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2015 Donations to The Mockingbird Foundation

Over the course of 2015, PhanArt has held art shows in Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia, brought new artists to fans through this website, and continued to promote this grand art community we are all a part of. Through these, donations for The Mockingbird Foundation have been raised in greater number than before.

In 2015, PhanArt and friends – artists and those who support those artists – raised $14393.43, raising the overall total money raised to support music education through Mockingbird to $32860 since 2009. In one year, we came close to doubling the amount of money raised in the five years prior, thanks to the generosity of artists and patrons alike. A deep, heartfelt thanks to those who made this year a banner year in raising funds for The Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Please give thanks and support the following artists featured on PhanArt this past year who donated to The Mockingbird Foundation
Driver (for Ryan) from Joseen – $100

Mike’s Groove Shirts from Clothing Company of Cape Cod – $15

Brooke Hancock’s Fishman Phriendship Bracelets – $20

Magnaball Prints by Terry Werner – 9 prints donated to Waterwheel Foundation at Magnaball

2015 Tour Prints by Caleb Williamson – $50

Magnabrawl Poster $20

Ocelot Ocelot Where Have you Gone  – Ocelot bag and print

Tweezer/Tabasco shirts from Dogmatagram Designs –  4 shirts

Forever Grateful Blotter Art by Lizzy Layne – 5 blotter art prints

Summer Tour Shirts from The Overhead View –  9 shirts

Doc Wildman Hand carved & painted wood sign – $15.55

Rage Side Print by Andrew Cariboni – $20

Fly the Phriendly Skies in Jiggs’ newest shirt  – $70

See the City See the Zoo with your Kids  – $25

Bathtub Gin print by Faith Sponsler – 4 prints

Coconuts and Chloroform Reba print – 4  prints

Dicks Martian Monster Prints – 5 prints

Personalized Song Necklaces from Earth Metal Spectrum – $30

Jampanties Tweezer  – 4 pairs

Martian Monster Pin from A Drive with Jill Designs  – 5 posters

Sneakin Salliez by Meggy Schaeffer – $50

Find Your City Patches and Stickers  – 2 patches

Alumni Blues Shirts from Tiddy Tees – 2 shirts

Texas Prints by Groundscores Unlimited – 5 Magnaball prints

Vermont Home of the Best Band Ever – 4 pairs of Phishades

New Gamehendge Pins – 2 pins

Watkins Glen Viking Shirts and Stickers  – $100

Phish Stickers and Drawings from Grateful Art Designs – $40

Total: $555.55 and a bunch of shirts, posters and stickers, available at the PhanArt table at Skyscraper is Grand, on January 2 at Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC

Fall Donations for The Mockingbird Foundation

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over September, October, November and December of 2013! With these donations, PhanArt and Friends raised more than $4,000 for the 2014 calendar year and over $18,000 since August 2009 for The Mockingbird Foundation. Immense gratitude goes to the dozens of artists and supportive patrons who made this possible. Through their incredible generosity and spreading their art on PhanArt, these donations to The Mockingbird Foundation will help to promote music education throughout the country.

Please give thanks and support the following artists featured on PhanArt this past fall who donated to The Mockingbird Foundation:

Inside Your Fuego – You Can Feel Good! New Designs from the Schvice – $125

Chip Smith’s Stellar Summer Prints! $20

Carini University Koozies and Stickers by Lulu – 3 koozies

Commerce City Print by Maria DiChiappari – 1 poster

Fishman Inspired Nail Wraps – $5

Jon Rose’s Colorado Woodblock Print – set of Vegas postcards

Timber Ho/Tinder shirts – shirt

Nick Doyle’s 2014 Dick’s Print – $13.74

Phish Dicks Print 2014 by Michael Hunt – 1 poster

“Tricky ‘DICK’ Nixon” Posters by Rob Boyle – 3 posters

Lushington Koozies – 6 koozies

Mouna Bowa Ween T-shirt – $10

Welcome to PHabulous Vegas by H A Rhoads – $40

Crab in My Shoe Mouth – Manteca Shirt – $50 and a onesie

Hood, YEM, Hydrogen & Antelope Pint Glasses – set of 4 pint glasses

Phunky Shirts from PhunkyThreads – $25

Two new shirts and a new bowtie by StuPINdous Creations – two ties

Phishy Christmas Ornaments – $30

Harpua Pin-Up Pin from YEMP Designs – 3 pins

Total: $318.74, 2 ties, 9 koozies, 4 pint glasses, 3 pins, 5 posters, set of 8 postcards, 1 shirt, 1 onesie

Fly Famous Mockingbird – New Pin from PaulyPins

“The Tree of Knowledge in your soul will grow”. On February 7th, 1988, Fly Famous Mockingbird made its live debut at Nectars. 25 years later and now our faithful friend can be yours with this new Limited Edition Fly Famous Mockingbird Pin, another great creation from PaulyPins.

Fly Famous Mockingbird

pinMockingbird (2)
1.25″ – LE 100 3 styles.
(34 Gold, 33 silver, 33 bronze)
$16 free shipping. Send to paulypins@gmail.com paypal send as gift thanks.


Donations for Mockingbird, Early Spring 2012

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over March and April! They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Total: 11 pieces of PhanArt and $180.42 donated to The Mockingbird Foundation. Adding in the $1000 total raised at First Tube Poster Show on June 16th and that brings the yearly total up to over $2600 and the overall total to over $8000!

Antelope necktubes, cause it’s gonna be cold cold cold cold cold!

Presenting a very heady, very sensible piece of Phish clothing we fully endorse over here at PhanArt: The Antelope NeckTube!

First things first – What the heck is a NeckTube? Well, it’s a durable microfiber polyester/lycra pullover that fits loosely around your neck that you can pull up to cover up the lower part of your face and neck (hence the name, necktube). A softshell necktube, it is ideal for when you are biking, hiking, walking, snowmobiling, or pretty much any other activity where you want to keep cold air from rushing down your neck!
An added bonus, Antelope AND Tube; that makes for some tasty cowfunk jams. A strong selling point.

Neck tube
Antelope NeckTube

NeckTubes are machine washable, durable, will not fade and retains their cylindrical shape with no stretching! Created from a ‘technical fabric’, it keep moisture away from skin and is highly breathable, as well as being wind-resistant and water repellent. They were designed and printed digitally in England by Simon Ossitt, a Phish fan from the other side of the pond.

These qualities make it ideal for use in windy and wet conditions where you might need protection for your face or neck but are working hard and also need that extra comfort from the breathability, making it great for biking and trekking, but very adaptable…. these were designed by motorcyclists after all.

Another cool thing about the fabric is that it wont fuzz as fast as some of the competition due to the durability of the weave. They can also be worn as a skullcap or headband.

A portion of each sale will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.

Cost:$23.49 which includes shipping


Heady NeckTube

Three Festival 8 Posters and Pins: Auction for Mockingbird

Bid Now on this great auction to benefit Mockingbird Foundation!

You are bidding on a set of TWO Phish pins from Festival 8 in Indio, CA, TWO Posters from Festival 8 and a poster of the Phish 3D movie filmed at Festival 8

by Lizzy Layne
by Franky Scaglione

The items for this auction were donated by

Central Part of Town Pins – Wolfman’s Brother and Frankenstein pins

Lizzy Layne – Big Black Furry Creature From Mars Poster

Franky Scaglione – Octopus Festival 8 Poster

Phish 3D poster via opening night poster giveaway

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

How can you support music education in schools?

With major cuts to education being implemented in state budgets throughout the country, the need to support students is at an all time high. When the ax falls on school budgets, the first to go are typically the arts and music programs. In this day of strained budgets and a heavy emphasis on test-intensive subjects such as science and math, schools in less well-to-do towns and city neighborhoods are often not so lucky. When the time comes for costs to be cut, the arts are seen as expendable — if not frills, then at least not essential to an education that will turn out productive members of America’s economic machinery. The arts and education have been intricately intertwined since the Greeks set up their first schools, with a focus on philosophy, art, mathematics and music, the first three relating to and impacting directly the most important of those, music.

A music education is critical in the development of a well-rounded education and helps to prepare students for life with a greater focus on self-discipline, improved focus and increased ease in learning and synthesizing abstract information. To ignore music is to set our students back in their academic progress and limit their capabilties in future endeavors. Treating music, art and even foreign language as an unnecessary appendage that can be cut as needed lessens the ability for the youth of the nation to develop strong backbones in the academic rigors that are avoidable when the budget ax falls, namely Math, Science, History and English.

The Mockingbird Foundation is a leading grantmaker in music education for children, the Foundation has now made over 300 grants in 47 states. Proceeds are generated through comprehensive books including three editions of The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band & Their Music, innovative recordings, special art prints, creative donation premiums, and fan community events. At the beginning of Summer 2016, The Foundation announced that Phish fans have donated over one million dollars to charity.

The Mockingbird Foundation is entirely volunteer, with no salaries, paid staff, office space, or endowment — thus distributing all possible funds to education grants. No member or volunteer benefits financially from the Foundation, all proceeds from Mockingbird projects are donated to tax-exempt organizations.

Since 1994, Mockingbird has cultivated intellectual property on Phish and their music through phish.net, making it the leading provider of historical information about the band. It has published three editions of The Phish Companion as well as a Phish cover album,Sharin’ in the Groove. Through strategic partnerships, The Foundation contributes content to a dozen other Phish related site and four mobile apps.

With Board Members, phish.net contributors and volunteers across the country, Mockingbird exists almost exclusively online. Born from a Usenet newsgroup and started as a mailing list, it now sustains via online forums and blogs on phish.net, Facebook and Twitter.

Make a donation, apply for a grant or sign up for their newsletter.
What can YOU do to support music education?

Buy goods on Amazon through Mockingbird

Make a direct donation to The Mockingbird Foundation

Buy a copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, a 400+ page coffee table book featuring the art made by Phish fans over the course of the band’s first 21 years.

Pick up a copy of The Phish Companion or Sharin’ in the Groove

Each artist and Phish fan taking part in this website voluntarily donates money from sales (typically 10%) or art to be used in future auctions to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Tell your representatives, school board and friends to support the arts and music education in schools, as they are vital to ensuring that students stay competitive and well-rounded in their education through academic reinforcement.

To apply for a grant from The Mockingbird Foundation, visit their funding page.

– PhanArt Pete Mason

$10 Phish 3D posters to benefit Mockingbird!

PhanArt hosted a fundraiser for Mockingbird at the Revere, MA opening of Phish 3D on 4/20/10. We were given a number of Phish 3D posters and are making the remainder of them available. There are only 7 posters left, each available for $10. $7 of each poster sold will go direct to Mockingbird Foundation (the other $3 goes to shipping costs). PhanArt will match each poster sold. If we sell them all, its a collective donation of $100 to music education!

Sweet Evie Auction for Mockingbird!

Another auction for Mockingbird, this one via Sweet Evie by Charlotte Kruse. Great for the ladies and an awesome handmade creation! CLICK HERE TO BID NOW!

This gorgeous Pear Sweet Evie “Lacey” Headband is made with the highest quality super soft and stretchy trim, grosgrain ribbon and a beautiful vintage glass button, which is one of a kind in the collection. The feathers are 2 amazing pear colored peacock feathers, a beautiful ostrich feather and a tiny peacock feathers. This feminine style can be worn four different ways! Across your head in the “flapper” style with the feather either going forwards or backwards, or as a regular headband with the band under your hair and across the top of your head, with the feathers going up or down.

This is a great gift for your girlfriend or special someone in your life around the holidays.

This headband is a one of a kind piece, handmade in Los Angeles by designer Charlotte Kruse. Enjoy!

Wear Your Music Mike Gordon bracelet auction for Mockingbird


This auction to benefit the Mockingbird Foundation is unique and custom made. Donated by Wear Your Music, the bracelet is created out of the guitar strings of Mike Gordon’s bass. This specific bracelet will be made to the specifications of the winner’s wrist.

Mike Gordon’s Wear Your Music page

This bracelet will ship direct, although it will take UP TO 3 WEEKS to create it because it is CUSTOM CRAFTED.

a sample bracelet, actual bracelet make look different

This auction is sponsored by PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish – www.phanart.net/blog

All monies from this sale will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education throughout the country. mbird.org

About Wear Your Music

Propelled by a love for music and a desire to give back to the community, Wear Your Music was founded by two people, music-loving financier Steve Bernstein and jewelry artist Hannah Garrison. Founded over coffee, Craigslist and a pile of guitar strings in August of 2007, the company and its guitar string bracelet projects have since raised nearly a half million dollars total for more than 60 charities.

Combining fashion, music and philanthropy, Wear Your Music has created two similar, yet distinct, lines of unisex music-related jewelry. The original line, the Wear Your Music Artist Bracelet, is a series of bangle-style bracelets crafted from used guitar strings, donated by over 150 artists (such as Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Trey Anastasio and Ani DiFranco). They are sold on the Wear Your Music website (below), with 100% of profits going to a charity selected by the artist. In this way, fans feel close to their favorite artist and the artist’s charity benefits.

The overwhelming response to the artist bracelets inspired the two to release a low-priced line of unisex, one-size-fits-all guitar string bracelets. Available in 7 colors, these have been very popular with nearly every age group and again, a portion of the profits is donated to charity. WYM also provides a range of other music merchandise, from charms to necklaces. WYM has received a warm media reception by such outlets as People, InStyle, Time Out NYC, The Today Show and MTV. Music fans on 4 continents have snatched up bracelets from their favorite artists, and the artists themselves have given the project their ready support and participation. Today, with more artists joining daily, there are no signs of Wear Your Music slowing down.