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We’ve Got it Simple: A Documentary about Phish Fans

Mike Lawrence of Philly Philms has undertaken an impressive project over the last two years, creating a documentary that captures who Phish fans are. His film focuses squarely on the fans, not the band, a first of its kind film to be produced. Now, with Fall Tour upon us, Lawrence has started a Kickstarter campaign over the next 46 Days to fund the production and distribution of “We’ve Got it Simple”.

kickstarter mike

As Lawrence says in the Kickstarter description: “The film and its unique structure will allow us to tell the true story of us, the fans, and the unique and artistic sub-culture world that we have created. Beginning in the early years in Vermont and continuing through the 30th anniversary year, “We’ve Got It Simple” will allow us to celebrate our community and tell our story from the inside, while exposing the most unique and eclectic fan-base in music to those who may not be as familiar.”

Among the rewards for backing this project – downloads and DVDs of the film – there will be a series of Phanart rewards, pins and posters created by a variety of artists, which will benefit the backer as well as the artist for those who support “We’ve Got it Simple” at certain reward levels. These will be revealed over the course of the 46 Day long campaign, with each reward getting better and better, leading up to the Limited Edition movie poster designed by Jim Pollock.

You can back this project here and make sure to tell your friends and share with Phish fans. This is a one of a kind film and the biggest Phish film outside of Bittersweet Motel.

Philly Philms Website
We’ve Got it Simple Facebook | Website | Twitter

The Philosophy School of Phish – First an Online Class, Now a Documentary!

There have been more than a few college papers written about Phish, whether in music class, sociology, or you found some really clutch angle in Gamehendge to discuss the crisis in some corner of the world. We have all been there, a couple times in some cases. (ahem) But when you have an entire college course that connects Phish to Philosophy, then you have something much deeper and far more interesting than most college papers could ever hope to become.

Enter Stephanie Jenkins, a philosophy professor at Oregon State University and a longtime Phish phan. This summer, Stephanie plans to combine her two passions in an online college course nicknamed the “Philosophy School of Phish”, and a documentary film in the works.7e3ff290948df894c13fce5c58349279_large

“I have to find what students are passionate about in order to speak to them about philosophy,” Jenkins said. “Phish, or any pop culture topic, elicits interest and engages them. It’s really about teaching effectively in ways that students will remember and use for the rest of their lives.”

Stephanie’s goal this summer is to make this experience of teaching the online class accessible to everyone by filming a documentary about the class, discuss why Phish matters, and what happens when Foucault meets Fluffhead. The classroom” in this case will be on the road with Phish. Here, Prof. Jenkins will explore the meaning of Phish’s music, and why over the past 30 years, they’ve spawned a devoted community of fans who see them over and over (and over) again. Students will talk with fans and some of the most influential voices from the Phish community, as well as various lectures on tour, on the web, and at conferences across the country.

Stephanie has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her Philosophy School of Phish documentary, and is looking for support from fans to make this come true. A truly educational product, with deep roots in philosophy and the sociology of the Phish community, this film has great potential to showcase the embedded intelligence and knowledge networks of the Phish community. This film will break the mold, showing how Phish is a celebration of adventure, a gathering place for ritual and wonder, and a home for the child in us all.

Show Stephanie some support in her campaign and let’s make this movie!