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Lake Tahoe prints from Quinn Sabatini

Quinn Sabitini from Denver has made his first (and second) Phish posters for the Lake Tahoe shows this week. Having done a good deal of poster art for Denver area bands, he took his talents and put them to Phish. Below is a description of his work in the artist’s words.

Lake Tahoe Phish Night One

“While reading a lot about the Lake Tahoe region, I stumbled on a ton of info about the local Indians that inhabited that part of the state many years ago, particularly The Washoe Indian Tribe. The inspiration for these posters came from a portrait of an Indian woman from said tribe. She looked weathered and worn but you could see the experience and wisdom in her eyes and skin. I used the portrait as a reference to hand draw an illustrative version of the Indian woman. The illustration was then scanned in to Photoshop and manipulated from there. I’ve always loved the concept of two posters for multiple night runs. I chose two color schemes that I thought would best represent the region of the country. I will be selling the posters on the lot in Lake Tahoe.”

Lake Tahoe Phish Night Two

The poster is in an edition of 40, signed and numbered, for each night. The prints measure 12″ x 18″, are digitally printed on 100lb (Night 1) and 110lb paper (Night 2). Each print costs $12, which includes shipping.

Lake Tahoe Night One
12″x18″ Digital Print on Classic Cream 100lb paper

Lake Tahoe Night Two
“12×18” Digital Print on Sky Blue 110lb paper

New Lake Tahoe Pin from Pauly Pins

Pauly Pins is back with new pins for summer 2013 tour. This pin is to show the beautiful view at Lake Tahoe Harvey’s Outdoor Arena.

Phish Summer tour 2013. Tahoe Pin
1-100 numbered. 1.75 inches
This pin is double backed. Limited Edition of 100.
$22 free shipping


To check out more pins and new ones for summer tour from Pauly Pins, check out his FaceBook Page or his website

Phish Coins for Leg 2 – Lake Tahoe and Denver

Adam Davidoff (the coin guy) has two new coins to debut for Leg 2 of the Phish Summer Tour.

The Lake Tahoe $46 Poker Chip was printed in a limited run of 300 chips, but a production error has delayed them. Hopefully I will have them before the Colorado Run next week, but you can see the final proof on the link provided. They are $10 each, just like the Halloween Poker Chips, plush shipping and handling fees.

The Buffalo Bill Wooden Nickel just landed today and is ready to ship. They were printed in a limited run of 1000 and are sequentially numbered. If there is/are number(s) you would like, Adam will do his best to accommodate your request. They are only $5 each plus shipping and handling fees.

Franky Scaglione Lake Tahoe prints ‘Mind the Skipper’

From Franky Scaglione, his new print, ‘Mind the Skipper’

Summer is (still) here and, along with summer comes summer tour and along with summer tour comes fresh art! I just returned to the States from my yearlong residence in Hungary and I’m coming back with a brand new print I’ve been working on for these first-ever Phish shows in Lake Tahoe!

Meet roadie Bob Wiley… sailing on a boat, on Lake Tahoe, way, far away from the dock… hauling all Phish’s gear to the Outdoor Arena for a ripping two-night stand in Stateline, NV! Mind The Skipper is my first concert print since The Antelope Stakes (Saratoga 2010) and my only print of 2011… but I look forward to picking up where I left off next year, and I hope Phish does too!

Price is $35 including shipping/handling, reinforced poster tube, etc. to anywhere in the US/Canada. Prints will be available for $25 in the lots at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you miss me at the shows and prints remain, I will be happy to send you one (you’ll just have to pick up the shipping costs)...

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact me at paisleyblue(at)gmail(dot)com.

As always, all subscribers (who have purchased at least four of my prints) will be receiving free shipping (and of course, you’ll receive the same number print that you’ve gotten in the past); just remind me when you send payment. For anyone that would like to become a subscriber, I am happy to reserve the same print number for you (as long as it’s still available) and guarantee you free shipping for every print after four purchased.

‘Mind The Skipper’

Lake Tahoe 2011
Edition of 125
100lb Cougar
24″ x 18″
3 colours

detailed closeup



Further and Phish Summer Tour Badges from PhanBadge

Here are the newest Phan badge releases from Phanbadge.com: The official Un-Official badge. They have three new badges for Phish leg 2 and their first three Furthur Badges.

All of these badges came be picked up as singles as well as in packages of 3 and 6. All badges are in and ready to ship and include shipping. Each badge costs $4 with the deals for sets of badges seen below.

Commemorating the Phish show at Lake Tahoe, “CanoePhish” 2011. The canoe phish is an endangered species in the tahoe area. One of the reason pholks there tie up there canoes when not in use is this particular phish hates to swim but loves Canoeing. Its been an issue with the locals for years!


Commemorating the Phish show at The Hollywood Bowl “StarPhish” 2011. This phish is just chilling in the pool wearing some star shades.


Commemorating the Phish show in Colorado “The Mystical Ball” Its not your neighborhood soccer ball in fishman colors. Can you un-lock the mystery within the ball !

COLORADO “Mystery Ball”



Commemorating the Furthur shows of 2011 We have a pair of Bolted badges and a Terrapin badged! These are some of our best badges yet! The quality and stitching continues to get better and better!

FURTHUR Bolted Orange

FURTHUR Bolted Blue



Lake Tahoe by Steve Conroy

Steve Conroy has created his first professionally printed piece for the Lake Tahoe shows. While he has done about 7-8 digitally printed posters in the past for various bands and given them away at the shows, this is his first major print and first time on PhanArt. This poster depicts the scene in Godfather II where Fredo gets his ticket punched while fishing on Lake Tahoe.

This poster is printed on 13pt recycled matte paper and measures 12.25″ x 17.25″. The price for this poster is $20 which includes shipping.


Masthay Tahoe Poster on sale this Friday at Noon

From AJ Masthay and available at Noon on Friday 7/29 comes his Lake Tahoe Poster

“God it was a scorcher here in the Northeast this past weekend. Unfortunately the studio, AKA The Sweatbox, is not air conditioned. Maybe it was a mix of the heat, dehydration and ink fumes, but something “clicked” on this image and I truly feel its one of my most detailed and cohesive prints to date.”

August 9&10 2011
Lake Tahoe, NV
6 color linoleum block print set
Signed/Numbered limited edition of 200
Canson Edition antique white paper stock

“Not to toot my own horn, but this thing is just badass… Digging back into the wild west history of Lake Tahoe for this one, we’re talking the days of outlaws, sheriffs, and smoking peacemakers. It may not look it in the photos, but these prints are six colors – some extremely subtle, and boy do they pop in person.”

“As promised, the Tahoe edition will go onsale Friday July 29nd at 12 noon EST.  Things are looking very good for at least one more edition for the second leg, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Feel free to get in touch with me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions and Ill see ya in Hollywood! AJ”

Ryan Kerrigan posters and stickers for Summer Tour 2011 Leg 2

Ryan Kerrigan’s Posters for Leg 2 of Summer 2011 are here. Lake Tahoe, Hollywood and San Francisco prints below come in an edition of 25 while Gorge and Chicago are editions of 55. The prints are $20 each shipped or $15 on lot if any remain. Stickers of each design are $2 each or 3 for $5.

You can place an order by making a paypal payment to ryan@ryankerrigan.com

Please be specific with whatposters/stickers you are ordering!

Makisupa by Nate Colby

Nate Colby’s tribute to the original Phish song that debuted in 1984.  With red, yellow and green on the front with a yellow Sheriff badge in a 5-fish design on the left sleeve, the shirt has a yellow “Woke up this morning…” on the back. This is a fan designed shirt and printed in the California desert. These shirts are screen-printed on 100% preshrunk cotton with a white under-base to make the colors pop. Men’s shirts are Hanes Heavyweight. Women’s shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton.

You can order these shirts below or pick one up at the Hollywood Bowl or at the Lake Tahoe shows. A portion of each sale will benefit Mockingbird Foundation. Each shirt costs $22 with $6 for USPS shipping with delivery confirmation.