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The Helping Phriendly Deck Pre-Order!

New from Artist and Healer Sara Gibson – The Helping Phriendly Deck – A Phish Inspired Oracle Deck. Whether you love to collect Phish inspired art or are looking for insight into your next bold move The Helping Phriendly Deck is here to help. Available for Pre-Order through September 25th 2023 this new collection is amazing! The future won’t wait and you shouldn’t either – OrderYours Now!

The Helping Phriendly Deck is an oracle deck intended to be used as guidance or suggestion.

What is an oracle deck? Many people have heard of Tarot. Oracle decks are much simpler because you don’t have to memorize or know meanings of the cards. Oracle decks are like interpretative life guidance & philosophy. 

The Helping Phriendly Deck is a 46-card Phish-inspired oracle deck. Full of inspiration and magic from Gamehenge to your doorstep! Whether you are a jam-band lover or not, this deck is for you. Full of life philosophy, inspiration, and action-steps.

Included with The Helping Phriendly Deck

  • 46 unique, illuminating oracle cards
  • 100 page guidance book
  • information on how to use an oracle deck
  • artwork illumination
  • meaning & description of each card
  • specific action steps to implement to guidance into your everyday life!

Whether you believe a Source or not, you can use The Helping Phriendly Deck to gain a deeper understanding of this human experience that we call life. The accompanying 100-page guide booklet includes a description of each card and steps to help bring the insight of each card into action through an activity that promotes a healthy well-being. It is thought-provoking and also witty. As a Phish fan, you will find lyrics woven into the writing quite seamlessly so it’s fun to notice the references and relate it to life.

Pre-Order Available Through 9/25/2023