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New Auction for Mockingbird – Phish pins and more!

We have raised nearly $150 in January alone with our auctions for Mockingbird Foundation on ebay. Here’s our next one, full of Phish pins and a great shirt from Hampton 2009

Surrender to the Phlow pin – Tripp

Mockingbird pin – Central Part of Town Pins

Deer Creek and Indio 8ball pins – Party Time Pins

1/1/11 Back on the Train pin – Jon Blake and Central Part of Town Pins

A Hampton shirt is donated by Todd Ashley, pictures shown are front and back. Size is Large, but if you need a medium or X-Large, I can include that in the winning package.

PhanBadge.com’s Festival Merit Badges

You may have seen Brian Kushner on fall tour selling his unique phan-badges, including Atlantic City and Fall Tour badges. Now he has officially launched PhanBadge.com, a site to find all the unique phan made badges that he has made over the last year. Expect more badges as each tour is announced (Hampton and Watkins Glen will surely be part of this growing collection)

Kushner notes, “I made these badges because of the vibe I always got on the journey–from the road trip, to the camping, to the show. After going to The Clifford Ball,  I knew that these festivals would always be memories that I would never forget. I wanted to celebrate that with a small token to remember the feeling.”

His newest badges bring us back to the era of the first 6 Phish festivals, with badges complete for 4 of them: Clifford Ball, LemonWheel, Camp Oswego and IT. Each badge is 5 dollars which includes standard shipping. The badges are 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches with a Iron on Backing. Each badge is in a limited edition of 300 per badge.

Two more badges are expected in coming weeks: A Plattsburgh “Phlyer” commemorating The Clifford Ball and a Coventry “Sinking” badge.

Oswego “Phish Frye”

Limestone “Tower”

Indio “Burble”

Maine “Lemonfish”

Alien Indio shirts

These shirts found their way home from Indio and are being sold for $15 with free shipping! As a bonus, the creators of this shirt have offered to donate $5 of each shirt to Mockingbird!

Sizes available include:

1 medium tan long sleeve, 6 large short sleeve (2 dark green and 4 tan.)

2 large long sleeve (1 dark green and 1 tan), 1 XL tan long sleeve, One XXL tan short sleeve

Order by paypal.com – send money to eds118@comcast.net

Front-Final copy

Back-Final copy

Erin Cadigan’s Halloween poster

Completed with a unique and very intricate ‘Blacklight’ Process, Erin has created a very unique and extremely creative poster for the upcoming Halloween shows in Indio

Size: 24″x18″ OR 12″x18″ — The first 18 of the posters will not be cut. They will be sold as one poster 24″x18″ with both images side by side. They will be numbers 1-18. The remaining 32 of each image will be separated and sold individually. Essentially each image is ONLY a run of 50. There are only 100 Erin Cadigan Halloween posters period. AND again only 18 of the attached double image.

Paper: heavy weight matte

Edition size: 2 images/ 50 limited —see above. when responding please specify double, single unicorn or single zombie

#1-18: Double Image : $55.00
#19-32 : Single Image: $30.00 or $60 for set

How to Order: go to erincadigan.com/erin_cadigan_store.html   Include a note you found out about the poster from PhanArt!

They are all signed and numbered.

Erin Cadigan-email indio


Image: On both you have the 4 previous halloween albums caught in the web of a microphone spider. and of course a UFO in the sky.

Left: Wording Top Indio; Wording in bottom spider web: Halloween 8; Zombie unicorn running on plains of indio. Kinda a riff on old scholl blacklight posters. In background you have John Lennon, Lou Reed, Roger Daltry and David Byrne zombies walking towards a empty stage.

Right: Wording top California; Spider web Oct 30, Oct 31, Nov 1; Hippie Zombie with an 8 tshirt. In his hand is the festival 8 ticket. He is lit by the lights of the stage. Unicorn in the background so the two are like flip perspectives of the same scene.

Jiggs: Purveyor of Fine Stickers and Shirts for 8, since 2009

Our first in a long series of fan creations introduces The Art of Jiggs, a fan from North Carolina who has been ahead of the curve with his creations. Here we exhibit some of his newest designs for the upcoming shows this fall

Jiggs was the original designer of the 7-11/7-below sticker

Jiggs' 7 below
Jiggs' 7 below

His newest creations include this sticker for 8.

8 sticker by Jiggs
8 sticker by Jiggs

The sticker was originally just a practice design, and blossomed into this final design. It’s a 4.25 inch black and white vinyl square. There were only 260 of these made, and currently there’s only about 80 left. these are 1 for 2, or 3 for 5.

Indio Sticker
1 for $2.00

3 for $5.00


Fest 8 Indio Jiggs
Fest 8 Indio Jiggs

This shirt was another in a line of logo parodies done over the spring and summer. The classic Super 8 inspired logo was a reference to the “do you have your hotel booked?” attitude that was rampant upon the announcement of the festival. There are only 4 left from the run, all XL, 2 long sleeve, and two short sleeve. 15 for short, 20 for long. – Since there are only 4 left, you may want to email him to see if there are any left before purchasing. mrminor@gmail.com.

FEST 8 Shirts
Short Sleeve XL $15.00

Long Sleeve XL $20.00

Jiggs also came up with this recent Chris Kuroda sticker, seen below.

a laser pointer doesnt make you chris kuroda
a laser pointer doesnt make you chris kuroda

It has been spotted on Kuroda’s own light board!


The sticker is still available, by the way…1 for 2, 3 for 5.


Kuroda Sticker
1 for $2.00

3 for $5.00

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts and stickers will go to The Mockingbird Foundation, supporting music education nationwide.