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Eli Forrester summer tour shirts

These shirts from Eli Forrester are printed with high quality inks on Fruit of the Loom shirts, not preshrunk. He has sizes small, medium, large and Xlarge. They cost $15 each and you can find these at Hartford, SPAC, Great Woods, Camden, Berkeley and Telluride.

email eli at etforrester at gmail dot com if you want to know where to meet him

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back of the wedge
back of the curtain

John Warner and JDub Allstars Summer Tour Shirts

JDub Allstars has some of the most awesome and original lot shirts this summer, and you can find them virtually anywhere on tour! Silk-screened on 100% Gildan cotton t-shirts  and costing just $20 on lot, these shirts take a step past your typical corporate logo shirts (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For sale are all mens sizes and ladies-fit and youth sizes as well, plus messenger bags and bandanas!

You can find John and JDub Allstars at ALL shows this first leg of Summer Tour except Alpharetta, Georgia.

Shirts for summer 2010 from PhanArtist Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, PhanArtist and Poster maker has two new T-shirts for summer 2010.  Both shirts are available in sizes medium, large, and x-large. The Cavern Tee is heather gray while the NO2 Tee is royal blue. Shirts are screen printed on Gildan 100% Cotton

Each shirt is $15, including shipping and handling. Steve has agreed to donate $1.00 of each shirt to benefit the Mockingbird Foundation.

As an added bonus, everyone that purchases a shirt will be entered in to a drawing* to win a poster bundle. Bundle consists of: (1) Festival 8 poster (1) Albany poster (1) Syracuse poster (1) Miami poster (1) SPAC poster (pic coming soon). Each limited poster is signed and # by Phanartist Steve Rogers.

*Drawing will take place on July 30th and winner will be notified by email. Customers will need to register in order to be accepted for free drawing. Drawing is %100 free, there are no fees beyond purchase of a shirt.

To order T-Shirts and register for drawing please click the link below. Once you are at the store, to register for drawing just click Register on the menu.

Steve Rogers shop

You can find Steve with these shirts and posters and more at Hershey, Hartford, SPAC, Great Woods, Camden, Merriweather, Canandaigua, Alpine Valley and Deer Creek

Makisupa Policeman shirts

The classic Simpsons/Phish t-shirts have finally made their way to the PhanArt Blog! Brought to you by Bruno, he and his friend Ryan had seen the Makisupa Policeman shirts with Chief Wiggum before but it had just a box picture of him sitting at a desk.  We wanted to make one that fit the song better, also as reported on Phish.net “Makisupa is a Jamaican word that means ‘acting stupid for no reason’, Wiggum is the first stupid cop that pops into my head, not the only one, the first one.  We came up with the idea of him carrying a case of beer and having some dank, skunk, schwag, stink, kind, etc. behind his ear.  I then got together with my brother Mike and we drew it up.  We then had it printed up and I have traveled with these to lots ever since.

I love the idea of this site because I always like seeing the creative ideas that kids have to fund their way to their next show.  Also I enjoy trading for various things I see on the lot that I like.  Also the Mockingbird Foundation is a good cause..

These shirts are $15.99 and come in sizes Small, Large and XL.

Best PhanArt from Hampton

With the 1 year anniversary of Phish 3.0 upon us, we took a look at the PhanArt Archives and found we had over 60 pieces of art collected from our time at the shows, in the lots, and at Best Poster Convention III. Here are some of our favorites, a mock-top 10, since we couldnt choose just 10.

Chalkdust Torture for Charlie Brown, by Christine Lafferty

Christine Lafferty has some great shirts for the holidays. The Charlie Brown ‘Chalkdust Torture’ shirt caught my eye at Darien Lake and we have it on the blog for your perusal and enjoyment.



You can get these shirts by paypal-ing clafferty1@mac.com

Shirts include the aforementioned Chalkdust on white, and gray, and the shirts below. They are available in all sizes, plus in tie-dye. She can also tie dye any of the white chalkdust shirts by request

Christine also sells some clothing on www.rockymountaintiedye.com She make tons of kids dresses, shirts and adult shirts, skirts, etc.

She sells the shirts for $15, the tie dyes for $20. Check out Christine’s great shirts!

LOST/Phish shirts by Neil Fontenot

LOST and Phish have a great deal in common. While the TV show has gone above and beyond the norms of television by incorporating what are otherwise outlandish scenarios, a hard-core faithful are still anticipating the next 19 episodes that will finish the show. Likewise, what the average music fan doesnt understand, a Phish fan will. Phish does its own thing, and when it seems like they will fail, they succeed over and over again, drawing a close-knit audience together into a community that is practically left to itself amongst the greater community around us.

The tie-ins between LOST and Phish do not end there. Neil Fontenot created 3 incredibly unique designs that incorporate the best of both worlds – Phish and LOST.

Bathtub Jin (womans)
Bathtub Jin (womans)

Printed on high quality pre-shrunk cotton Gildan tees (mens) and pre-shrunk Bella tees 52%/48% polyester (womens). New for Fall, Neil has long sleeve tees and hoodies in the Faraday design. The hoodies are limited in quanity Hanes cotton and have the Faraday design on the back with a Dharma/Phish patch sewn on the front. For ordering info/paypal instructions please paypal neil_fontenot@yahoo.com

Faraday (womens)
Faraday (womens)

Check out Neil’s Shirts – they make great gifts!!!!

Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)
Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)