 25 tubes of 100 sticks each. That’s 2,500 glowies! Promo code: 25PHISHNY

Glowstickwars.com is also going to be “donating” 5 glowsticks to every person that joins the page. 2000 people, for example, = 100 tubes. They will donate up to 125 tubes, a shitload of glowies!! Their plan is to hand these out outside MSG on 12/28 as people go inside the show. With 5 sticks per person and a little flier reminding them about the pre-show GSW, the first night of the run is definitely going to be the one of the brightest indoor shows ever!

Let’s have a Ball with GlowStickWars at SuperBall IX

Phish’s Superball IX Festival is right around the corner, and GlowStickWars has got your balls (and, umm, your glowsticks)! 3 AMAZING PROMOTIONS to help you have a ball at Watkins Glen.

Each of the following promotions is part of our new “Pick-Up Sticks” program, where you order in advance, and receive a certificate to pick-up your goodies at Superball IX!

Order 2+ tubes of Show Sticks and receive a 10% discount, no shipping cost, and you can pick-up your sticks inside the Festival grounds at Watkins Glen International.
Click here to buy now with promo code: SUPERPUS

Order 2+ tubes of Show Sticks and receive 10 FREE Glow Ball Connectors with each tube, and no shipping cost! 2 Glow Ball Connectors let you make a sweet Glow Ball with your Show Sticks!!
Click here to buy now with promo code: SUPERPUS2

Order 2+ tubes of Show Sticks and receive 1 FREE Beach Ball with each tube, and no shipping cost! Fact: Beach balls are awesome! Anyone who says otherwise hates Phish.
Click here to buy now with promo code: SUPERPUS3




 Why use the Pick-Up Sticks program?

1. It’s CHEAP!

By removing the freight cost and discounting by 10%, you can get a tube of 100 Show Sticks for as low as 7 bucks!

2. It’s EASY!
We’ll be on lot for hours before the show each day. Finding us won’t be hard, and you won’t have to worry about planning ahead or lugging your sticks to the show!

3. It’s RISK-FREE!
If you can’t find us, or can’t make it to the show, we will issue a complete refund to you.


How Does it Work?

Place an order for 2+ tubes at GlowStickWars.com using any promo code above. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your sticks (and balls) will be available for pick-up inside Watkins Glen International between July 1st and 3rd, 2011. Pick-up times and locations are TBD.

Your email confirmation will contain an Order Certificate with your order details and a confirmation code.
On July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, we will email, facebook, and tweet our location on lot, and we will be reachable by phone and email for anyone having trouble finding us.

Present your confirmation code and a piece of valid photo ID, and we will hand over your sticks!

Over 30,000 sticks were distributed at Bethel and Blossom through the P-U-S program – now let’s make it rain at SUPERBALL!!

The GSW Team

Only Show Sticks are concert-friendly. And remember, 10% of every purchase is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
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MSG will be GLOWSTICK FRIENDLY! (thin glowsticks only)

Glow Stick Wars

It’s official. The heads of security at MSG and the DCU Center in Woosta have confirmed that thin glow sticks will be permitted at every single show of the New Year’s run. Thick glow ‘rods’ may be confiscated but Show Sticks are good to go!

ACT NOW: Buy 5+ tubes of Show Sticks and we’ll cover the cost of shipping.

Promo Code: 5NYE2011 buy now!

Time is Running Out…

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Order now and your sticks will ship out via UPS with tracking provided. Only 3-5 business days required to reach MA or NY – order now and save!

Get Your Show Sticks

Veteran’s Tip: Order with your friends to take advantage of price breaks for larger quantities!

Chris Kuroda
“I think that the glow-rings, the kind that fit together in the little plastic insert, they’re great. They look great flying around up there… Get thousands and millions of those little ringed ones. They’re thin. They couldn’t hurt a fly. Throw them around. They’ll look amazing. They really will. But I think everyone’s against the thick, plastic ones.”

Chris Kuroda Interview w/JamBands.com

Make it rain!

The GSW Team

Only Show Sticks are concert-friendly, and remember, 10% of every purchase is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
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Glowstickwars.com: Helping phans create live art since 2010

You can’t have a good Phish show without a good glow stick war, and you can’t have a good glow stick war without glow sticks. A void has been filled: GlowStickWars.com is here and they have glow stick deals for you.

Well, not really glow sticks as in those heavyarmy-surplus store kind. Rather the little skinny ones that don’t hurt when they come whizzing out of the air. They also form glow rings, which have made for many a nice trail to catch flying through the air mid set. GSW has created their own brand of concert-friendly glow sticks, called Show Sticks. And the packaging even features a sick shot taken by a fan during a war at Festy 8.

GlowStickWars.com comes to fans PhanArt Recommended and PhanArtApproved, because they contribute to the making of LIVE ART by the fans at Phish shows, a type of performance art that is fleeting and if you miss it, it’s gone.

You can stock up on Show Sticks by clicking on the Buy Now button below.  For $5.99 you get a tube of 100 Show Sticks: Thin, 8″ Concert-Friendly Glow Sticks with 100 Bracelet Connectors; Show Sticks are non-toxic and non-flammable. This is a pre-sale offer, and all products will be delivered by the first week of June.

A portion of ALL proceeds is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
Pick up glowsticks at glowstickwars.com today!