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Donations from artists, late summer 2012

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over August and September! Their incredible generosity and efforts to spread the art and donation to The Mockingbird Foundation in the process will help to promote music education throughout the country.

Party Time and Homer Tucking shirts from Knuckleheads – $14

Starlight Theater Poster from Osso Inc – 3 Posters, 2 drawings and 2 postcards

Watkins Glen and SPAC posters from Jeff LucasSPAC poster

San Francisco poster from Steve Conroy 10 posters!

Justin Olson’s three posters from Summer Tour 2012 – 6 posters (2 Portsmouth, 2 Atlantic City, 2 Summer Tour)

Halley’s Comet pin by Eric Weber – $15

Wanna Tuck? drink coozies – $10

Tim Ripley’s Dick’s PosterOne poster

Branden Otto Summer Tour Leg7 Posters (Atlantic City, Portsmouth, Alpine Valley, Jones Beach, All Good Music Festival, 2 Summer Tour Leg 2 – one green, one purple) 

Michael Ortiz of Like Minded Productions – 3 Posters (1 San Francisco, 2 Commerce City)

Ray John 2012Shirt, pin and 6 stickers

LALFA (Laugh and Laughing Fall Apart) shirts from Lara Watson – $25

Adrian from stuPINdous Creations2 Cactus ties and 2 Trey-fret ties – 1 set sold for $70, 1 set still available!

Total: $134 and 33 posters, four ties, 1 shirt and 6 stickers raised for The Mockingbird Foundation through donations made by artists via sales on PhanArt.net and at Phish shows. Please continue to support these generous artists!

If you would like to purchase any of the items donated, please contact Pete at phanart (at) gmail.com

Justin Olson’s three posters from Summer Tour 2012

After printing tshirts for 12 years, Justin Olsen has decided to try his hand at posters, making three for Summer Tour 2012. The posters are $20 each which includes priority mail shipping. All of Justin’s prints measure 11×17″ use plastisol ink on chipboard, creating a unique ink design in each print. Justin’s prints can be seen and purchased below.

Summer Tour 2012 screenprint measures 11X17″ and I used plastisol ink on chipboard. The blend of ink on these prints make each poster unique. All posters are hand silk-screened and is signed and numbered. .

Here is a Portsmouth screenprint poster from 2012. The poster measures 11X17 inches and I used plastisol ink on chipboard. The blend of ink on this print makes each poster unique. The poster is hand silk screened and from a limited edition of 50. Each poster is signed and numbered. The price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Summer Tour 2012, edition of 100

Portsmouth, edition of 50

Atlantic City, edition of 50