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Max Kauffman Art Show ‘When the Current Dictates’ Opens September 16 in Tampa

Max Kauffman has announced his solo show, “When the Current Dictates” opening September 16 at CASS Contemporary in Tampa, FL. This is Kauffman’s first solo show since 2014.

Kauffman shares some insight on the event, running through October:

“Much like a musician, large chunks of the last few years have been spent on the road. There is an aliveness to it – the openness of possibility, embracing risk, and adapting to plans on the fly. It seeps into the work in the form of new ideas/approaches, and most importantly, openness. While there is plenty of inspiration while traveling, it also takes it’s toll. Not being able to maintain a routine/sleep in your bed/have your space, these things don’t seem to matter until you lose them.

'Another Day Another Caw' 15x18 in gouache on linen (click for larger image)
‘Another Day Another Caw’ 15×18 in gouache on linen

My work has looked at the concept of balance for the last 8 years or so. As I’ve done art full time while maintaining some sort of “my own life” apart from that, this meta narrative continues to have more importance. For me this requires being able to recharge & be steeped in silence, and some trips need a few weeks(/months) to bounce back from. Thus, most of this year has been spent holed up in the studio digesting and reconsidering…everything.”

'Set to Sea on Phantom Tides' 16x16in mixed media on rives bfk
‘Set to Sea on Phantom Tides’ 16x16in mixed media on rives bfk


“Beautiful Squalor” Art Show with Max Kauffman and Jesse Reno, June 13, Asbury Park, NJ

‘Beautiful Squalor’, a two person art show featuring Max Kauffman and Jesse Reno will be held on June 13 at Parlor Gallery, 717 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey.


‘Beautiful Squalor’ is a collection of new work continuing Kauffman’s exploration of the human condition. These new paintings continue his reflections on the duality of existence, further splintering conscious and unconscious mark making with pieces leaning towards gesture and abstraction coupled with other pieces rendered exactly on a folk drawing manner.

Both of these extremes show the limits of control and surrender, the struggle we partake in day after day, since the dawn of civilization. We strive for sanctuary from the chaos we create, even as we grow further dependent on it.

To see a preview of new work contact Parlor Gallery – info@parlor-gallery.com