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What is and isn’t legit to sell on Phish lot

So many people sell things, and so many people want to sell things on the lot. But what is legal, what is legit, what is illegal, what is illegit, what is 2 legit 2 quit, and what is safe for all? We go over in great detail the things you can and cant sell on lot.

(Note – this does not serve as any sort of 100% iron-clad, use-as-defense-in-court sort of advice – this is based upon the opinion on many dozens upon dozens of artists, fans and average brahs that have sold something on the lot. we still recommend you proceed with caution – each venue and town is unique and we cannot take that into account)

What you can sell almost always:

Water, light food, things that are easily disposable or pose no threat to local businesses – for example, if there was a grilled cheese store, you wouldnt want to sell grilled cheese outside of it. Ditto with selling beer and water outside a convienence mart – its risky, but typically you dont get hassled.

also, things like lighters, cigs, clothing that isnt Phish related (see below) and generic stuff that isnt at ALL Phish related

What you can sell sometimes:

Phish related Lot shirts, Show Posters, Stickers (almost always ok), larger arrangements of food (Russo’s French Bread Pizza and larger Shakedown vendors), typically beer, but it is recommended that you be 21+ and for the love of god, 1 for 3, 2 for 5!

What you should never sell on the lot:


A Dodge Dart



Jerry’s ashes

Nitrous – seriously, it’s a bit out of hand

What you can not sell on lots:

Phish posters or shirts that have any of these on them and a word on each:

The band’s name, as it is trademarked and as such, the name cant exactly be put on posters or shirts without the band having their name infringed upon. As such, using the band’s name is risky. We do not advise it, as most of the busts seen this summer by venue security and/or Phish staff was related to this. Or the least creative idea….

The logo.  Why use the logo? This is the design (supposedly) created by Trey and is iconic. Do you really have to manipulate the logo to be creative? This is an automatic non-starter. I highly suggest NOT using the logo, or even the outline.  Why? Because it’s unoriginal and ripping the band off directly. These are the items most often confiscated in our experience, and no, we have not used the logo. We didnt even accept the logo for PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, but boy oh boy, there were a lot of bad ripoffs submitted.  Use of the logo is the least creative idea, and is definitely grounds for confiscation of your lame-idea-turned-moneymaker. Don’t bother. Seriously.

Photographs of the band, whether close up or from far away. Phish does not allow any commercial use of band or band member names, images or likenesses without permission. That includes sale and/or commercial use of photographs.

Lastly, the band’s likenesses. This is a gray/grey area that I discuss, but I understand that it’s the band member’s image that is in question.  If it is tasteful, sure. If it is vague (see below), awesome! If it is a picture of the band from a promo photo, then again, that is unoriginal.

If you can avoid those three things, you shouldnt have a problem.

Also, we here at PhanArt do not condone the sale of bad drugs, fake drugs, or drugs that make your face melt when the music isn’t even playing. Please, use substances responsibly, and in a manner that doesn’t ruin anyone else’s  good time, or your good time for that matter.

Christine Lafferty’s Shirts and Such

Christine Lafferty has been making some great shirts for some time now. In addition to the shirts below, she has a Charlie Brown ‘Chalkdust Torture’ shirt that caught my eye at Darien Lake, prompting me to get in touch with her for the blog.

You can get these shirts by paypal-ing clafferty1@mac.com

Shirts include the aforementioned Chalkdust on white, and gray, and the shirts below.  They are available in all sizes, plus in tie-dye. She  can also tie dye any of the white chalkdust shirts by request

Christine also sells some clothing on skimadesigns.etsy.com. She make tons of kids dresses, shirts and adult shirts, skirts, etc.

She sells the shirts for $15, the tie dyes for $20. Check out Christine’s great shirts!

Backwards Down the Numberline front
Backwards Down the Numberline Back
Backwards Down the Numberline back
Backwards Down the Numberline Front
Fluffhead front
Fluffhead front
Fluffhead Back
Fluffhead Back

John Street Graphics: THE fan business for printing lot-shirts

The first in our series of fan-businesses profiles John Street Graphics, hands down the best place to get your lot shirts made for a solid price. Based in Matthews, NC, and run by Kyle Donaghy, of moe.’s ‘Kyle’s Song’ fame, John Street Graphics specializes in screenprinting and embroidery.

A little background on John Street (johnstreet.net)

John Street Graphics was started in 1991 in the town of Matthews, North Carloina by Kyle Donaghy. Their history with lot shirts goes back to the early 90’s when they would go to Grateful Dead shows and sell tees to pay for road trips. Kyle and his friends sold shirts, following the Dead up and down the east coast for 5 years or so. Their most famous Dead tee being the green Charlotte Dead shirt they had on the lot in the spring of 1995, and the Spring Tripping Atlanta shirt from 1994.
Around ’94 Kyle, his brother Ryan and friend Chris Pettyjohnstarted seeing Phish, but didn’t make any lot shirts until the Raleigh show in Summer 95. Their first successful shirt was the YEM/STP shirt that debuted at the Clifford Ball shows

Kyle put a custom design on the back for the shows, which became the tradition from then on. It was then that they met up with Tripp Shealy, who had his own cool tee he sold featuring some of his early ‘now famous’ art.

John Street tees have been at a lot of great Phish shows over the years. The Clifford Ball, ’96 & ’98 Halloween shows, the Lemonwheel, Big Cypress, and Coventry. At almost any given time between New Years Run 1996 and Coventry, you could find Ryan or Chris selling John Street originals. “Lot Poster King” Tripp Shealy even learned how to print and worked at John Street!

John Street and Kyle are a significant part of the Phish Community, with Kyle noting “One of the greatest feelings in the world is to see one of your creations on someone in Colorado, or Washington State, or wherever! Thank you to all of you who have supported our love of touring and music through the years, we could not have done it without you! See you soon.”

What has John Street made you ask? Why only some of the most iconic Phish lot shirts seen in the past decade+.

Just to name a few:
Sneakin Sally Nut Bag Ale
Bug/Mug Root Beer
I Survived Hiatus
and so many more….
(images coming soon)

You may have seen John Street Graphics next to the Merch tent at any moe.down in the last decade – they make and sell a great deal of moe. products as well.

Having used John Street for lot shirts for sometime now, I can say for the first time that John Street is an official ‘PhanArt Recommended, PhanArt Approved’ fan-business.

Check them out at Johnstreet.net or email Kyle at info@johnstreet.net

Tell ’em PhanArt sent ya.