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Philosophy School of Phish Returns this summer with a Field Trip to the Gorge and MORE!

For the fifth summer in a row, Dr. Stephanie Jenkins will teach the “Philosophy School of Phish” course—more formally called the “Philosophy of Art and Music”— via Oregon State University’s Ecampus program. Using the band as a case study, the course focuses on themes about the nature and significance of art and music. As part of their required course work, students attend three Phish concerts— in person or via webcast— and conduct philosophical interviews with artists from the Phish community. Learning about theories of art and music experientially helps students actively engage with the philosophical content and learn more about the Phish community.

During the 2018 summer term, students will have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to attend Phish’s three-night run at the Gorge Amphitheater from July 20-22. Students will camp together at the venue. In addition to attending the concerts, students will participate in a “Phish Studies” colloquium, which will feature guest lectures from interdisciplinary scholars researching the band at other academic institutions.

Over the course of the weekend, the students will film their experiences. They will later use this video footage to complete the “Concert Field Notes” assignment requirement for the course. Dr. Jenkins and filmmaker Kelly Morris, founder of the MORE Project and Be MORE Now Films, will collaborate with the students to edit their video submissions into a film about Phish and Philosophy, to be published in the Public Philosophy Journal and circulated throughout the “phan” community.

Registration is now open! To participate in the Gorge field trip, students must be enrolled in PHL 360—offered via OSU’s Ecampus– and the corresponding one-credit lab section, during session three of OSU’s summer term (June 25–August 17). Students who are interested in this opportunity for experiential learning and contribution to faculty research can contact Dr. Jenkins at jenkstep@oregonstate.eduYou do not have to be a current OSU student to take the class.


Enrolling in the lab course will give participating students the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with a professional filmmaker: Kelly Morris, filmmaker and founder of Be More Now Films, will meet with students during the field trip and oversee the editing of the final public philosophy video.
  • Engage in communal, experiential learning: With the addition of an on-campus lab credit, students will be immersed in their learning experience together as a class. This is not possible with an online only course.
  • Participate in faculty research: The final film will be published in the Public Philosophy Journal. As part of this project, Dr. Jenkins and Kelly Morris will be participating, as invited researchers, in the Public Philosophy Journal Creative Writing Workshop at Michigan State University from May 16-18, 2018.

Stay up to date by following the Philosophy School of Phish on Facebook and Twitter!

Beautiful New Phish Inspired Prints from Faith Sponsler

If you’re not already familiar with Faith Sponsler’s prints – you’re about to be. Inspired by the classic work of Alphonse Mucha, Faith creates beautiful images of Phish songs just for fans. Her clever and beautifully executed prints are available through Etsy, although you’ll have to find her on tour to get yours this week! Gorge anyone!?!

Her latest work features and ode to Tela in an 11″ by 17″ print. Each printed on high quality cardstock.

tela combo

Also available as a pair – Fuego and Winterqueen. Each print is 5″ by 8″ allowing the set to pair perfectly in an 8″ by 10″ frame.

fuego - winter 2

Isadora Bullock Releases More Summer Tour Prints!

Isadora is working on several prints for Summer tour 2013. She has a 30th anniversary, summer tour 2013, Alpharetta, and Gorge prints available along with shirts and prints available on her website, follow her on twitter or like her Facebook for archive prints or for the release of new ones as summer tour goes on!

“Central Part of Town” is a 2 color lineocut print (1 of the layers is a 3 color fade), 15″x 16″, limited addition of 75 for the Alpharetta GA shows July 16-17, 2013.

This print is $30 plus shipping.

“30th Anniversary” is a 3 color linocut print, 11″x15″, limited edition of 100 celebrating 30 years of Phish.

This print is $20 plus shipping.

“Summer Tour 2013″ is a 3 color linocut print, 11″x15”, limited edition of 100.

This print is $20 plus shipping.

“Blastoplast Phish The Gorge 2013″ is a 4 color linocut print, 15″x 21.5”, limited edition of 125, for the shows July 26-27th, 2013.
Gorge Complete

This print is $35 plus shipping.

Gorge Print From Lizzy Layne

Can you guys smell that? That’s the smell of the West Coast dates being just around the corner.

Get ready for the West Coast with this new print from Lizzy Layne inspired by the Gorge, and stylized around Fishman’s attire. This is a three color screen print, signed and numbered in an edition of 45. It measures 10″ x 20″ and costs $35 + $5 shipping and handling.

You can purchase one of her prints via paypal. Payments can be sent to lizzylayne@gmail.com. You can also use that address to contact her for more information. Check out her full website here: www.lizzylayne.com

The Art of Ryan Kerrigan – Summer Tour 2013 Posters, Pins and More!

Ryan Kerrigan has released his new art for Summer Tour 2013. Below you will find posters, stickers, pins and t-shirts. Check out his Corner Store and pick up some great art!


SPAC, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Alpharetta, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Chicago, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20

Chicago Canvas, 33″ x 21″, Edition of 30, $150   canvas

The alPHabet Poster, Edition of 420, 13″ x 15″, $20


T-Shirt Party at the Lampost, Edition of 55 shirts, $20



Summer Tour 2013 Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 SummerTour2013Sticker.M So Much Fun Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 


Gorge Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 



2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN set of 8

Summer Tour 2013 Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SummerTour2013Pin.M

SPAC Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 1 spac

Jones Beach Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 2 jones beach

Chicago Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 3 chicago

Gorge Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 4 gorge

Lake Tahoe Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 5 lake tahoe

San Francisco Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 6 san francisco

Commerce City $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 7 commerce city

So Much Fun Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SoMuchFun3-13_L

Windmill Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


Wilsons Crest Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 WilsonCrestPin_L

Fancy Feather II Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


 30 Years Pin Series

Pin Board


30 Year Series 1983 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1991 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1998 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hiatus 2001 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hampton 2009 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


Donated posters from TRiPP!

TRiPP, a poster artist for the past decade featuring bands from Phish to Widespread Panic, Further to The Disco Biscuits, has donated 10 prints (including some rare ones) to PhanArt to raise money for Mockingbird Foundation. This is a most generous donation from TRiPP and we at PhanArt thank him greatly!

Included in this 10 print donation are:

Gorge 2011 set of 2 prints with matching #s; together they fit together for an illustrative view of the Gorge

Alpine 2009 Artists Proof

Coventry #211/500

Three (3) Red Rocks 2009 prints #’s 115-117/200

Knoxville 2009 #73/95

Portsmouth 2010 #39/65

Philly 2009 #46/100

If you are interested in buying one of these prints before they are put up for auction in coming weeks and months, contact PhanArt Pete or post a comment below with an offer on the poster. Make sure to check out TRiPP’s website and get on his mailing list and stay connected with him on Facebook and on Twitter. TRiPP will be having a give away soon from his 2011 Holiday Card Collection. Stay tuned for details coming soon…..

Tripp’s Gorge, Tahoe and Hollywood posters

Tripp’s Gorge, Tahoe and Hollywood prints are a 4-color hand silkscreened print on watercolor paper in an edition of 200 (each). A set of 2 Gorge will cost $40, a set of 2 Tahoe will cost $40 while Hollywood prints are $20 each. You can pick them up at Tripps Prints, find them on lot at the Gorge and Hollywood or at Da Mock Show August 16th from Noon-5pm, just 2 blocks from the UIC show. This is a free event so come down and see the great prints Tripp and many other artists have in store for fans!

Erin Cadigan’s Gorge Poster

From Erin Cadigan comes her Gorge poster. Based on Haida Traditional art of the Pacific Northwest Native (or First Nations) Tribes. You have the Third eye opening in a ring of four singing faces. Below the coyote (wolfmans brother) is represented on the bass, and the fish is on the guitar. The famous Mockingbird flies to either side. Underneath the Lizard plays the keys and the drums. fish fly overhead!

Text reads The Gorge August 5 & 6, 2011. Due to a printing error, these are two-sided posters with artist proofs of the original art design (with incorrect dates) on one side and the correct dates on the other side. This poster poses an interesting framing conundrum. Below are the original designs. The completed poster has the correct dates of August 6&7 on one side.


Size: 10″ x 20″
Paper: Pegasus Black Vellum Finish 100lb cover
Edition Size: 64 signed and numbered
Process: Screenprint.


This print comes in three different color styles. There are different amounts of each and they are not numbered in any particular order. Please indicate if you want a particular color combo. See below for the other two color combos

COST: $25.00 link to shop

Ryan Kerrigan posters and stickers for Summer Tour 2011 Leg 2

Ryan Kerrigan’s Posters for Leg 2 of Summer 2011 are here. Lake Tahoe, Hollywood and San Francisco prints below come in an edition of 25 while Gorge and Chicago are editions of 55. The prints are $20 each shipped or $15 on lot if any remain. Stickers of each design are $2 each or 3 for $5.

You can place an order by making a paypal payment to ryan@ryankerrigan.com

Please be specific with whatposters/stickers you are ordering!

AJ Masthay’s Gorge Poster

From AJ Masthay, his Gorge print and info on his Tahoe print, due out next week.

Here we go folks, time to start releasing some 2nd leg prints! First up, a little ditty for the infamous GORGE. A special theme for all the tapers out there, (who remembers the days of trading Maxell XLII’s?). Seriously though, in this day and age of SBD instant gratification, it’s easy to forget that it is the tapers that built so much of the scene we all cherish. To all the tapers, THANK YOU, please keep doing what you do.

August 5&6, 2011
George, Washington
7 color linoleum block print set
Signed/Numbered limited edition of 100
Canson Edition antique white paper stock

The Gorge edition will go onsale Friday July 22nd at 12 noon EST at masthaystudios.com

Next up for sale will be Lake Tahoe on Friday, July 29th at 12 noon EST. Look for an update early next week.

Finally to round out the promised five prints to subscription holders, will be the Chicago UIC Triptych. These very special prints will be exclusively available at Da Mock Show UIC, Tuesday, August 16, 2011 from noon to 5pm, 400 S. Peoria St., walking distance from the venue! This free show is a must see for anyone interested in concert art. Ill have a table displaying my wares along with artists such as Jim Pollock, David Welker, Dan Grzeca, Nate Duval, Justin Helton, Jay Ryan and many many more. Check out www.amockshow.com for the full artist lineup and additional details.

Feel free to get in touch with me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions and Ill see ya in Hollywood!