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Japhan Earthquake Relief Updated

After a month of fundraising for the Japanese Earthquake victims, through the efforts of Ryan Kerrigan and Lizzy Layne. Between sales of their art seen below, PhanArt and Friends helped to raise $217.50 for Peace Winds America Japan Relief. You can still buy the posters for a limited time to continue the donations rolling in to Japan. The relief effort is far from complete there and any amount you can donate helps, especially if you get a cool piece of art in the process!

Special thanks to Ryan Kerrigan and Lizzy Layne for their extraordinary generosity in donating their art, both original pieces, to help this fundraising effort.

Nectar's by Ryan Kerrigan
Ningensei by Lizzy Layne



JaPhanArt from Ryan Kerrigan and Lizzy Layne to support earthquake relief efforts from Peace Winds America

Lizzy Layne and Ryan Kerrigan have generously donated some of their original artwork to raise funds to benefit Peace Winds America’s Japan Relief Fund. Read below to see how you can help and the great art you can get in return for a small donation.

Lizzy Layne – Ningensei

Ningensei is the Japanese word for Humanity. This piece was created by Lizzy as a small contribution to help those affected by the recent disaster in Japan. Such tragedies remind you of the more important and less petty things in life and bring about a time where we must find compassion and humanity within ourselves. This piece of PhanArt, although targeted mainly to Phish fans, still has the entire nation in mind because music is universal and is one of the few other positive things that can bring people together. The original art will be auctioned off starting at $50 and 100 prints of the art will be sold online for $10 plus s+h. Prints of this original watercolor on rice paper painting measure 8″ x 12″

Feel good about helping those in need while getting back a fun piece of art in return!

Bid on the “Ningensei” auction here

Buy “Ningensei” prints below

Ryan Kerrigan ‘Nectar’s”

Ryan Kerrigan’s “Nectar’s” print debuted on 9/9/99 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Printed in an edition of 2000, most of these posters were sold on the Fall tour in 1999, and until recently the remaining posters were secure in a tube, waiting for a day when they would be available for purchase. The last 50 of these posters are available to benefit Peace Winds America’s Japan Relief Efforts. The poster measures 16 X 20 and is signed and numbered. This Poster is sold out!